Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dad's Special Projects

Let me just go ahead and brag on my Dad for a little bit!  He is an amazing woodworker!  He has made some wonderful pieces over the years in their basement.  Basically if you tell him you want something built, no matter how complicated, he could do it.  I'm serious.

For my college graduation, he made me a fancy box and included his dad's slide rule in it.  So special.  It has sat on my dresser ever since and would be one of the first things I grabbed if I had to run out of here in a fire.

It has my name and "engineer" under it and the date of graduation.  He is an engineer and I think he thinks it's cool that I am too!  Or so he says!  Haha

Years ago he made my SIL and I dressers!  It did not feature a chewed bottom corner when he gave it to me.  Thank you 6 month old Mills! ;)

And he made Molly Anne a learning tower!  This is puts her up at counter level so she can help me with things at the kitchen island or counter.  It's also adjustable and I need to move it down for her now that she's taller!

The cradle.  Oh the cradle.  This is absolutely precious to me.  I have so many pictures of my children as babies in this cradle.  Molly Anne....


He also made Molly Anne a fancy stool to use in our powder room so she could wash her hands.  It's stained the same as our hardwoods and has the trim color on the sides, to match our stairs.

When Molly Anne was born he told me he was making her a bookshelf.  I was so excited when he brought it down here.  It's beautiful.  That one moved to our new house but her wall in this house was a little too short for it.  Not terrible by any means, but Grady has a longer wall.  So Grady got Molly Anne's and Dad made another one and now that's in Molly Anne's room.  It's confusing but basically he made both of my children their own bookshelf!  Of course, it's painted in our trim color that we used throughout the house.  

I took these pictures while they were here over Christmas and they're really special to me.


  1. WOW! How beautiful and incredibly special

  2. How special! My grandfather made us a chalkboard easel that my parent's still have in the storage room upstairs to keep for future generations.

  3. That is so awesome! My sister's FIL build the boys a toybox and a bookself. He passed away and I know they cherish them. And love that painting behind Grady's shelf!

  4. I am in awe of everything!! My Dad is also very handy and a builder...cherish everything!!! WOW! I love the learning tower...what a special idea and gift! Hugs

  5. So sweet!!! What special gifts that you will have forever. Love this.