Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Our Weekend

Last Friday it was gorgeous outside so when it's like that, we go outside immediately when we got home so that's what we did!  

Then we ended up going to dinner at our club and seeing some old neighbors over there. Molly Anne played with Grant outside on the lawn for a little bit after dinner.  

And then of course we ended up on the back porch with our neighbors until way too late!  Always good times though. 

Saturday morning Molly Anne fed Grady!

And my SIL and nieces came to visit for the long weekend!  I took Anna Kate and Molly Anne to get their hair cut while my SIL and other niece had some birthday party festivities to attend!

Molly Anne did such a good job getting her hair washed in the big girl chair...this was the first time she's done that and I think it had a lot to do with my niece getting hers done first! ;)

But she lovedddd getting her hair cut, as usual!

After hair cuts, we went to Nordstrom because I had to pick up some mascara so the gal put a little make up on each of the girls which they thought was special.  Then we headed to Polished and they got manicures.  We did a couple other errands and headed home!  

We had sushi for dinner and Emily and I stayed up way too late catching up on the porch.  This picture cracks me up, look at Mills on the sofa and Gill and Fin on their beds. Haha

Sunday we hung around the house and Anna Kate helped me do a million things.  She was a huge help!  We scooted to Sabor for dinner and I remember when Molly Anne used to hold onto her car seat and now Grady is doing that!  I think it's so cute for some reason!  

Molly Anne, Anna Kate and I also went to Publix earlier in the day and picked out balloons and a cake for Emily because yesterday was her birthday so we celebrated a day early! 

We love when they come to town and we love going to see them in Pawleys too!  It was a sad morning when they left yesterday!  I love that the four cousins will grow up together and that we all make the effort for them to see each other often!  Molly Anne ADORES both Anna Kate and Sarah and looks up to them so much! 

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  1. What a wonderful visit! My sister and brother live near and it is EVERYTHING that the cousins get to spend time and hang out together! The younger ones also look up to the older ones so much and love being right beside them! Annster's Domain