Monday, January 14, 2019

Low Key Weekend

Our weekend was low key.  This is what it mostly looked like.  We did take the gal that works with Kevin and her husband out to Porters House for dinner on Saturday night but that was it.  Molly Anne and Grady didn't leave the house since school on Friday until this morning!  That's what I call a relaxing weekend.  

I secretly love when this happens!  Although we don't make it a habit!

Don't let this picture fool you.  He did this for 0.2 seconds and didn't even tip it back enough to get any milk out.  This boy wants his Mama to do everything for him and yes I realize I'm creating a not great husband in 30 years.  But right now, I think it's just fine! ;)

Molly Anne modeling her swan slippers that her babysitter Jacquie surprised her with!  The sweetest!

We made cupcakes yesterday and Molly Anne loved doing that.  I don't do things like that often enough with her so we will have to start doing fun things like this.  We do lots of crafts and puzzles and playing but not any cooking.  Evidently she is old enough to start doing this!

The weekend ended at Urgent Care with Grady.  He has croup.  Again.  Poor boy.  I heard one little iota of it and took him out of the bed and we went to get the steroid.  I'm a little jumpy about it for sure but if you have heard your baby not breathe well, you would be too!  He hasn't had a fever or anything like that so it's his usual croup that noone will get.  My children are croup professionals, gah!  I can't wait for Grady to grow out of it like I think Molly Anne has.  The way they are made their airway is not fully developed and it makes them really susceptible.  Any little inkling of a cold turns into croup for him.  Poor buddy!

Chat soon friends!


  1. Sounds like a lovely little weekend. I'm sure those were the best cupcakes MA ever tasted!

  2. I hope he heals quickly and grows out of it also!! Those slippers are adorable!!! I want a pair for me!!! Hugs