Tuesday, February 12, 2019


It was the weekend of birthdays in our world!  

On Saturday Molly Anne and I went to Mary Scott's third birthday party at Sugar Donuts!   I cannot believe this baby is 3!  She was just born ahhhh!

While Molly Anne and I were at her birthday party, Kevin and Grady went with his parents to celebrate his birthday at Wagon Wheel.  

Earlier Saturday morning, Molly Anne and I made Kevin a cake and a few other treats that he likes.  

Saturday night we hung out next door and let the kids run wild.   Molly Anne helped me wrap Kevin's presents and wrote him a note in his card.  Her lettering is getting so good and she can pretty much write every letter now.  She was sooooo excited to give him everything on Sunday morning.  We got him a voltmeter and an air compressor.  Exciting stuff!  My parents had a load of firewood delivered for him which I thought was such a great gift, especially for Kevin!

After Kevin opened his gifts, my parents had sent Grady and Molly Anne a box of Valentines goodies so they opened that.  

Molly Anne saw an LOL pet and lost her mind!

Grady loved his new toys!

I guess this is what grandparents get to do once they have little ones to do this for!  I can tell you that Molly Anne LOVES it and flips out when she gets mail of any kind, especially from Maryland!  

We wrapped up Kevin's birthday with Viva Chicken at home (his choice) and eating that special cake that we made!  It was only interrupted by one 10 minute car ride that I took Grady on to calm him down.  Always exciting.  We did settle on blue and yellow candles for his cake instead of pink like she wanted to put on there! ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. It sounds like your husband had such a nice birthday! Your friend’s daughter’s party also looks adorable!