Friday, January 11, 2019

Life Lately

This post is full of what we've been up to lately.  It hasn't been a whole lot but we've been outside a ton thanks to 60+ degree days in North Carolina!  

Molly Anne and I have been doing our loop around the hood every weekend and I'm not sure who enjoys this more!  

If it's nice outside after school, we all go out and get some sunshine in our lives!  

On our runs, we stop at the neighborhood playground because duh!  She taught Grady how to go down the slide this time! ;)

Such a stud in the shirt my friend Regina and her family gave him for Christmas!

Matchy matchy in their adorable pajamas from TBBC!  There are not cuter, softer or sweeter pajamas than these!

Real life right here! 

This past Sunday I took them to our old neighborhood playground with a picnic lunch and we went to town playing!  They have a bucket swing in our old hood so that's why we went there!  (Grady's playsuit is Little English)

Sweet siblings looking at each other.  Molly Anne is SO good with Grady!

I just love this picture of Molly Anne!  Also, she put together this outfit all by herself!  Lilly dress and Luigi Pants via Shutterbugs Boutique

And Sarah's girls came to play too!  Grady is like whattttttt, I'm surrounded by girls!

The babies!  Grady wears larger clothes than Elizabeth who is 18 months and perfect.  

Molly Anne earned a reward for her reward chart and she chose to go get yogurt at TCBY so we did that after school on Monday before I picked Grady up.  It was good mama/daughter time.  And obviously her Nannie taught her to do this.  Something we would NEVER do with good manners! ;)

Last Saturday night we went to a neighbor's house after cocktails and apps at 131 Main.  Justin and Melissa had the most amazing spread! 

It was an Italian feast!  

The 10 of us had a blast at their beautiful home with the nicest friends!

Golf cart ride home with Hilary and Drew!  

My friend's sister wrote this book and we got it this week.  It's adorable, highly recommend!

Both of my nieces and Molly Anne wore these pajamas.  Emily and I were discussing a couple of nights ago what ages they each wore them.  Grady and Sarah win for earliest!  

Wednesday night was bunco and Ashley hosted.  How amazing is this charcuterie board?!

Sweet friends!

That's all I've got for now, haha!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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