Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday - Parade and Gym

What a week.  I was in Dallas on Tuesday for a few hours and was supposed to fly to Atlanta on Wednesday but ended up not going.  Dallas was a rough and long trip.  Anyway, we made it to Friday.  Kevin has a ton going on with his office move and way too many other details to mention.  We had a bunch of people at the house yesterday with stuff going on.  I'm super nuts at work.  Ya know, all the fun stuff.  

Anyway, a little snap beading after school on Monday with Maggie!

Yesterday we got to go to the Calvary Easter parade and see Gigi and Mary Scott in the parade.  Molly Anne LOVED it!  

The sweetest ever!

Times two!

I can't wait for Molly Anne to participate in this next year!  She saw the director of the school and she put her arms out and Molly Anne ran right up and gave her a hug.  I just feel so comfortable with her going there in August!

Yesterday Molly Anne was on her best behavior all day and just so sweet.  I captured the most precious videos of her rocking her bunny to sleep and singing to her.  I do not take these moments for granted!  My goodness I love this little one more than I can even say!  

We got our gym equipment installed yesterday so that was good.  Kevin is excited!

This week, we also signed up a company to do our lawn care for the next year.  We've never used a company like this before so we are looking forward to it.  Kevin has never minded cutting the grass etc but this will be a nice break for him this summer.  And I don't have to do any Round up on a gazillion weeds.  We purposely planned our landscaping to not have huge planted beds to eliminate a lot of maintenance.  This will be such a relief to have a nice looking yard and be able to focus our time doing other things together.  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Pictures

The flowers at the front of our neighborhood are gorgeous and my friend Hilary gave me the idea to take some pictures of Molly Anne in front of them.  Sunday we took a wagon ride up there with my good camera and went to town!  

I may have to frame this one!

I let her pick one tulip that she could keep and she just loved getting to do that!  

We came back and she wanted to do chalk so she did that while I deleted all of the not great pictures off the camera.  

But I captured a few real life pictures too!  Chalk and a wagon ride - two of her favorite things! 

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


When I saw these pajamas on the Vineyard Vines website, I ordered them right away.  They have flamingos, whales and palm trees on them!  Molly Anne loved modeling for pictures after her nap on Sunday (if you can't tell by the below pictures)!  I got her a 4T because I do think VV runs a little small, plus I like her having room to grow into things. 

I love this picture!  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Outside

Good morning and happy Monday!  We were outside ALL weekend and it was so nice! 

Friday night we played outside with our neighbors and we ended up grilling out with them too.  The girls play together so well so it's just easy!  

Mills and I watched TV together that night ha!  He is a mess.

Saturday morning we cuddled and watched a couple cartoons then she had soccer.  She had a great soccer practice even in the rain but it was definitely her best performance.  She really listened well and did everything Coach Shana asked!

After soccer, I came home, quickly changed and went to a wedding shower for my friend Nicole!  It was at her house and she just built it last year so I loved getting to see it finished!  It was awesome!  We loved celebrating her and it was fun seeing some work friends that have since left the company!

After the shower I had another quick turnaround.  Kevin had taken Molly Anne to his parents so we met at the house and we went to the St. Patty's festival in downtown Waxhaw.  It was at the new Irish pub and they had a huge tent set up outside.  They had a cool band, Irish dancers and food trucks.  I didn't feel the greatest but it was still nice to be outside.  

We got our Molly Anne and played outside some more.  Our neighbors were outside too so the girls played and played.  We put them to bed then stayed out by the fire hanging out.  We didn't do a repeat of 1am like last weekend, it was like 11pm this time haha!  We just have too much fun!  

Yesterday morning we went to the playground with Gigi and Mary Scott!  The girls ran wild and had so much fun!  It was a gorgeous day!

This boy was hungover from too much beer on Saturday night.  He loves when we have people over because they play with him and give him ALL the attention!  

Molly Anne has just loved having a couple new babies at Becky's so she likes to take care of her Bitty Baby and her other animals at home.  She tucked Unicorn in but then decided she needed her own pillow so she went all the way upstairs to get her special pillow for Unicorn to lay on.  

After nap we went to the store to get groceries then came home and took a wagon ride for some spring pictures that I'll share on Wednesday!  

These two played outside while I fixed dinner and that was so funny to watch them play together.  She kept throwing his ball for him and he'd run after it.  She would follow him everywhere and watch his every move.  Two peas in a pod. 

Kevin had made us some spaghetti sauce so we had that over some whole wheat noodles.  I had mine over riced cauliflower too and it was good.  Molly Anne and I had some broccoli on the side.  

Hope everyone has a good week!  I'll be on the road this week in a couple different places but I'll still have posts for you I hope!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Five on Friday - Pottery Barn Lilly!, Tricycle, Gifts

First things first!  The Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn collection with Lilly Pulitzer.  Oh my!  I happened to be up at 4am this morning and scoped it all out!  Who is getting anything?  I may get a coverlet for Molly Anne and some sheets for the spare room.  I'm eyeing a couple accent tables from Pottery Barn.  We'll see!  Reminds me of the old days when they had sheet sets!  Shop the Pottery Barn Kids Collection here and the Pottery Barn collection here!

Almost every day this week after I get Molly Anne, we have been playing outside.  She has loved this $5 tricycle I got at the consignment sale last week and cleaned up!

A little gift I put together for our neighbor who is a girly girl and turned 4 this week!  Remember Caboodles?!

I filled the Caboodle with some girly treats - princess nail polish, Frozen lip gloss and hair tools.  I'll leave it to the parents to give makeup! ;)  She even got a fancy vanity for her birthday which I didn't know about prior to getting this for her so it worked out perfectly!

My Mom was asking me for help on a wedding gift she needs to give soon and the bride isn't registered anywhere.  I think Pottery Barn is a good go-to for something like this because they have nice, timeless pieces and can be returned if the recipient doesn't love the gift. (PS Pottery Barn has no clue who I am, they didn't tell me to write this post!)

This lamp is classic and would look gorgeous in any room of the house.  

We received a few of these Park Hill lanterns for our wedding five years ago and still use them!  They can be used inside or outside and are versatile!  

This is a great shower gift for someone who has it all.  You can't go wrong with the marble pewter combo!  


I do not know how to buy boy gifts.  I have six nieces/girl cousins and only one boy nephew/cousin!  Anytime I have to buy a boy gift I either ask a friend with boys what to get or search Amazon, in this case, Amazon.  This was for a two year old boy that Molly Anne goes to Ms. Becky's with.  He has two older brothers so I thought they probably had everything.  This V-tech tool box looked different and maybe educational. His Mom said they don't have anything like this so I hope he likes it!   

I told you all I'd report back in about the Egg Decorator!  This thing is legit and no clean up like dying eggs!  Molly Anne loves it.  Probably the easiest gadget/toy we've used or put together.  Kevin said he hopes I didn't spend much on it because it is kind of a piece of plastic but it works and is very cool!  It is $30 on Amazon Prime.  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ten Random Ramblings

Thank you for your extra kind comments yesterday!  They certainly outweigh the bad comments I get every now and then!  Yall are the best!  Here are some random ramblings:

1.  This week when Molly Anne has been saying grace for dinner she adds on to the end and Thank you for my Mama!  I basically melt into a million pieces.  Kevin says I'll be on the front row of church every Sunday now, haha!  

2.  Also, I guess she's gotten used to me saying, "Mama loves you" as I put her in bed every night because now before I can say it to her she says, "I love you too!"  PRECIOUSNESS.

3.  She's doing really well in her big girl bed.  Still hasn't tried to get out.  My fingers and toes are crossed that this continues.  She loves it!  I did have to remove a bunch of her animals after she lined them all up along her bed.  Bed time = bedtime, not playtime!

4.  We have a busy weekend coming up and I get to go to a wedding shower!  I haven't been to a non-baby shower in awhile so I'm really looking forward to this!  Plus it's a friend from work that I haven't seen since she left in the Fall!

5.  Shutterbugs got me again this week for clothes for Molly Anne!  How adorable are these tops?

6.  I also ordered her a bunch of blank shirts and a couple dresses from Blanks Boutique - my favorite blanks place online.  Their stuff is quality and lasts!  I don't like paying the shipping but it's still reasonable given the timely shipping and how well the things hold up.  Christine - get ready!  After this bunch of stuff, she should be good for clothes this summer!  Like I'll be able to hold off and not get her anything else....HA, yeah right!

7.  A little humble brag on Kevin.  He won agent of the year for North Carolina and was first in the state for year 2017!  This puts him in the top half percent of agents nationwide.  Last year was a very busy year for us with the house and his work but I'm more than proud of him.  

8.  Another little Kevin tidbit - one of his offices is going to be demolished and the land around it is going to be redeveloped.  His landlord is selling it all off.  He's always wanted to own the office building he is in and an opportunity down the street opened up so Kevin (we!) are buying an office condo that is being constructed now.  We designed the space plan last Fall and we picked paint, carpet and tile a few weeks ago.  He moves in soon!  Ya know, we needed another project in our life!  Picking that stuff for an office was a breeze after doing our house!

9.  Have I mentioned that our back porch slate is having to get ripped out?  It doesn't drain properly and we have a lot of puddling all over it and the water sits for days.  Not good. 

10.  I'm super busy at work right now and I even went to my office three days in a row this week, record!  I love going there, makes me feel on track at work and in personal life!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

On Blogging.

I go through these phases about every two years when I think maybe I'll stop blogging.  Maybe I'll make it private.  Maybe I'll open it up to only certain friends of mine.  The reality is, I'll likely keep doing what I'm doing as long as I can make it happen.  

It drives me nuts that some people that read here use it as a way into our lives.  Yes, I agree, I write a public blog, that's what I'm doing is putting it out there for the whole world to see.  Some of our friends and family use it to keep up with us, that's wonderful.  But I hate when it's used as a way to "be in touch" with us but not contact us.  Does that make sense?  It happens every day and I know it. 

While our life may seem perfect, amazing and wonderful when you sit here and look at pictures, it isn't always perfect!  Trust me!  There is no perfect family, no perfect marriage, no perfect child.  The only perfect one around here is Mills because he doesn't speak! ;)  But Molly Anne is a close runner up when the sass isn't in her step that day!

Us bloggers deal with all kinds of criticism.  I get ugly comments.  And honestly, those bother me very little.  Ask any of my friends how I feel about them.  I'm like WHATEVER.  But to set the record straight, in general I don't care how my grammar is, I wasn't an English major, I'm an engineer!  I did Math in school.  I can't read or write and I'm not going to sit here and tell you I won a prize for my writing because I didn't.  So don't leave me comments about my grammar.  K.thx.bye.  

I'm incredibly thankful to all of my sweet, kind and loyal readers!  Even if you don't comment, I know you're there.  I have made some wonderful friends through my little blog.  Friendships that have become my mom friends, my best friends and my most treasured friends.  This summer, my blog will be 9 years old - WHOA.  I've almost blogged every week, 5 times a week for 9 years.  Yikes!  

As always, thanks for hearing me out!  Sometimes I need a refreshed head!  If you're thinking about starting a blog, do it!  Looking back at some of my old posts is amazing.  I have from when Kevin and I started dating, engagement, marriage, vacations, being pregnant with Molly Anne, all of Molly Anne's milestones and EVERYTHING on here.  Such precious memories and I have them all in writing with pictures too!  So happy to have this space and thank you all for following along!