Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ballard Love

I went to the mall at lunch on Friday to meet a couple co-workers for lunch and as I walked past Ballard Designs I just had to stop in there.  I saw these orbs from the window and they drew me in.  And honestly, I LOVE everything at Ballard.  It's all SO pretty.  So yeah I completely impulse bought the larger orb because I really really liked it and it happened to be 20% off!  I think I'm going to put it on the drop leaf table in our main room but it could go so many places - dining table, bookshelves, anywhere.  Kevin of course thought he could make it out of coat hangers....#men.
Eliana Orb Decorative Sphere decoration display

These are two other things that I saved in the back of my head for the day I win the lottery.

Blue Seaweed Art - you know I love all the blue and white.  Even only two of these would be so beautiful to hang somewhere. 
Petite Blue Seaweed Art

And I think I need this side table and initially I thought for Molly Anne's room but I wouldn't hate it in our room either haha!
Sophie Side Table

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