Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Valentines for Children

They are relaunching the Lilly sale today with all new things at 9am!   These are a few of my favorites and I also snagged several shift dresses for Molly Anne!  I scored a ton at 8:05am and got in the sale with no wait.  Definitely the best sale yet!  

This tank is THE BEST for working out and my mom-uniform....and it's $19!  I wear it year round with shorts or under a long sleeve shirt!  It comes in blue and pink!

My parents gave Molly Anne this adorable ruffled pullover for Christmas and it looks so cute on her!  

I got this dress for Molly Anne and I.  She loves being matchy! ;)  It's currently showing sold out but hopefully it's in the restock!

Let me know what you find!


If you're like me, you probably have to/want to do Valentines for your children's class.  I'm an over-planner and do these things in advance like a crazy person so thought I'd share what I'm doing for Molly Anne's this year!  

I bought a 24 pack of these crayons and this sticker from Etsy.  I'll stick the sticker on the pack of crayons and done!  EASY and about $1 per child!  The best part - they're useful and everyone always needs fresh crayons!  

I'm room mom for her class so I'm going to get one of those $1 buckets for each child and write their names on them.  I'm going to let the other moms know in the next week or so that I'm going to do this so they can participate if they'd like and put a valentine in each bucket on 02/14!  I think the children will love this!  

I'll share teacher gifts on Thursday, they're easy too!


  1. LOVE the idea of crayons!!!! May have to borrow :)

  2. Great idea for a valentine!!! My little sister used to eat the sharp tips off of ours so, yes, EVERYONE needs fresh crayons! HA