Thursday, January 24, 2019

Grady’s Room

Yep, sorry for the nighttime pictures again. So these are the curtains that I mentioned yesterday.  They work perfectly in Grady's room!  His walls are painted SW Agreeable Gray just like Molly Anne's baby room at our old house!  It's the perfect color if you aren't finding out the gender of your baby.  For Molly Anne, we added coral to the navy and gray.  For Grady, I think we'll add some green as he grows out of needing a crib and changing table in his room. 

I got the painting above his bookshelf at Home Goods and it was in Molly Anne's room when she was born!  Dad made the bookshelf and cradle!

Same PBK Crib that was Molly Anne's.  Same chair as Molly Anne's when she was a baby.  All four of my parent's grandchildren have been rocked for hours in this chair.  They bought it for my brother and SIL when Anna Kate was born!  I had it recovered before Molly Anne arrived.  

I'm not a huge fan of putting artwork above the crib for a couple of reasons - I'm afraid it will fall on them and I'm not interested in them trying to get it once they can stand in the crib.  Yes, I realize you lower the crib but just deal with me and my crazy haha!

The ole trusty Jenny Lind changing table.  A no brainer for the price and the quality is great. I could put this thing together in my sleep.  I recently did two new ones before Grady was born.  It's solid and a perfect temporary solution for changing diapers for a couple of years.  Grady is likely getting close to the weight limit I bet..hmmm hahaha!  And no artwork above the changing table either...these babies become wild!

The tiny white cabinet has since been replaced with the dresser of drawers my Dad used when he was a boy.  It's super cute in his room and I love the history behind it!

A co-worker gave us the Tiffany and Co piggy bank and it was the sweetest gift.  The other silver pieces are incredibly special as well.  I really should show these up close because they are amazing.  And the frame.  All baby gifts when Grady was born and all precious to us.  

So yep, nothing too fancy but gets the job done!  Once we get the crib and changing table out of there, I may make better decor decisions but it feels temporary right now until it's more of a big boy room.  I don't think Grady really cares what his room looks like mmmkay?!  It's comfortable, clean and nice though!


  1. I do love that sailboat painting. I didn't put anything over the crib either, although I really want to. I know it will just get pulled down.

  2. Both rooms are so sweet! I was paranoid about putting something above the crib too, so i took the glass out of the frames. There is so much to worry about, it makes sense to take one thing off the list! I love the sailboat picture and how much heart his room has!

  3. I nanny for two baby girls and the number of times they've yanked down the artwork above the changing table is crazy! I never would have even thought not to hang things there (or above the crib), but you are one smart Mama!!