Monday, February 11, 2019

Grady is 9 months!

Whoa, Grady is 9 months old!  How did that happen?  In some ways, it feels like it's been 9 months of a lot of crying, fussing and overall chaos.  In other ways, I feel like he is still my BABY!  A huge one but still my baby and always will be.  Whew last summer was insane thinking back to it.  

1. He is about 24 pounds right now.  He was about 24.5 pounds but then lost a little weight with having croup, stomach bug and the flu back to back to back this month.  This poor boy!  His well check is Wednesday so I'll know more stats then. 

2.  He got his two bottom teeth this month at the same time - his left bottom was very obvious coming in on January 18th.  And his right bottom was probably the next day.  January 24th is the day he finally decided to hold his own bottle and he did this at Ms. Becky's and of course she documented it by sending me a picture!  On the 27th he rolled over FINALLY, back to front over his left shoulder.  He also started picking up his own food this month and it barely gets in his mouth at this point.  Last weekend he fed himself a pouch and I was so excited!  He can do his own sippy cup too.  We're still working on waving and clapping.  One step at a time for little Grady!

3.  He is generally pretty laid back and lazy. I'm just saying!  But this month he has found his voice and to a new extreme!  He likes to play and babble and I swear he knows exactly what we are saying to him.  He'll hand me a toy when I tell him to and talk to me with open mouth kisses.  It's basically heavenly.  

4.  He's wearing 18 month clothes in separates like t-shirt and pants, 24 month in rompers and playsuits.  Ain't no shame in his big boy game!

5.  Speaking of no shame, there's none in my game - he loves some Mickey Mouse.  Truly I know what they say about no screen time and blah blah but let's be honest and get in touch with reality.  And let's also be honest that he isn't watching it for hours on end but for 5-10 minutes in the morning while I get dressed, everybody is fine!  Molly Anne is still alive and a pretty smart whip (if I do say so myself) and she watched it too!  Just saying.  

6.  He's in the tub at 6:15pm like clockwork then gets his bottle and bed by 6:45pm.  He sleeps until 6:30/7am but I never get him until 7am when his day begins (per Moms on Call!).  He just lays in there and babbles.  He has his 8 ounce bottle at 7am, breakfast at 8:30am-ish, nap 9am-11am, bottle at 11am, lunch at 12:15 or so, nap 1-3pm, snack at 3ish, dinner at 5:15pm-ish then tub at 6:15pm.  This past weekend after he was sick was when we dropped the 3pm bottle.  He was getting 4 a day, now 3 a day.  And three meals plus a snack.  The boy can eat!  Oh and in the last couple of weeks, no more cat nap!

7.  He's eating all of the food.  We're working more on pick up and put it in your mouth type food like peas, tiny green beans, puffs and things like that.  He'll eat anything you give him...have you seen him haha?!  I still make his pureed food but I wouldn't call it very fancy that I do that.  It literally takes no time.  

8.  Grady loves Mills.  Like LOVES Mills.  And the feeling is mutual.  Grady belly laughs at Mills and lets Mills lick him all over!  

9.  Grady loves to play peekaboo and be tickled...laughs at it all.  He's so cool and laid back.  He never minds going for a ride in the car and puts up with Molly Anne's and my music.  

10.  Still has his reflux and still on his prevacid.  I hope that ends soon for his sake.  And because it's not covered by our million dollar a month insurance but ya know.  

11.  He's still in PT for "low tone" although I think "low tone" in Grady's sense means lazy and he's a little large.  Although I'm still all over it to be sure he doesn't fall too behind.  We go every other week.    

12.  On Thursday morning this week I found Grady on his tummy!  Then on Thursday night he slept on his belly all night long and of course I was up all night checking on him but he loves it!  

We love our Grady!!


  1. No judgement on the screen time, but why do you keep referring to your 9 month old as "lazy"? That makes me so sad. At his age, it would seem only positive adjectives come to mind in describing your child. Also, his size, again no judgement, my son was large too, but keep in mind that babies with reflux tend to overeat (it's true!). Not preaching - just putting it out there..worth asking your ped.

  2. I commented on a bunch of yours posts using the blogger app and none went through!!!
    There’s a difference between 15/30 minutes of screen time and using the screen as a babysitter for your kids all day long. I bet that if they took into account parents education and socioeconomic status the studies done on screen time would show something totally different. Just like breastfeeding, when studies take those things into account the long term breastfeeding benefits are no different then formula.