Friday, June 18, 2021

Six on Friday

She asked to sleep in French braids so her hair would be curly the next day!

And it was so pretty!

My kid’s favorite snack at Grady’s school and Molly Anne’s old school. So I bought a bag at Target and I cannot stop. 

Lacrosse girl! The Maryland in me loves that she loves playing. Not pushing her at all but Molly Anne - no pressure to play like Mama!! ;)

When you love cheese and your dinner isn’t being made fast enough. I love his little legs crossed! 

Had a quick work trip to northern Virginia this week. Stayed at the Hilton in old town Alexandria. We went out for Mexican after our night meeting and after we left there we heard loud music so walked towards it. These people were raging with a DJ for no apparent reason down by the water. It was awesome!

The next morning I ran back down there and checked out the sights in the daylight. So pretty! I love all of the shops on King Street … they’re so cute. 

Felt good to get back into the swing of work travel and not hearing Mamaaaaa 800 times a day!!! I did miss them so much though. 

Grady started water play at his school this week. They’ll do it every Tuesday all summer. It’s such a fun thing that the school does for them each year!

Happy Father’s Day weekend!!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Dresses and Earrings

I’ve been on the hunt for easy summer dresses and some different earrings that match everything. Here’s what I’ve found!

Coral dress - you could wear this to a wedding shower, out to dinner with friends or to a party!

This embroidered dress is so easy to throw on for a concert or a day date. 

Not many sizes left in this one but I had to include it. Such a pretty blue. 

I love this swing dress! It caught my eye big time. 

$29 earrings that will go with everything this summer!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Gifts Galore

This is the week out of the year that I have to have my act together for three Father’s Day gifts, two adult birthday gifts, two four year old birthday gifts, a six year old gift, a seven year old gift, two graduation gifts and planning a six year old party with party favors! 

I think I have most of it done but then I have to finish wrapping (thank you Target drive up for extra wrapping supplies) and mail some of it. To add extra excitement I’m traveling for work and fun this week. Soooo yeah it’s gonna all happen and work out but lots of lists involved.  

Maybe I’ll share some of the gifts soon if anyone is interested?! 

Until then, back to wrapping and card writing! I truly love giving gifts so this is actually fun for me I promise!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Let’s just say this, I’m not an Olympian. But I do like to play sports and exercise! I like the challenge - it helps me mentally and physically. Over the years how I make that happen has changed a lot so I thought it’d be fun to discuss here today. 

Growing up my parents put me in ALL of the sports. It’s funny because I’m now in that mode with Molly Anne. Expose her to everything and see what she likes. Now that she’s done some team sports I have to buy the team picture and write names on the back so when she’s a professional swimmer she can look back and remember her first swim team! ;) Things my parents did that I still have in my room at home ha!

Anyway, I played basketball, tennis, softball, golf and volleyball in elementary and middle school. I also ran with my Dad a lot. Basketball and softball became my sports so I played those my freshman year of high school. Then I was “recruited” by some girls to play lacrosse and field hockey instead which I liked a lot better. During the winter season I’d go to the YMCA and pretend to work out to stay in shape…I also played indoor lacrosse! Field Hockey was in the Fall and Lacrosse was in the Spring at my high school. I played both of those until I graduated. At NC State I helped start the club lacrosse team. It was so fun. 

After I graduated I still ran to stay in shape. I always thought I had to majorly sweat and run 5 miles for it to be a real workout. Also I started going to Flywheel for cycling classes in 2014ish. And yes those were real workouts! Then I got my peloton in November 2018 about 6 months after I had Grady. I enjoy cycling a lot and it kicks my tail because I take classes that are challenging for me. 

Last March when corona started I began to lift some weights (more regularly than when I was at the YMCA in high school!!). I started this with doing some strength classes on the peloton app. My friends Kelly and Nina say you don’t have to sweat like a horse for every workout! I’m still working on learning that! But some nights I enjoy just doing a couple strength classes or one of those then a walk around the hood. Or whatever! It’s fun to mix it up. 

And of course I still like a serious sweat session. These days I’m not running 5 miles when I run. It’s more like 3 but I’m fine with that. I know I go in phases and I don’t want to get burnt out on anything. I haven’t been riding my peloton as much. Sort of because I was tired of it, sort of because I just have felt like walking or doing strength and sort of because I haven’t had a ton of time. I still ride but not 2-3 times a week. 

Anyway that’s where I am. 

How do I fit it in? If I work from home, I’ll pop on my bike during the lunch hour. If I take Molly Anne to dance, I’ll leave Grady with Kevin and go run in a nearby neighborhood. If I actually go to bed at a decent hour I’ll get up in the morning. If I had a longggg day at work, I’ll jump on the bike or go for a walk after the kids are in bed. I exercise on the weekends when Grady naps sometimes. I have no set schedule. I legit do it when I have a small block of time. It adds up is what I tell myself at least. My measure for myself is if I can go run 3 miles in 30 min in my very hilly neighborhood, I’m gonna be okay. I’m very thankful to be able to MOVE. 

Now I just have to quit eating popcorn at night!!!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Beach Weekend

Oh boy, I already wrote this blogpost then the text didn’t save. Good times! 

Friday midday we picked Molly Anne up from her last day of Lacrosse Camp at Charlotte Latin! She had the best week and learned so much! Their facilities are amazing and she loved the coaches. 

We headed straight to the beach and arrived in time for a thunderstorm! We were still able to go to the concert that they have every Friday! This week’s band was Continental Divide from Charlotte. Good beach music and lots of people! 

My shy children danced the night away front and center!!! 

Molly Anne ended up on stage! She loved it. 

Back home and ice cream on the back porch. Anything better?!!

We stayed up late with some new friends hanging around a solo stove that we were given by someone special!

Saturday morning we headed to the beach pretty early so we got in some good time out there before the storms rolled in. We ended up staying until 2 ish. Our next door neighbors from home and us hung together out there. The kids had a blast. 

Molly Anne’s adorable bathing suit is on sale!

While we were having nap and quiet time, Kevin caught a fish off our dock! Look how huge it is!!! Not hahah but we all got a good laugh then he threw him back in!

Apps and fruit to take to our friend’s house for dinner. They grilled hamburgers, dogs and brats. It was an easy beach dinner. The kids ran wild even more then we hit the bed around 9pm!  Still love these cute dishwasher safe platters. Fish // Oval (both on sale)

Then my phone died at their house. So I lived 22 hours with no phone, iPad, computer or any device. It almost killed me!! So ridiculous right?!!

We got up Sunday morning and took the golf cart to 59 Causeway and finally got to show Kevin what I’ve been raving about! He loved it too. We sat on the back deck to eat and watched the boats. 

Stopped by the playground on the way home then got ready for a few hours on the beach. Kevin stayed with them out there while I drove to try to get my phone fixed. Don’t even get me started on how dysfunctional the pretend Verizon store in Shallotte is. Don’t even waste your time going. Ha! 

We left around 1:30 to head back to Charlotte and went to a real store and they bandaid fixed my phone in 20 min! And they did it while we ate dinner next door. It was a dream. Then I came home and ordered a new phone because mine has bitten the dust. Getting it today from the Apple store! Nothing like $1,500 to spend on a new phone ugh!! They’re so expensive. But I’m literally on my phone for 8 hours a day so it is necessary. 

We did decide that 1:30 is the perfect time for us to leave the beach. The kids had already been fed. They got a ton of energy out on the beach. Grady was overdue for his nap so we knew he’d sleep for a majority of the 3 hours. We made it back in time for dinner here. All good things! We’ve been testing out when to leave to come back and so far this is our favorite. 

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, June 11, 2021

First Swim Meet

Molly Anne had her first swim meet last night after storms canceled Monday night’s race. She only swam in one event as a shrimper (age 6 and under), the 25 yard freestyle, and she did awesome. Her time was 30:93 seconds which put her in 4th out of 15! We were so proud of her! The winner was 27 seconds…tight race!!

Right after I showed him the American flag and how you put your hand over your heart as the National Anthem plays. He stood there until the song started like a statue! Then listened as he should. Good boy! 

Ready to take off!

Almost was the heat winner but the girl that got first overall (she was from our team) was in first. So excited for her too!

Molly Anne and Maggie cheering on their friends!

Part of swim meets are the treats ha!

Kevin took Grady home for bed after Molly Anne swam but I had to volunteer the second shift so she and I stayed until the end. Fun night!!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fav Denim

I always am interested to hear everyone else's favorite denim so thought I'd share mine too!

I love these shorts and have them in a darker and less distressed color that they don't carry anymore. I size up one size in these.

Same with these white ones that I wear often. Size up.

The ole trusty white jeans that hide everything and aren't see through. 

My favorite regular denim and the only ones I'll wear. In general I don't think jeans are comfortable but these I'm good with.