Friday, December 4, 2020

Five on Friday

Achy our Elf came back to visit on December 1st and I think Molly Anne had kind of forgotten about it because she was shocked and so excited!  Grady loved it too.  I have videos of them both seeing it that morning.  She goes to school so early that she saw it first then when Grady got up, he got to be surprised too!

Molly Anne loves to go to the dentist.  It helps that her dentist and everyone at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is so amazing.  Perfect report as usual!  The big excitement was getting to see her x-rays!

We decorated the tree over a couple of nights this week mainly because that's all we could do with work, school etc.  I'm learning to give myself grace that we don't have these big family nights of the perfect hot chocolate, decorating, amazingness.  Our elf came with one piece of red construction paper and no fancy breakfast.  But guess has all still been magical for the children.  They don't NEED all of the fancy stuff and I honestly do not have time to do all of that. I'm doing the best I can! and yes, work is KILLING me lately.

I stayed up late on Wednesday night stuffing, sealing, stamping address and adding stamps to 154 Christmas cards.  But they're done.  Using a picture we had from May certainly helped expedite this process. No Fall or Christmas photo session for us.

Found the elf at Charlotte Aquatics this week!

It was frosty out yesterday morning and I loved how the house looked with it so I snapped a picture!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Santa Visit and Picking Out Our Tree

On Sunday I happened to check out the Cabelas website to see if there were any appointments to visit with Santa that day and there happened to be an 11:15 one!  Molly Anne wrapped up her (second) list after the first one was allll Jojo siwa. I told her Santa wasn’t going to bring her only Jojo stuff so she needed to come up with some other ideas ha!!  Don’t worry, I’m sure he will come through with some Jojo things!

After they saw the fishing rods there, she decided they needed to be added to her list.

She put things for Grady on her list which I thought was so sweet. 

She ran right up there to see him! Yes, there’s a plexiglass but she could still talk to him through it and he was so wonderful to her! 

Grady was not interested and screamed the entire time! I wasn’t surprised! Poor boy. But he had to be in a Santa picture!!

Mailing her letters to the North Pole!

Quite the pose with her jazz stance these days!

On the way home, we stopped and got a tree!

The master tree picker outer!

Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Black Friday Shopping

Our traditional black Friday shopping continued this year even though it looked a tad different!  We stopped by BlackLion early before it got too busy, then headed to Onward Reserve. And finally Nordstrom for a few more things.  It was a big day!  Of course ice cream at Jeni's was a no brainer for these two shopping ladies! 

This boy played with Poppa and his new little musical reindeer that Nannie and Poppa brought him!  He was so cute with it!

Monday, November 30, 2020

Thanksgiving Day and Thankful Turkey

Hello everyone!  Back from Thanksgiving and happy to be here!  Wanted to recap our Thanksgiving so I remember for years to come!

We hosted this year and it was definitely not what we typically do but it was super fun having people here!  My parents came down the night before and we didn't think they were going to so I hadn't told Molly Anne that they were on their way.  Imagine her surprise when they knocked on the front door!  She was sooooo excited! 

Kevin's parents, his brother and his friend came over for dinner as well.  It was nice! 

Here's what went down for the menu.  We outsourced the big things and the things I'm not good at to Fresh Market. I'm so glad we did that!

Turkey shape of pepperoni and sliced cheese and ritz crackers (picture below!)

Ham - Kevin’s parents
Deviled eggs - Kevin’s parents 
Turkey - Fresh Market
Gravy - Fresh Market
Stuffing - Fresh Market
Mashed potatoes - Fresh Market
Cranberry - Fresh Market
Rolls - Fresh Market

Hash brown casserole - I need to post this but it's an old recipe I've had forever
Green bean casserole - made it the ole trusty way
Oyster casserole - family recipe, top secret I think!

Apple pie and carrot cake - Kevin’s parents from an amazing local bakery
Sweet potato pie courtesy of Harris Teeter

The big surprise!

We started the day with a turkey trot.  I ran for 45 minutes around the neighborhood, did about 4.5 miles while Dad and Grady golf carted beside me.  It was fun.  Dad and I have always turkey trotted but unfortunately he can't run anymore.  

Dad built a fire around 9am and kept it going all day long! 

He was in his happy place on the porch tending to a fire!

The tablescape using these gold votive holders and these white pumpkins.  The glass hurricane was a wedding present and I just popped in some Williams Sonoma candles. Mom brought her mom's tablecloths!

Turkey appetizer inspired by my SIL!

Carving the meat!

The spread!

We tried to make it all semi covid friendly the best we could.  I wanted to have one big table but it was best given the circumstances to have two separate tables on the porch.  Our big doors to the house were open so breeze was through there all day.  We did the best we could but still wanted to be together.  

Our neighbors came over later that night and the kids played together. 

This was about how we all were after the big day! 

Can't forget our Thankful Turkey we did this year.  I asked the kids randomly when I remembered what they were most thankful for and we got Cheez Its to Tractors to Jesus on there! 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Best Black Friday Deals

Hope you find lots of perfect gifts today! Here are some stores to get you started!

Serena and Lily - 20% almost everything with code TOGETHER
Anthropologie - everything 30% off
Vineyard Vines - 30-70% off with code FRIDAY
Athleta - 20% off!
Lululemon  - huge sale


Here are all of my gift guides so far!

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!