Monday, February 18, 2019

Our Valentine’s Day

I wanted to be sure I posted about our Valentine's Day because looking back at these type of posts is my favorite!  

She grew up quite a bit in a year right?!!

Grady boy!

We had a little class party at Molly Anne's during snack time.  I had taken these buckets for each child and told their parents to bring in Valentine's.  It was so sweet and the children LOVED them!  Molly Anne is still going through all of her goodies!

One of my friends brought in cupcakes and I brought pretzels because they are heart shaped.  Fruit punch because duh and they had a not very fancy party, but they loved it!  

I'm so thankful to get to be there in her classroom for things like this!  I know how lucky I am to have a flexible work so I can have these special memories with her!

Ms. Becky gave Molly Anne and Grady a ton of treats!  

My boy!

Daddy came home early and brought a big bouquet of flowers from the local florist near his office and...

special pink and purple (her very favorite colors!) flowers for his little girl!  So sweet!

We had Annie's Weeknight Bolognese for dinner and Molly Anne had lots of candy!  Haha!  It was a sweet day!


  1. Where’s Kevin’s pink??? Happy Valentines Day...and Presidents Day. Ha

  2. She HAS totally grown up in one year!

  3. What a fun day! I love the party you pulled together too!