Friday, February 1, 2019

Back to Life and Milestones

Happy February 1st.  Whoa!

You know when they say that ohhh all of the Instagram photos are only the highlight reel of someone's life?  Well that's what these pictures are of this week because there were a whole lot more lows than highs.  But we are coming out on the other side...I think!  

Last Friday I told you all that Grady was sick with the stomach bug.  Well he also got the flu so yeah, on Saturday we were at the pediatrician's office that morning to find out that diagnosis and that night at the ER with a 104.2 fever which Motrin wasn't touching.  And yes I tried everything else known to man.  They double dosed him with motrin and tylenol which I had no idea you could do but evidently at the ER you can!  Then I got the stomach bug on Tuesday probably because I didn't take care of myself when I was taking care of my 8 month old.  And I got very dehydrated and needed two bags of fluid at the ER and a slew of zofran.  Bless my friend Shauna that took me.  A true friend.  Man, those are some hours I'll never get back in my life.  Probably top three worst I've ever felt.  I'd rather have a c-section any day of the week.  

It all makes me CRAZY because we hadn't been anywhere in weeks but #daycare and #infant with no immune system.  Thankfully as I'm typing this post, Kevin and Molly Anne are okay.  I hope it stays that way.

On to happier items...

Last week we took the safety rail off of Molly Anne's bed.  I put a small pillow under her sheet up by her head but I don't think she even needs that.  Big girl!

Grady started holding his own bottle last week at Ms. Becky's.  He still doesn't really care to do it but we can check this off the list for Mr. Lazy and Mr. My Mama Will Do It For Me!

Two teeth!

Taking Char Char for a little ride in the fresh air!

This boy needed a little fresh air but doesn't he look pathetic? Bless his heart.

Kevin took Molly Anne to our club for breakfast on Saturday then to Target.  He got to understand what it's like to take her to Target and not leave there without some silly LOL dolls or Hatchimals.  I thought the outfit she picked out to wear was adorable.  She didn't wear the socks but they're her fav to rock at home.  Thanks Mom for putting them in my stocking!  I think it's cute she took them and wears them!

Hanging at the ER when it was 26 degrees outside.  Fevers scare me.  So does not having a wet diaper in 7 hours.  

Making some valentines with her Dunkin which Daddy took her to go get on Sunday morning. 

Sarah dropped off a bunch of Trader Joe's goodies on my front porch Sunday.  It meant even more that she took her three girls in there to get these things for us to make my life with a sick baby easier!  That's a dear friend right there.  

This boy finally rolled over on Sunday, January 27th despite being a sick puppy.  

It was Mills' tail that finally got him!  Molly Anne picked out the fish rattle to entice him!


Poor boy in pink pajamas.  He loved the Lilly pattern on this swaddle blanket!

She has loved watching this amaryllis grow that our Aunt Clo sent for Christmas!  She comments on it every day!

Anyone else read Shel Silverstein poems growing up?  Bear in There is my favorite and now Molly Anne loves it!  There's a polar bearrrrr in my frigidaire!  He likes it because it's cold in there!  She can almost recite the whole thing.  We have enjoyed calling my parents on FaceTime this week and reading it with them.  It's like a blast from the past!

Yesterday he finally stopped having a fever.  He had been fever free on Monday/Tuesday but it itched back.  I knew he wasn't 100% right but now I think he's truly on the mend.  I hope so at least.  I'm going to keep him home one more day because that gains us three days with the weekend and I'd hate to mess up any progress I've made getting him healthy!  And really what's another day when it's been 7?!  What's work?  AHHH!  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


  1. ohhhhhh shit friend - I'm sorry. I'm glad you guys can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy this weekend as best you can and hopefully sneak away for a little YOU time! You deserve it!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry you all have been so sick! I hope your husband and Molly Anne stay healthy and that you and Grady keep on the mend!

  3. Praying for all of you guys!! What a WEEK for you and those precious babes!

  4. So sorry, friend!!! What a rough week. Glad you have good friends to watch out for you.