Friday, February 22, 2019

Week Wrap Up

Happy Friday from Mills! 

It's been a pretty rainy week here!  Grady had PT on Wednesday and is finally progressing and Amy is pleased!  I'm not a big contraption buyer for babies but this thing has actually been a good thing for Grady.  He can be upright after he eats (good for his reflux) but not be jumping in the jumparoo.  Plus he can move around in it!  

Molly Anne was top dog in her class on Tuesday so for her show and tell she brought Sparkles!  Aunt Emily brought her this as a Valentine treat!  Molly Anne is obsessed.

Matchy matchy!

This stool is one of my favorite gifts to give!  If you order, be careful because certain names require the large stool depending on how many letters it has.  I will say, Damhorst is THE company to get these notch quality!  Molly Anne received hers as a gift from an old neighbor and she uses it a million times a day for brushing teeth and washing hands!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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  1. That little stool is so cute, and I love how attached MA is to Sparkles! Adorable!