Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Easter Baskets and Bookshelves!

I had this ah ha moment last night and was like DUH, you need to order Grady an Easter basket!  He was born last May 9th right after Easter and since I didn't know if he was a boy or girl, I didn't order him one!  

So, I hopped on my computer and grabbed one because it's on sale right now with free shipping and they always sell out.  So if you need one, grab it now.  Molly Anne has this one in size Large and I got Grady this one in size Large.  These will be their Easter baskets foreverrrrrr so I like that they're timeless and not too baby-fied!  

I got the gingham liner (pink for MA and navy for G) and Christine always monograms them.  She does a better job than PBK and 'Molly Anne' is too many characters for PBK monogramming.  And I want Grady's name to match Molly Anne's exactly! ;)  

Would ya look at Baby Molly Anne?!  Yall think Grady will fit in his basket this year?  I better order him the biggest one that has ever existed!!!

Oh my - bookshelves!  Look, I'm no designer.  My goodness, I work in the construction world.  But, I know what I like and don't like.  After you build your own house, you will too, ha!  

They've sat for the last year not done and a humbled jumbled mess but over Christmas it was a big thing that I really wanted to get finished!  Mom and I went to a couple of local shops in Charlotte - Creative by Nature in Blakeney and Charlotte's in Myers Park - and picked out a few new things.

We also used to have four shelves and we messed with those and ended up taking one out.  The spacing is a little odd because we are somewhat restricted with the speakers but we made it work.  

So, here are the before and afters!



The top left piece is one of my new things and it has a gorgeous, huge boxwood ball in it!  The Mallard duck brings back the Maryland roots.  I love love love the picture of Kevin and Molly Anne out on my brother's boat a couple of years ago.  I'd like to get a clear holder for the gray and gold tray instead of the black one.

The silver piece on the bottom against the back of the bookshelf is our marriage invitation engraved.  A special gift from my Matron of Honor!

The silver tray was a wedding gift!

Lots of special items in this picture and so many to name.  

A huge improvement right?!  They'll always be a work in progress as I see things out and about that I like.  Or something that means a lot to us that will go up there.  That's one of the beauties of your home never being completely finished right?!  Someday maybe we'll put some pretty blue grasscloth wallpaper up there but that's pretty committal and makes me semi-nervous!  But what a statement that would make!


  1. We have those same Easter baskets and I love them! I also have a HARDDDDDD time styling our bookshelves that flank our fireplace. I wish I had a decorator's brain to just love them all the time. I'm constantly changing them and rearranging them!

  2. Aww, it’s crazy that it’s alreadt time to think about Easter! I’m sure MA and Grady will look adorable together this Easter! Your bookshelves are lovely. I wish we had some I could style; windows flank our fireplace instead! They are such great storage and a way to display nice things safely away from tots!