Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Card Carousel

Today I'm linking up with Faith for her annual Christmas Card Carousel!

I wish I could send a card to each of you but this will have to do.  I did send cards to 145 other families haha.  Think we gave our fair share to the post office and Minted this holiday season.  I do love ordering from Minted.  They are always quick and have such cute cards.  

There are things I'd love to change about our Christmas card picture - the dirty steps, Mills' mouth to be closed because it looks funny and I wish his bow tie was showing.  But oh well, can't be perfect!  Thanks to my parents for snapping this shot with my iPhone (can you believe that?).  It took lots of goodies for Mills and then Kevin and I just tried to keep our eyes open.  We loved wearing our boots this year.  Out of 100 I think this was the best ha.  

Here is last year's card...our wedding picture.  

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My People

Yes, these are my two adorable nieces Anna Kate and Sarah and their golden named Fin.  My brother's little girls.  Precious right?

And yes, Mills is my people too.  He enjoyed watching TV last night from the couch.  Football is his favorite.

And this morning homeslice wouldn't wake up.  He just refuses to rise and shine these days.  So funny!  I hope he sleeps for our 9 hour ride to Maryland for Christmas ha!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I have a couple more gifts to buy.  Amazon Prime must love me.  I think I just had 5 separate boxes shipped to my parent's house.  I had to have Mills' toys for his stocking shipped there because otherwise I'd give them to him when the box arrived.  Ha!

Monday, December 15, 2014


This is pretty much how Mills felt about life this weekend.  "I'm staying outside whether you like it or not!"  To his credit it was in the low 60's all weekend and sunny.  He loved being out there.  

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin's parents and then watched Christmas Vacation.  You know, the movie you all have seen but I never have?  It was actually fun watching it though I did lose an hour and a half of my life on something that isn't real.  

Saturday I did Flywheel as usual then got cooking.  I made a dinner for my friend and took that to her.  I also made two pans of fudge.  

Kevin was at the gun show with a buddy (which PS I was so glad he was finally not working - he has been literally 24/7 recently).  Mills and I chilled for about 20 minutes. 

 I met up with the guys for dinner and we called it an early night.  

Sunday morning I wanted to make waffles and Mills did not like the beeping on that waffle maker. I guess it reminded him of the smoke alarm.  I found him under my bedside table.  Poor lil baby.

I made more fudge on Sunday and we watched the Panthers win.  Around 3pm it was 63 degrees so I decided to give Mills a bath.  This is when I was brushing him out front in the sun.

I was invited to my friend Sarah's house for a girl's get together and it was so much fun!

L to R - Me, Katie, Emma, Sarah, Elizabeth, Megin, Lauren, April, Faith, Rachel and Shannon.  Fun group of girls!  I actually met most (not all) of these girls through blogging in Charlotte but I've known a lot of them for 5+ years now.

This was Mills this morning.  Head propped on a pillow, laying on my side of the bed and would not wake up.  I felt the same way as my lil buddy.  For some reason it was hard getting up this morning but I'm ready to roll this week out.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday - Christmas Style

Are you all ready for Christmas?  Here are my Christmas Five!

ONE:  It's been a busy week in my lil world.  We had our Christmas bunco on Tuesday which included zero bunco but lots of fun eating special things, drinking yum punch and a gift exchange.  I gave a pair of Kate Spade earrings I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (so under $30 which is our limit) and I received a gift set of Bliss Lemon & Sage Bath Gel, lotion and minty bar soap.  I'm so excited.  I've been wanting the lotion for a long time (it's my fav) so this was perfect!  Thankfully the other bunco girls didn't know how wonderful Bliss is and they didn't steal it! ;)  I took fudge on my Nora Fleming platter with Santa hat.

TWO: Last night I went for cocktails with my friend Sarah and then to a home tour in a nearby neighborhood!  I'm so glad she lives less than 5 minutes from me!  Funny story - she and I both had Lilly Elsa shirts on and TB shoes.  We are crazy!

Then we toured some gorgeous homes!

This one was our favorite...very classy and traditional.  The lady had all fresh greens in her home and lots of Williamsburg touches.  My mom would have flipped - it was stunning!  She said, "oh bring your Mom by when she's in town next!  I'd love to have her!"  True southern hospitality!

Call me crazy but I've never seen the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and for the past 5 Christmas' Kevin's parents have tried to get me to watch it with them.  Well Christmas #6, we're finally going over to their house to watch it tonight!  My friend Kelly is obsessed with it (as I'm sure most of you are) so she will be extra proud of me for watching a movie.  I hate movies - waste of time!!!

I have Kevin and my parents left on my list to buy for.  I have NO clue what to get any of them.  Those closest to me are the hardest.  I already have all of my gifts shipped to those out of town so that was a nice feeling to get done.  But now I need to wrap up the shopping.  

We have a semi low-key weekend.  Movie with Kevin's parents tonight, may go to an ugly sweater party tomorrow night and I have a girl's night on Sunday night that I was invited to.  I also hope to make a meal for a friend of mine that has a 5 week old and has been on bed rest for 4 of those weeks due to some complications.  Then this week she found out she has shingles.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Best part of today?  Rosa's ladies are coming.  Oh how I love her and her people.  Best money we spend all month.  This house is disgusting but won't be for long!  Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaa.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Updates

I'm a spastic mess these days but this week I've really gotten my act together at work and some personal.  Tomorrow is my day to get our house together.  Here's where I am on things:

1.  I mailed Christmas cards on Tuesday so the Charlotte people got them yesterday and everyone else today or tomorrow I guess?  I'm linking up with Faith next week on Wednesday to share our design!

2.  I still need to get a red bow for our light post.  At this point, I'm like blah I don't know if it'll happen but I have high intentions.  We'll see.

3.  Yesterday I went to Kansas and had the worst headache.  It was almost migraine style.  I wasn't really looking forward to going to see this project because I'm not the biggest fan of all involved but it actually was really good I went and a lot got the one hour I was there.  Hmm let's fly 2.5 hours to Kansas for one hour and fly back.  Cool!  

4.  I'm trying to not fly for the two weeks of Christmas and New Years.  I won't know what to do with myself but ohhhh it'll be so nice!  Dear Husband, I may get to see you more often!  Love, Lish

5.  This morning I had a mental health appointment so I was late to work.  I couldn't get in an earlier class so I had to go to a 7:30am Flywheel class but it was SO worth it.  I'm in a much better state of mind.  Mental health appointment = Flywheel for me.  The past week I've been such a not pleasant person and I know it's because I only ran Mills up and down the street a couple times and didn't do real exercise.  I'm hoping to turn things around now.  Kevin is probably like, "who is this girl I married and why can she not get her act together?!"

6.  I made dinner for Kevin on Tuesday.  I know, call it a record.  I hadn't made dinner in over a month for him.  I'm TERRIBLE yall, I'm telling you.  I always tell him that if I didn't work, I'd be skinny and much nicer AND be able to have dinner on the table each night hahaha.  Not reality!

Okay I'm done rambling.  Chat soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Decorations Part Two

Here are a couple more decorative things we did that I hadn't taken pictures of when I did the last decorations post.

Mom went around our backyard and picked out some fresh greens to use on our mailbox.  We're so lucky to have a magnolia was one thing I loved about our house when we first saw it.  

This puppy now thinks the couch is his since my parents were in town and let him up there.  By all means little Mills.  Mills now weighs 93.1 pounds by the way.  Big bubba!  The vet says he looks good and isn't overweight.  The breeder always told us he would be between 90-100 pounds.  Guess he finally decided to fully grow these last few months after holding steady at 78 pounds for awhile.  

I love our new Frontgate garland.  I had gotten the 6' originally and I'm so glad I took it back and got the 9'.  This looks quite a bit better than my previous Michaels $5 garland.  I like to add something special to our Christmas decorations each year and this was it for 2014.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Home Tour and Baptism

Friday - 4th Ward Holiday Home Tour

This home was stunning.

Tara and I volunteered for the 7th year in a row.  Then dinner at Alexander Michaels, a neighborhood fav.  

Saturday AM - lil Mills had to go to the vet.  My parents found a little lump on his neck so I took him to get it checked.  The good news is it's not cancerous or anything but they still want to take it out when they clean his teeth in January/February.  He wasn't phased one ounce by going to the vet and having them stick him.  He just wagged his tail and licked all of the people there.  He's a true Golden! 

Saturday afternoon I took some pumpkin bread and monogrammed goodies to my friend McGee and her husband who just had baby Ellie.  They are Mills' brother's parents.  We've really enjoyed getting to know and becoming good friends with them this year.  McGee and I are on the same page and the guys each own their own businesses so they obviously have a lot in common.  

That afternoon I got this cute picture of my nieces and their pooch Fin.  Adorable right?  I think I received this picture during my three hour very necessary nap.  

Saturday night - much needed evening with just Kevin.  We went to Chuy's then to Nordstrom to walk around.  On the way home we stopped in some neighborhoods and looked at lights.  This one is in the neighborhood right next to us.  We didn't even know it existed...can you believe this?  It's a huge house and they go ALL OUT!

Sunday my friend Sarah and her husband invited us to their daughter's baptism brunch at their club.  It was so fun to see her family and hang with April and her hubby as well!  The guys talked guns and the girls ohh'd and ahh'd over the two lil girls!  Thank you for letting us be part of your special day, Gigi!
photo courtesy of April!
 Sunday evening I delivered fudge to our next door and across the street neighbors, continuing my parent's tradition of giving it to their neighbors for 40+ years.  It is fun to bring it to our neighborhood and start a new tradition for Kevin and I.  

Then this...the three of us watched football and had leftovers for dinner.

Here's to Monday and the start of a new week!