Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Recovering Chairs with Tutorial

Well here is our dining room before the new rug and new chair coverings (and before I steamed the table runner).

Here is the new rug and new chair coverings.  You saw those on Friday I think.  

Next I did the breakfast table chairs.  This is the before...

This is after.  

Ah, I honestly don't know if I'll recover chairs again any time soon after doing all 9 of these (I still have one left that has stripped screws so I can't get the cushion off).  My friend Katie encouraged me to do them but I will say, they weren't as easy as I thought.  She must just be a professional ha!  I couldn't get the staples out of the old covering so I ended up just cutting all of the fabric off.  

Here are brief steps (please take with a grain of salt because I'm not good at this stuff!):
1.  Unscrew the cushion from the chair.
2.  Take off the old fabric - you're supposed to get all the staples out but there were about 500 in each of my chairs and I would have had to pry each out.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  I just cut the fabric off.
3.  I cut all my new fabric squares at once (I used regular scissors).  Be sure you measure the cushion correctly because as you can see, mine are wider in the front than in the back.  If you have a repetitive pattern like the one above, it's easy but if you use a large pattern like my dining chairs, you may have to get a little more fabric. I got 3 yards for 6 chairs for my dining and 2.5 yards for 4 chairs for my breakfast table.   
4.  Once the old fabric is off, center the new fabric, flip it over to the back then use a staple gun and go to town.
5.  The old chairs had a backing on the back so I got some of that stuff at the fabric store and put it over the edges of the fabric.  I think this is so strings don't hang down?  I'm not sure.  Some of my chairs I forgot it, most have it on.  
6.  Screw the cushions back onto the chair and wa-la.  You have new cushions!  
7.  Another step after 5 you could take would be to add the plastic covering over top the fabric.  I did this for one of our breakfast table chairs so la baby/other children would not mess it up.  Basically it's like covering your chair a second time - just with the plastic which you can find at the fabric store.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend - Baby Prep

On Friday after my 22 week appointment (which went perfectly by the way!), I stopped by the lil baby boutique here in Charlotte called Shower Me With Love and got this lil gown on the right.  It has sea creatures on it including a crab (MD!) and another tiny crab at the bottom.  It's by Magnolia Baby and of course super soft.  I hadn't bought any clothes for the baby yet so this was extra exciting.  

I know it's weird, but I kinda do like being the one to buy clothes as I don't like any of that stuff with writing on it like "Mommy loves me" or "Aren't I cute like my Daddy" or any words for that matter.  And I don't like any of those cheesy multi color things...I'm weird I know.  I'm a TAD ;) particular in what I wear so I can only imagine how crazy I'll be for what this child wears.  Ha!

Friday evening Kevin and I went out for Italian which was a treat.  We went to a kinda fancy place and it was so good.  We both had leftovers for the next day which makes a fancy place more doable pricewise.  Or maybe I just think $18.95 is a bit ridiculous for a darn piece of lasagna!

Saturday my friend Sarah had asked me to go to the Myers Park Pres consignment sale which I had no clue what I was getting into.  

But my oh my.  All the Kissy Kissy and smocked outfits you could imagine for $10 or less!  Mills about freaked when I walked in with all the baby smelling stuff!

I didn't get this at the sale, Mom had gotten it for me in Pawleys over New Years.  Is it not adorable and appropriate being from Maryland?

Saturday night Kevin went out with a couple buddies who are going through rough times in their life right now.  I went to Target, Home Goods and Michaels by myself and had a big Saturday night.  Honestly it was nice to just browse around and not feel like I had somewhere else to be. 

Sunday I did baby laundry and hung everything on the lil hangers I got from Target.  Way too cute!!  I organized the upstairs closet some more, sold a few things on Ballantyne Bargains FB page and finished recovering chairs which was my big project of the weekend.  I'll post those pictures tomorrow.  

Overall, productive weekend and today I'm back to the grind!  Hope you all have a good week.  It's supposed to be 77 and sunny on Wednesday and I can hardly wait!  Today is in the 60's.  I love Charlotte in March!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Quick five on Friday from my phone!

One - I went to pottery barn one day this week for a design appointment with their talented folks there.  We want to add a chair to our den and we picked one out. Then that night we went to a couple places in Charlotte to look too. Still haven't found exactly what we want.  PS don't y'all love this pop of coral for Spring?  

Two - this lil boy has fully recovered from his minor surgery and I'm so glad. He just has to get his purple stitches out in the next few days. It was amazing how quickly the wound healed. 

Three - y'all know I'm the least crafty person ever.  But I did try to recover chairs this week thanks to guidance from multiple friends.  Kevin helped me and we got two done. 8 more to go ahh!  I do think we got the hang of it so the rest shouldn't be terrible. 

Four - Kevin met up with some agent friends yesterday and after I left my office, I picked him up.  There was this adorable 7 week old golden named Duke there. We loved on him and it made us want another!  Mills was very jealous when he smelled us after we got home! ;)

Five - this week was a bit crazy. They said we would get 5-8" of snow. Guess what we got at our house?  Nada!!!  So disappointing but oh well.  It was nice to continue on about our usual day.  

Today is Friday!!!  Yes!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 22 Pregnancy Journal

How far along? 22 weeks

Size of Baby: Spaghetti Squash - almost a pound and 11"

Gender: Not finding out!  We are getting somewhat close on names but Kevin is dead set on using one that I am not the biggest fan of.  I've basically started referring to who I think is a "her" as her name.  Kevin still thinks it's a boy.  Ha!

Weight Gain:  Zero.  I'm not complaining at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet

Nursery:  Need to get Kevin's treadclimber out of there....you know the thing we bought and put in the nursery about 4 hours prior to finding out I was pregnant.  

Movement: Yes!  It's so crazy...feels like little flutters and I can only feel it when I'm super still and usually laying in bed. 

Symptoms:  Rib pain blah.  On Sunday I had a sharp pain on my right side that the on call nurse thinks was a muscle strain from lifting too much.  I got scolded for doing that by she and Kevin.  

Sleep: Good and a lot of it is necessary!

Cravings:  I bought a bag of robin eggs (the whopper kind) for bunco in a couple of weeks and one bag for us.  Well the bag for us is pretty much gone.  That's pretty embarrassing but I think it's because I didn't have any for the last two years so I'm making up for lost time on my favorite candy ever.

What I Miss:  Last Saturday night I REALLY wanted to have some beverages.  It was probably only the second time I've felt like that since early November so I'm not going to be hard on myself for wanting to partake.

Best Moment This Week:  One of my friends told me she is expecting in late August so that's super fun.  Now I have two close friends that will have babies right after us!  

Looking Forward To:  I have my 22 week appointment tomorrow which I expect to be pretty routine.  Still, I look forward to hearing the heartbeat and getting the every four week reassurance.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Catch Up Post - Allie and Mills' Surgery

A catch up post was extremely necessary because I haven't gotten to document some things that have gone on the past week or so.  

Last Wednesday I was in Richmond for the night and I finally got to meet Allie!  We have read each other's blogs for the longest time and this was a long overdue meet up!  It was so fun!

I also got to stay at my cousin's house and visit with them!  My goddaughter Amelia is in the midst of having the toothfairy visit often! ;)

The next morning, Kevin took Mills to the vet for a planned surgery.  He had an infected cyst taken out of his neck and also had his teeth cleaned.  I was worried like a crazy Mama but the vet is our friend and took extra good care of him.  When I flew back in to Charlotte, I went right over there and picked up my buddy.  

That night was a LONG night.  He wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't lay down, he wouldn't stay calm, unless he was right beside Kevin or I.  After being up at 12:30am, 2:30am and 3:30am, we finally went into the den and lounged in there so at least Kevin could sleep.  

Kevin checked in on him several times on Thursday and stayed with him for awhile each time.  He was finally better by the time I got home...I think it just took awhile for the anesthesia to come off.

Poor pooch has had a rough couple of weeks but he's finally getting back to himself.

Saturday I had a record breaking Flywheel performance.  That was fun.  I think I'll always ride on Bike 3. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Couples Bunco

Friday night I left work pretty late so I just stopped on my way home and picked up chinese.  Is there anything better than take out chinese on a cold Friday night?

Saturday I was pretty busy while Kevin worked...Flywheel that morning then errands.  I organized a bunch of stuff upstairs and got our decorations put into big bins and into our attic.  Since we are making the room upstairs a bedroom, we've been working on organizing that closet up there so there's room for guest's clothes.  

That evening I made crab dip and we headed over to our neighborhood clubhouse for our annual couples bunco night.  This was the first year at the clubhouse because we had too many couples for it to be at someone's house.  We do this fun night every February and invite the guys.  This year we played Left Right Center instead and it was complete chaos.  

And we had two tables of LRC.  The first round, we all played next to our spouses.  The next round we split up from our spouses and couldn't be at the same table.  Wouldn't you all know that I won for the first time and about 30 seconds later, Kevin won at his table?  I have never won before so this was extra exciting and for Kevin to win too?  It was crazy!  

It was fun being the only sober person there.  Hahaha!

We came home with $78 in ones and we went with $24 in ones.  I'd say it was a successful night.  By the way everyone was screaming in that room over winning $39 at a table, you'd think we had won millions haha.  

It was a fun night and one of my favorite things I heard from one of the girls was that Kevin was going to be sick the next day because she thought he was super drunk.  Well in reality, no, that's just Kevin and he hadn't drank much at all.  He was his usual self being hilarious and we all had a blast!

Yesterday we didn't do much but we did make our twice annual trip to Wal-Mart.  I got some more organizing done, Kevin worked from home and we had "dunch" out at Bad Daddy's instead of cooking.  

Successful weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday - Girls Night, Ice and Rug

ONE - we had a girl's night last Thursday at Farenheit in uptown Charlotte.  Here are the last ladies there that night as we waited for the valet guys to bring our cars around.  Me, Kathryn, Emily and Lauren

TWO - we had a lot of ice on Monday night so I worked from home on Tuesday.  It looks like snow but it's a 0.4' layer of ice.  Mills had a field day out there playing...it was so funny watching him run around.

THREE - we finally got the rug from PB and this new one doesn't have a stain on it and a crease in it that isn't supposed to be there.  Pottery Barn's usual amazing customer service made it right and had one shipped to us instead of making us bring it back (we don't have a car big enough).  This rug is pretty but wasn't big enough or dressy enough...

So this is the new rug and we also took one leaf out of the table.  Next up to buy for this room is a china cabinet on that left wall.  

FOUR - We are getting close to finalizing our bathroom selections on the tile.  A co-worker gave me a couple new ideas that we may add to customize the shower a bit more.  Body sprays and a linear drain.

FIVE - Lately our evenings have consisted of me in the chair in our den working and Kevin sitting in our bedroom working.  Very exciting right?  Even when we were in Florida, we both sat in the hotel room and worked for a couple hours.  Work hard now, play later?!  

Cheers to the weekend!  We have couples bunco tomorrow night which is always complete chaos.  It should be even funnier watching it from a sober perspective! ;)