Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Crafty Night Turned Into House Chaos

Last night, we had our annual craft night with a few of my neighborhood friends, this time at Regina's house!  Lisa brought the craft and it was a  reindeer that was so funny to make.  We laughed the whole time!  We decided that even though it said it was for ages 5+, it was really more for 35 and up!  Or maybe for people that hadn't been drinking haha!

About 10pm they said let's go see your new house so we jumped in the car and rode over there.  We walked in the house and bam, major gas smell!  Called Dad first because he always answers and knows what to do ha!  I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to call 911 immediately but I was just in shock by the whole situation.  I called the gas company first and they dispatched their on call technician.  Depending on where he lives is how long it takes for him to come.  They said I should call the fire department for a faster response.  Called the non emergency line for the station down the street and they were so kind to come over.

They spent lots of time checking it out and ultimately they decided it had to do with the gas lanterns but couldn't find exactly where it was.  They turned off the gas at the meter and said talk to the gas company when they get there.  The guys were SO nice.  And of course the girls were like ahhhh we have to get a picture on the truck so they took our picture and dealt with us four crazy girls!  It was funny!  

Then the gas company arrived as the fire truck turned around to come back by the house.  The firemen jumped back out of the truck and explained what they had found to the nice man.  They left and the gas guy checked everything out.  He isolated it to the line that feeds our gas lanterns.  He turned that line off, kept the rest of the house on and told me to have our HVAC guy come out to fix the leak.  Basically gas was pouring out of that line and it made the whole house in and out smell.  

We are incredibly thankful that we happened to go over there and find this.  I mean what are the chances?  Thank God the house didn't blow up, seriously.  The firemen were like umm this is a big deal, next time call 911 immediately.  Less learned.  I got home at midnight and didn't sleep all of last night because I was still so worried.  Went back over this morning early to meet our contractor and the HVAC guy showed up shortly after.  Whew.  Now, we gotta get it fixed.............!!!  Something else to add to the list....sewer back up on Friday night, gas leak on Monday.....wanna move in some day soon!  Glad this stuff is happening without us living there.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up - Fudge and Chill

First, it looks like J. Crew got smart and brought back the pull on jeans that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago!  They're available in every size as of this posting!  I have loved mine more every time I wear them.  Today, they're 40% off and free shipping too with code NICELIST! 

This weekend we stayed home the entire time minus me slipping out a few times to the house.  It flooded on Friday night right on the new hardwoods that were installed that day.  More on that in another post.  

Molly Anne also woke up with croup on Friday morning.  Literally she was totally fine and normal and no runny nose no nothing Thursday and the Friday morning she had that bad cough.  It was very weird, especially since croup hits Molly Anne at 10:15pm almost every time.  I think this is the 6th or 7th time she's had it this year.  Anyway, I made her a pediatrician appointment so she could get the steroid even though she didn't sound croupy during the day, I knew it would get her that night.  I almost felt silly in the doctors office because she was totally fine and normal, no fever, nothing.  But, I know my girl and I know croup!  It was good she got her "chocolate syrup!"

We made the most of our Friday at home and wrapped gifts and played and she got in a good nap.  She literally stayed home all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we could nip this in a bud.  

Oh, I wanted to tell you all about my wrapping this year for Christmas - I got these brown boxes from Amazon and red and green ribbon.  The red and green grosgrain ribbon was $10 per color (now $13) and HUGE rolls.  Such a steal.  I also got these cute bags for a few things that I couldn't wrap.  As I mentioned before, I had to give myself some grace this year and got most people gift cards.  I just couldn't do it all but there's always next year right?!  At least my shopping is done and out of town boxes are being shipped today or tomorrow!

On Saturday afternoon we made our fudge that we make every year. Molly Anne broke up some chocolate and rubbed butter on pans but that was about it, ha!  

And of course she liked licking the spoon!

Sunday morning I delivered it to our neighbors and my two little buddies watched!

That's about it.  We missed a neighborhood party on Saturday night but it's good we chilled at home.  I think I slept 10 hours that night, so necessary to ramp up for the next two insane weeks!

Today we have our girls gift swap at my office during lunch and I have a bunch of other stuff going on this week.  Chat soon!

Friday, December 8, 2017

House Updates - Closets, Vanity, Floors, CO

I'm sorry but my life is revolving around this house and I'm so over it.  The countdown is on and we are into the final stretch!

The trim guys were there the last few days building closets.  Those guys are awesome and so sweet.  They can make anything and in like five minutes.  They're crazy!  We literally were designing it as we went.  I was standing there yesterday and was like hmmm could you all build a desk in my craft room instead of another set of shelves?  They were like done. 

These will all be painted, actually they already may be.  The painters were going behind them yesterday.   I had them make it 36" tall so I could stand and wrap gifts but also could sit in a chair that lifts.  It's 32" deep to fit lots of things.  And 6' wide.  

My closet...aka a room that I could live in.  It's really silly big.  But, it's just the way things shook out with the floor plan.

Kevin's closet.  

We got this vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection and I must say, I'm not entirely impressed with the quality.  I should have gotten custom cabinets made and gotten our granite guy to put a top on it.  Lesson learned and I won't try to save $200 next time.  It probably would have been a wash at the end of the day anyway. 

The back got damaged during shipping so I'm waiting to hear what they're doing about that.  It's not a huge deal because it faces the wall but we still paid a lot of money for the piece and it isn't perfect.  They're very nice so we'll see.  

We got the CO yesterday after I chased the nice electrical inspector down the street and begged him to come back to see a label he didn't see on his reinspection.  Power got turned on yesterday afternoon.  Now we are waiting for gas so we can get the heat on.  They still went ahead and started installing the floors and will adjust them after they acclimate.  This saved us a few days.  

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

House Update - Pictures

This week, our trim guy built our closets.  I'll have to show you all pictures of those after they're painted.  I'm writing this early Wednesday morning and we are supposed to get the CO mid day today.  Fingers crossed.  Wood for the floors will be delivered today or tomorrow and hopefully they start getting installed by Monday after they've acclimated for a few days.  Here are some other updates....

Well, we have a real back yard now!  We brought it a bunch of dirt, cleared out all the brush and fine graded it!  It's a lot bigger and maybe even bigger than what we have now!  We're really pleased with it!

I was over at the house Tuesday morning and they had temporary power on so I got to see actual lights on in the house.  I love the shadow that this light makes in the foyer!

So the inspector failed us for a few reasons but one is that we didn't have the furniture piece installed in the powder room (it hasn't come in yet).  Mike our builder did what any smart one would do and went to Home Depot and got a sink and faucet!  Too funny right?!

Laundry room with the light on!  Can't see the floor but it's cool looking.

The light for the breakfast area is amazing but hung too high.  We ordered more chain for it but the electrical cord wasn't long enough.  We have two ways to fix this so we're trying to figure that out now.  

Mantle, not painted yet obviously but granite around the fireplace installed (Black Pearl Granite) and mantle built!  It was crazy, I was there when he built it and we just designed it on the go based off our inspiration picture.  He had another piece of crown that I didn't like as much and he was like what about this one?  And I said done!  These decisions on the fly are crazy!  I can make a decision these days yall!

Well sorta, I cannot decide what to do with this light fixture.  I wanted to use it in our bar area but it physically doesn't work.  Thinking about hanging it in my getting ready area but it may be too much.  It's a really big seaglass light.  This one to be exact.  It's amazing but I don't know what to do with it. 

Molly Anne's jack and jill (actually it's jill and jill because it has two girly getting ready areas!) bathroom is coming together with the scalloped backsplash that I loveeeee.  I think they need to add tile in that little space against the wall to make it look finished.  We will hang this mirror (1/3 of the price of the PB Kensington but just alike!) and these are the lights.  They're so girly and cute!  Oh and this is the faucet which I also think it feminine!

Another shot of the back yard!

Figuring out if this light will work in the bar area?  These are our pendants above the island, in polished nickel.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Questions

Doing a little something different today!  My friend Emily posted this on Monday and I thought it was fun!  Feel free to join!

1. Real or Fake Tree?  Real!  This year we have a 2’ tall fake tree (which Molly Anne thinks is so magical!) but once we move into the new house, we hope to get a smaller real one.  Next year, we will have our usual large real tree!

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?  Mom’s Fudge

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel?  Home all of Christmas Day. Kevin and I decided that once Molly Anne was born, we want to be home with her on Christmas.  I didn’t want to feel like we had to run somewhere else right after opening gifts. None of that. We want Santa to come to our house and Molly Anne to grow up being home and enjoying the day.

4. Clear or Colored Lights? Clear!

5. Send Christmas Cards?  Only since we’ve been married!  But yes, we enjoy sending Christmas cards!

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received?  Probably my fancy earrings that Kevin gave me last year. I know I had a lot of favorite gifts from growing up but I can’t remember before two days ago these days.

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?  Ohhh I love giving gifts. I can’t think of one in particular but if I think of something really creative then that would be it.

8. Stockings or no Stockings? Stockings for sure. Even Mills has a stocking. Santa comes to see him every year.  Sadly, Molly Anne already showed him one of his toys that she and I picked out for him! ;)

9. Christmas PJ's? For Molly Anne yes.  Not for us.

10. Favorite Christmas Carol?  Carol of the Bells.  Molly Anne’s favorite is Jingle Bells. On Monday morning she yelled from the other room, “Mama, sing Jingle Bells!”

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?  Making fudge which is a family tradition on my side, looking at lights and saying ohhhhhhh to every one and searching for Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve (Molly Anne is pumped for this, this year!).  I also love taking her uptown to the Ritz to see the gingerbread house and the bears at the BofA tower.

12. Early Shopper or Last minute?  Early, I’m finished!  I can’t wait to do anything at the last minute these days.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or show?  Ehh bahumbug here.  I’m not into TV that much. I do like the CMA Country Christmas concert ha!

14. Favorite Holiday Beverage?  
Diana’s Punch

15. Cookies and Milk for Santa?  We’ve not done this yet but we will this year since Molly Anne will really got it.  We did it when we were children but I forget what we left out. Mom, let me know!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gifts for Molly Anne

Here are some things that Molly Anne is getting for Christmas!

My parents have gotten her this stroller for her Bitty Baby:

This sleeping bag:

And these mermaid sheets for a big girl bed:

Kevin's parents are giving her magnatiles:

We got her this puzzle:

This dress up dress for Anna (by the way - Little Adventures dress up dresses are soft and comfy!):

We got her this train set back in July on Prime Day for only $49 eeks!

We got her a few other little things but her big gift from Santa will be this Frozen jeep wrangler and she is going to FREAK!  She'll be so obsessed!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Festive Weekend

We had quite a festive weekend kicking the Christmas season off!  

Friday night we went to our neighborhood clubhouse for cookies, making ornaments and seeing Santa!  The teenage girls in the neighborhood helped with the ornaments and they were so sweet with Molly Anne!

She was pretty hesitant to meet him but was okay and sat up there and told him she wanted a blue clock!  

After she went to bed, I worked on stamping our return address, putting stamps on, stuffing the cards and sealing the envelopes.  All 140 of them!  I felt like they were never ending but I got them done!

Saturday morning was her last soccer session!  She had 10 of them and we made them all except one when we went to Frozen on Ice!  She loved Coach Shana and really looked up to her!  

Most of the time she was like this...

But sometimes she just sat on the ground!  Ya know, she's 2!

They gave them Soccer Shots hats and a certificate!  She was so excited!

Saturday night we went over to Sarah and Mike's for a fancy dinner party!  She had a chef come in and cook a five course meal for us!  It was a wonderful evening with close friends!  Isn’t her table gorgeous?!

Saturday morning I left a little one unsupervised and she used a crayon on our sofa.  I was not happy with her and she just started bawling and ran to me when I said, "no ma'am!"  How on earth do you discipline when they just do that?!  I think she got the point though because later in the day she said, "I only color on my coloring paper!"

Thankful for the Sunbrella material on the slip cover Four Seasons sofa we got at Furniture Land South.  The alcohol mostly took it right off.  I stuck some dawn on it, threw it in the washing machine and it was all new again! 

We went to a neighbor's house for Brunch with Santa on Sunday midday and it was so cute!  

She told this Santa and Mrs. Claus that she wanted a blue clock.  Santa better deliver on this blue clock thing yall!

During her nap I made a couple of dinners for the week (chili and stuffed shells) and did laundry.  After her nap, we built the ginger bread house that Nannie and Poppa sent.  She had a field day with that and just loved putting that together...and eating the icing!

We had a busy but very fun weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow with things we have gotten for Molly Anne for Christmas!