Monday, February 4, 2019


Friday was wear your favorite jersey to school day so Molly Anne wore her NC State cheerleader outfit!  She said, "Mama take my picture while I hug my Millsy!"

After school I took the three stooges for a walk which is more like a circus than anything but always good to do, especially in sunny weather!   While waiting for Domino's to deliver pizza for dinner, Molly Anne and I set up the iPad with a YouTube tutorial teaching us the dance to Church Clap.  That was a hoot. 

Saturday morning we didn't do anything.  We were still in recovery mode.  Kevin cleaned off the porch and I cleaned up inside while the children napped.  Mills found his perfect spot.  We met Kevin's parents at Carolina Ale House for dinner and sat on the patio because it was so nice out.  And because Grady can't eat inside of a restaurant...he's so loud right now.  Kevin went next door after bedtime and I caught up on social media and laid low.  

Sunday morning with the boys.  

Molly Anne slept in until 8:45am.  She doesn't nap well at school so on the weekends, this girl plays catch up and takes 3 hour naps and sleeps from 7p-8:45a haha!

We went to the local elementary school playground to play for an hour before lunch and naps.  It was SO good for her to run around and play with Maggie and Greer.  

Kevin kept Grady and they had some guy time.  ;)

After naps on Sunday we played outside in the 60+ degree weather.  We went for a walk, Molly Anne rode her bike and scooter, we did chalk and hopscotch and she and Maggie rode in her jeep together.  It was a forecast to in 12 years when Maggie is driving her to school haha!  

At school on Friday they did lots of fun activities centered around Groundhog Day on Saturday and the Superbowl on Sunday.  We loved talking about that all weekend.  Here's Molly Anne asking me every 30 seconds when the football game was going to start!  

This boy and I stayed up watching the game only because I was in an office pool which I didn't win but it was the only reason I really cared to watch.  Well, and because I thought it would have been cool for a 33 year old coach to win!

Back to the grind today yall!


  1. It sounds like a nice weekend! I don’t care about the Super Bowl either, but it is kind of a fun little tradition! I hope your week is off to a good start!

  2. I love her little sleep mask!!! Ella has a similar one that she is obsessed with!!!

  3. I'm jealous of all of your warm weather! Park play dates are the best.