Monday, February 25, 2019

Fun Weekend

Friday after work/school, we headed to dinner at the club at ya know 5pm because that's when you go eat with littles.  Kevin's parents and niece came too!  It's always nice to have extra hands for Grady boy.

Saturday it rained some more and after some downtime in the AM (aka my iPad), my friend Nina inspired me to pull out all of the crafts.  Molly Anne LOVES painting and had done it the weekend before so I brought out our last two canvas and we got to work!  Also, see that big container of crafts?  My friend Sarah told me about that a couple of years ago and I always keep one on hand.  I've given them as gifts and they are the best.  My SIL gave this one to Molly Anne as payback for giving her girls one.  Honestly they're a mess but they make for a silent child for hours.  #win  Oh, and it's $16 today on Amazon.  Done.

My lunch fuel on Saturday before I got on that Peloton for a 45 minute class which I'm still sore from.  Cous cous, red onion, tomatoes, arugula, hummus and crackers and eggs with everything but bagel seasoning and Garlic Expressions salad dressing.  DELISH.

I had to Peloton before our evening adventures celebrating Hilary's birthday!  First stop, Zeppelin.  Cocktails and apps were amazing but the wait to get a drink was not.

Then we scooted to 4001 Yancey which is a huge brewery.  Getting served there also took forever.  Is that how busy Charlotte has gotten?  But the drinks and food here were also very good!

Then SOMEONE had the bright idea to go to Coyote Joes for our next stop which is a country bar that's been in Charlotte for the longest time.  Always a good time, especially for 1-2-3 night which is $1 domestic beers and I forget the 2 and 3!  You know we rode the bull too.  Duh.  

We ended up stopping by our club on the way home because that was a smart idea at midnight.  I think I saw the 2am hour before I went to bed.  

Sunday we played all morning and had a good ole time.  More crafting.  Oh and our new washing machine arrived so that was good.  Molly Anne brought her tool kit in to the men and said, "ok guys I'm ready to help!"  It was pretty adorable.  They loved that!  After nap the sun was shining so we played out in the driveway with our neighbors before Molly Anne and I went to pick up dinner at 18 Asian.  

This little bubba has had a rough go of the croup again.  We started breathing treatments last Thursday night and we are trying to avoid the steroid for the 4th time since November.  So far, we have been successful but we'll see.  He had a better night last night.  Friday night he was up ALL night coughing.  

I have the goofiest face in this picture because I was trying to get him to smile but I love it of Grady!  He had to have a little baking soda bath this morning because that's how fun Monday mornings are at our house.  WHEW! 


  1. What a fun night out with friends! Everyone needs "one of those nights" to blow off steam ever now and then! I love that Molly Anne was helping fix things around the house - sooo cute!

  2. Saturday sounds like so much fun! Hopefully the babes were wasy on your Sunday morning! And I am dreading Croup. Ugh.