Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday - Mills, Grilling, Bunko, Lunch

Lots of five on friday pictures today but I'll try to make it quick!

ONE - Mills loves these lil goodies for when it's just a quick reward.  Target doesn't carry these anymore...only Wal-Mart.  I hate that place but glad to find the goodies that Mills loves.  His new thing is "big goodies" which are the big boy ones.  His Nannie and Poppa (aka my parents) who facetime with him almost every night love to ask him if he wants a Big Goodie.  Presch.  And PS - it doesn't hurt that his face is on these goodie boxes! ;)

TWO - All about Mills.
Homeslice is all boy all the time.  

And PS - ignore that cable running through the yard.  Yeah getting the irrigation lines in wasn't easy - they hit and cut the Time Warner line.  And the new one hadn't been buried yet.

This was this past Sunday..probably his last pool outing of the year.  


Then a bath for the bubba.  Kevin put our good blanket on him because he said his back legs were shivering in the 68 degree weather with the bath outside.  Oh my.

I looked down the other morning and saw him like this next to me on the floor.  This was at 3am.  My socks were off ha and his head was under the bed and he was quite comfortable!

THREE - sooooo Kevin taught me how to turn on our grill a couple weeks ago and I am so excited about it.  I know how to do the gas shut off and everything. 

I made shrimp fajita quesadillas this past week.  It was awesome weather, Mills could play outside and dinner was so easy.

FOUR - I made Christina's Pumpkin Dip for bunko this week.  So good.  

Chris hosted and the end of her driveway was spooky!

We played Left Right Center and so the $1 bills were flying everywhere!

FIVE - just a lil pups chewing sticks and playing with dirty tennis balls!

FIVE AND A HALF - Lunch with these two sweet gals - April and Megan!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Planning a Trip

I've been in a Lilly frame of mind recently because I've been thinking about where to go to celebrate Kevin's big birthday coming up in February.  


We have some requirements:
 - Must be warm in February
 - Must be under 5 hours of flying 
 - Only 3-4 nights
 - Must be nice (this is my requirement ha)
 - Would love to use Hilton points

And Kevin can't know where it is until we are at the airport and about to go through security!

Throw out any ideas you may have!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A couple of you all asked a bit ago how I do it all.  I'm not sure the real answer to that but I know this is a big way I get it done:  

Kevin and I have made a lot of sacrifices this year.  

And I'm not going to lie - it's been hard.

Him buying his new agency has been A LOT of work.  They say two agencies are the hardest to own...not one or three, but two.  And we agree!  He keeps saying, "well I've put myself on the train tracks, now I have no choice but to go."  And he's right.  He has no choice but to make this thing work.  And I have no choice but to be his cheerleader (and I want to be!). 

I also have a full time plus traveling every week job and I'm crazy busy with that.  It's something I love doing and want to do.  It's something that is really important to me.  Something I've worked for with five years of engineering school at NC State plus two years of consulting plus almost eight years at my current company.  The people at my company are my second family.  Heck, I spend more time with some of them in a week than I do Kevin!  And I love what I do.  So it's not something I'm willing to scale back on very much.

How do we make our family and careers work?  We don't go to a bunch of social events every week anymore.  We have had to reprioritize our calendar.  This was a lot easier for Kevin than it was me.  I felt like I was giving up times with friends.  The truth is, real friends will still stand by you and pick up where you left off next time you see them.  And let's be honest, we still have a good time. But, sometimes we have to pick errands, grocery store and chill time versus a party.  Happened this weekend...wasn't fun...but had to happen in order to function this week.

Basically we are busting our tails now so we are fully prepared for children and the life we want for them and us.  If we want to run off to a beach house, we want to be able to.  If we want to take them to see Hawaii, we want to be able to.  If we want to jump on a plane and go to Maryland to see my parentals, we want to be able to.  You get the picture.  

So yep, we are making sacrifices and trying not to apologize for it!  I'm way too used to saying yes to everything so learning to say no has been hard.  But I'm a constant work in progress.  Aren't we all?  Gotta do what's best for you and your fam at the end of the day right?

Monday, October 20, 2014


We played catch up on life most of this weekend.  Very necessary.

Had Kevin's parents, brother and niece over for dinner on Friday night (Brittany was working).  The weather was gorgeous so we hung out outside for appetizers while we grilled steaks.

Little Mills loved the steak leftovers, which there were very few of.

Our beds got replanted this weekend but they aren't finished yet.  I should be able to show you completed pictures later this week.  Grass was also put down so hopefully this irrigation system will start to pay off.  

Nails with Gigi and her Mama!  This marks the day I fed a baby for the first Polished nail salon haha!  Sarah was very kind to let me do this with her precious girl  She gave me all the good instructions a taught me a lot.  Now I know!  Could she be cuter?  I think not!

521 BBQ dinner date and Wal-Mart.  We are exciting, I know.  We just need the down time and I was thankful for it.

One of our very favorite things to do (which we do almost every weekend) is drive around and look at houses and certain neighborhoods.  This house does Halloween right!  ...sorry for the terrible pic...was trying not to be too stalker-ish.  Kevin and I both love real estate (both commercial and residential) and we are always dreaming of our next house haha.  But I think we will stay put because we do love our home and neighbors.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday - House Improvements

Linking up with April, Christina and others today for Five on Friday!

ONE - on Monday I pulled up to la casa and saw this.  I was shocked at how large it was.  It was the line for the backflow preventer that will serve our new irrigation system.  We were hesitant to spend $10,000 or more on a well and never hit water...the guy two doors down spent $14,000 and still didn't hit water.  Yeah so public water with a new meter it is.  

TWO - Mills was less than pleased at the people in his front yard and decided to make himself right at home.  By all means Mr. Mills!

THREE - my friend Lisa and I had a spur of the moment run up to HomeGoods on Tuesday night.  She lives in the neighborhood so it was easy.  It kinda feels like I live in my own (with Kevin) sorority house sometimes because we just decide randomly to do something and I'll zip over to a neighbors house in my pajamas haha.  I like living amongst friends!

David Yurman randomly this week...second from right necklace..yes!

FOUR - cruised up to wild and wonderful West Virginia this week to check on a project I have going on.

Very muddy site.  Glad I was prepared!

FIVE - I arrived back home yesterday to find the irrigation guys packing up.  We have irrigation now!  Next step - our landscaping guy will be back tomorrow or Saturday to aerate and plant A LOT of grass!  I want it to look like our across the street neighbor's yard.  Isn't it gorgeous?!  I always apologize to her that they have to look at our yard haha!

Happy Weekend to yall!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bedroom is painted!


After.  We painted the walls SW Passive, ceiling is ceiling white and the trim is Creamy high gloss.  And my oh my is it a change. 

Before - old lady pink walls AND ceiling.  Nasty white trim that was 15 years of dirty.  

Now we need to get a new fan which Kevin and I think will really change it and do something about our bedding.  Not sure if it goes or not but need a new pillow out front at least.  

No cords!

Before... We've lived with patchwork of figuring out colors for two years.  Kevin told me I wasn't allowed to buy another sample haha!


Big change right?!  And our first "cool" color in the house.  All other walls are SW Jersey Cream which is very easy to decorate with but still has a lil pep to it.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Would Like List

I think I've mentioned on here that I keep a "would like" list on my phone so that basically eliminates impulse buying.  And when Kevin starts asking 2 months before my birthday what I want, I have some options to send to him.  So here we go...

Always love a Nordstrom gift card.  Who wouldn't?!  Makeup, heels, wraps, jewelry, clothes, purses, I love this place.

Outrageous Yachts coffee table book from Amazon.  I've seen this in person and it's awesome.

Great Houses of the South is another coffee table book I'd like one day but after Outrageous Yachts.  Have I mentioned how much I like Amazon Prime lately?

New car comes a new key chain.  Mine is looking rough.  Smathers and Branson Starfish.

My Abas wallet has seen better days.  I've had it for 10 years.  I'd love a new wallet but it's not completely necessary yet.  And I like bright color wallets so I can find them in my purse.  KS Cobble Hill Lacey Zip Around Wallet

And y'all know I love some J. Crew for work clothes especially.  

So there you have it.  What's on your wish list?