Friday, January 25, 2019

Life Update

I had high intentions of a decent blog post today with a few new cool things that are working for us but none of that is happening.  

1.  Grady got sick at Ms. Becky's yesterday (and then again on Mills last night).  And on Wednesday I was told at Physical Therapy that he's behind on some important things.  And basically I've lost my mind a couple days in a row.  Like lost my mind.  And this is after him having croup for the last 10 days and dodging the flu and stomach bug at Becky's at the end of last week.  I have never done so much laundry in my life.  And here we sit with him still getting it but likely unrelated.  Yeah.  Poor buddy.  Not fun.

2.  Work has had some not great things happening in the last few weeks that I haven't been thrilled about and I'm busier than ever with projects.  And I just don't know what to do about all of that.  The working mom guilt is something FIERCE right now and every day I don't know if I'm making the right decision.  I'm just going through a rough patch and I know it'll get better.  It's not even that rough of a patch, it's more like when it rains it pours kind of thing.  

3.  I had some pretty awful feedback on the two posts of my children's rooms this week and for that, well tough.  Sorry you don't think my children's rooms are cute or decorated to a tee by an interior designer because I'm here to tell ya, 99.9999999999% of children do not have a room decorated by an interior designer no matter how nice their house is.  And guess what?  I have bigger fish to fry than my children having the perfect windows, curtains or furniture.  I care a lot more that they are happy, thriving and good people.  Unlike the people that feel the need to message me that the scale in their room is off.  Also, Kevin and I can figure out how to spend our own money.  K, thanks, bye.  My blog ain't for you, it's for me.  

4.  I don't think I ever mentioned it on here but Kevin was working 8 of the last 12 months on selling one of his businesses.  It took A LOT of work and it was happening when Grady was a newborn, Molly Anne was potty training and when she started at a new school.  The deal finally closed a few weeks ago and we are both so thankful.  It's hard to describe how thankful I am. 

5.  I'm in a bible study with some friends and have really gotten a lot out of it.  I did a study with the same group in the Fall and it was wonderful.  It's an hour of my week that is really precious to me and I'm thankful to my friend Ashley for putting it on with her friend Sarah.

6.  Tuesday night I went out with some mom's from Molly Anne's class and had a really good time.  Those girls are very nice people and I enjoy our Mom talk!

7.  Really loving my Peloton.  Friend me if yall are on there!  My username is #ncstate16  Don't judge my performance.  I'm just lucky to get on it a couple of times a week!  Makes me sane!  Anyone else on the Peloton train?

Okay that's all I've got.  I'm writing this post on Thursday night so Friday is a new day.  I've gotta get my boy back to health and keep his hydration in check.  And I want to keep my children in a box and never let them out haha!  CHEERS friends!


  1. Hoping Grady is on the mend soon! Hang in there mama! You’re doing just fine 😀

  2. Hang in there little mama! You're doing a great job and this too will pass. I hope you all are able to get healthy and rest this weekend. I'm glad you are in a Bible study and have good mom friends! That is so good for you mentally. Also, congrats on the sale of your husband's business!

  3. Love your blog, mostly because you are so relatable. Being a working mom is not for the faint of heart. Just remember- you are doing an amazing job and you are their world.

  4. Hang in there - doing a great job and hope Grady gets better. Ignore those awful ass keyboard warriors. You do you and what works for your family. I'd certainly LOVE to see their perfect home, perfect spouse, perfect children, perfect life.... it's NOT REAL but my oh my how they love to try to drag people down. In my experience - the people who do that - are the most miserable, so they try to project their own misery on others. So go girl - ignore those haters b/c it's true what they say - Haters gonna hate. Love this blog and hope everything starts getting a bit better!! :)

  5. You're right- when it rains, there is a hurricane! Love your blog... Way to stay positive & focus on the important parts of life. Hope this weekend is restorative for you!

  6. Poor Grady. Sorry he's sick. I am sure whatever delay's that are seen, will disappear very shortly! But, I'm sure it's scary to hear.
    And as for the negativity. F them. I mean, it's your house, your kid's rooms. You're not making money on your blog or pretend to be an interior decorator. You're a normal mom making your house comfortable and adorable for your family.

  7. #3 ... OMG ... I can't even! #somepeople

  8. So sorry this has been a hard season! Hope Grady is feeling better! I just checked out the tours of their rooms and love them! My fav is the family pieces (how special!) and that art Molly Anne did herself.

  9. Sounds like some things are on the up and up! re: the sale of one of your husband's businesses. It sounds like that's lessened some stress. Hopefully work-related stresses for YOU come to a halt soon. And definitely sending prayers and good vibes that Grady feels better soon! It's awesome you're able to find gratitude in other enjoyments in life—definitely a skill I need to get better at.

    How obnoxious to receive comments like that on your kids' rooms, which are LOVELY by the way. I hope my (future) kids' rooms are as nice some day. Only narcissists feel the need to send unsolicited advice/criticism, as though people are just waiting on pins and needles for their comments. So ridiculous. You're doing amazing! And thanks for "keeping it real" on here. I love reading honest blogs—so much more interesting than all the "fluff."

  10. There are so many trolls - focus on the happy and uplifting people!!! Hugs to you for your rough week! It will get easier or so they say!
    I love your children's rooms - they are beautiful and classic! Kiss off to the trolls that judge!
    I hope your week slows down this week and you get a little breathing room!!!

  11. I have never commented before, but felt compelled to after reading you received negative comments. I love your blog! Your children are precious and I thank you for sharing your life with us! Please know that for the few negative people out there, there are many, many more who love reading about your life.
    I just bought a Peloton bike, it arrives later this week. I hope I am bold enough to follow you, and vice versa! The leader board makes me anxious!

  12. I also have never commented, but have been a long time reader of your blog, via April's. Your happy family, golden, lilly clothes and recipes/ food ideas make my days happier! Ignore the weird haters. What is wrong with people? Be proud of what you have created and provided for your family. Thanks for letting me be a part of seeing all the cool things you do!

  13. Long time reader....first time post. Ignore the haters! I love that your blog is truthful and normal. The rooms are great and it is best to have simple at their ages. No need for clutter.