Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Room Mom

Yes, I'm room mom for Molly Anne's class!  I secretly LOVE doing this sort of thing!  I talked with a few moms that have (or had) children at her school prior to the start of the school year to get a feel for what was involved! 

The first thing I did was have the teachers fill out a fun little sheet about things they like!  Then I sent an email to all of the other moms from the class to introduce myself and share the sheet!  

Molly Anne is in the daycare side of her school so all of the other Moms work too.  My goal was to keep things EASY for everyone!  In the email, I suggested a collection of $75/family for teacher gifts throughout the year.  This way, I wouldn't have to collect it multiple times, it was a one time collection and done.  And I take care of all gifts!  Not all families participated which was totally fine and understandable but 13 out of 15 did!

We have two main teachers and two part time teachers/assistants.  Here how I came up with the $75.  $10/main teacher for each holiday (Birthday/Christmas/End of Year) = $60.  Then the other $15 goes towards a pot to use for the part time teachers/assistants. 

The other thing I did in the initial email was set a date for a Mom's Night Out that I hosted in September.  I thought this was a good way for us all to get to know each other.  We all ended up having so much fun that we've gotten together monthly ever since.  And since we all know each other pretty well now, I asked some of them what they really thought about the $75 and they were like, "best thing ever!  Totally reasonable and now we don't have to do anything!"  That was good!

So far, I've coordinated the Christmas gifts, a birthday gift, Christmas party and planned the Valentine's Day party.  My friend group with the other moms is awesome and always help out!  They are the best.  I seriously think we have so much parent/Mama involvement because of the first Mom's Night Out, and because we're all in the same boat with working and trying to run a household of young children!  It's been really fun to be involved with Molly Anne's class!

Oh Teacher Appreciation week - evidently our school doesn't celebrate it.  We won't do anything financial (ie gift cards!) but I think I can round up most of the Moms to make hand written cards to each teacher showing appreciation and I hope to have a few delivered each day!  I think that sounds nice, right?!  

That's my Room Mom gig!


  1. It sounds like you’re doing such a great job coordinating this! When I was a teacher, anything my students did was treasured. It’s so sweet that you’re taking care of all these special occasions for Molly Anne’s teachers!

  2. Awesome that you stepped up, and even better, you are taking care of all the planning! What fun it must be to be involved with her class like that! Enjoy!