Friday, February 8, 2019

Amazing Weather

This past week has been the best weather and we've been outside constantly after school!  Grady is officially much more stable in the wagon which is going to make life a lot easier this spring! 

Molly Anne mailed Valentines that she made to her grandparents.  We talked all about how they go in there, she puts out the red thing and the mailman will pick them up.  Then to the post office and they get sorted.  And they'll arrive in their mailboxes.  My parents are going to FaceTime us when they get theirs out of their mailbox so she'll put the whole concept together!  These are such fun things to do with her!  

My friend Christine told me about these color catcher sheets and they saved a red bubble with a white monogram of Gradys.  The white monogram had turned pink from washing it and Christine said to re-wash with one of these and magic, it was white again.  Highly recommend for any striped clothes or things like that!

Brittany shared this recipe for a taco pie and it's delicious and low carb!  Highly recommend - easy and fast for a week night.  Even Molly Anne liked it!

Target haul this week.  I picked up that Barbie Mermaid Playground for Molly Anne for Valentine's Day.  She's going to flip.  I also got her a little candy, a tiny LOL thing and a PopTeenie which is her new favorite thing.  The pretzels are for a class party on Valentines Day because they're heart shaped!  PS - Key Lime La Croix is delish!

Isn't this Mini Boden swimsuit the cutest?!  I may have to get it for Molly Anne!

On Wednesday this boy had PT and that night he must have flipped over in the middle of the night because I found him like this on Thursday morning!  Then last night I was up all night because it was the first time he slept all night on his belly.  I checked the monitor probably more than hourly!  Now, I can calm my bones about that.  I remember I had a similar night when Molly Anne flipped over and slept like that for the first time.  

Molly Anne has been begging to get close and lay with Grady but he's had the crud for so long I've kept them separate.  Yesterday I finally let them play in his crib for a few minutes!

Mills got groomed yesterday and he's all frisky because he feels good now!

We had a chick fil a picnic yesterday afternoon because it was 78 degrees and sunny!  They played on their scooters, bikes and the Jeep.  Lots of chalk, wagon riding and all the things!  The 4 adults had some beverages!  It was good for the soul!  And my two went straight to sleep when they got in bed!

Check out those chunky legs!

They were all blowing bubbles for him!  This is his life!  And then there is Mills watching over them all!

This morning we stopped at Starbucks for a quick date.  My friend Ashley had sent me a gift card so we treated ourselves to a special breakfast, then got drinks for Molly Anne's teachers to pass along Ashley's thoughtful deed!  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Hasn't this weather been amazing?! It looks like you all have had a fun week!

  2. Yay! So glad y’all liked the taco pie! It’s SO good! And how cute are they outside? I’m so ready for spring. And yes to the Shout Color Catchers. Emily told me about those and I use them in every load! It has saved so many of our clothes.