Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Easter Baskets and Bookshelves!

I had this ah ha moment last night and was like DUH, you need to order Grady an Easter basket!  He was born last May 9th right after Easter and since I didn't know if he was a boy or girl, I didn't order him one!  

So, I hopped on my computer and grabbed one because it's on sale right now with free shipping and they always sell out.  So if you need one, grab it now.  Molly Anne has this one in size Large and I got Grady this one in size Large.  These will be their Easter baskets foreverrrrrr so I like that they're timeless and not too baby-fied!  

I got the gingham liner (pink for MA and navy for G) and Christine always monograms them.  She does a better job than PBK and 'Molly Anne' is too many characters for PBK monogramming.  And I want Grady's name to match Molly Anne's exactly! ;)  

Would ya look at Baby Molly Anne?!  Yall think Grady will fit in his basket this year?  I better order him the biggest one that has ever existed!!!

Oh my - bookshelves!  Look, I'm no designer.  My goodness, I work in the construction world.  But, I know what I like and don't like.  After you build your own house, you will too, ha!  

They've sat for the last year not done and a humbled jumbled mess but over Christmas it was a big thing that I really wanted to get finished!  Mom and I went to a couple of local shops in Charlotte - Creative by Nature in Blakeney and Charlotte's in Myers Park - and picked out a few new things.

We also used to have four shelves and we messed with those and ended up taking one out.  The spacing is a little odd because we are somewhat restricted with the speakers but we made it work.  

So, here are the before and afters!



The top left piece is one of my new things and it has a gorgeous, huge boxwood ball in it!  The Mallard duck brings back the Maryland roots.  I love love love the picture of Kevin and Molly Anne out on my brother's boat a couple of years ago.  I'd like to get a clear holder for the gray and gold tray instead of the black one.

The silver piece on the bottom against the back of the bookshelf is our marriage invitation engraved.  A special gift from my Matron of Honor!

The silver tray was a wedding gift!

Lots of special items in this picture and so many to name.  

A huge improvement right?!  They'll always be a work in progress as I see things out and about that I like.  Or something that means a lot to us that will go up there.  That's one of the beauties of your home never being completely finished right?!  Someday maybe we'll put some pretty blue grasscloth wallpaper up there but that's pretty committal and makes me semi-nervous!  But what a statement that would make!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Zellas are my favorite workout pants of all time.  When I saw these 50% off and under $30 I was like DONE!  I can't wait for them to arrive.  Super fun right?!  They come in two colors!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Low Key Weekend

Our weekend was low key.  This is what it mostly looked like.  We did take the gal that works with Kevin and her husband out to Porters House for dinner on Saturday night but that was it.  Molly Anne and Grady didn't leave the house since school on Friday until this morning!  That's what I call a relaxing weekend.  

I secretly love when this happens!  Although we don't make it a habit!

Don't let this picture fool you.  He did this for 0.2 seconds and didn't even tip it back enough to get any milk out.  This boy wants his Mama to do everything for him and yes I realize I'm creating a not great husband in 30 years.  But right now, I think it's just fine! ;)

Molly Anne modeling her swan slippers that her babysitter Jacquie surprised her with!  The sweetest!

We made cupcakes yesterday and Molly Anne loved doing that.  I don't do things like that often enough with her so we will have to start doing fun things like this.  We do lots of crafts and puzzles and playing but not any cooking.  Evidently she is old enough to start doing this!

The weekend ended at Urgent Care with Grady.  He has croup.  Again.  Poor boy.  I heard one little iota of it and took him out of the bed and we went to get the steroid.  I'm a little jumpy about it for sure but if you have heard your baby not breathe well, you would be too!  He hasn't had a fever or anything like that so it's his usual croup that noone will get.  My children are croup professionals, gah!  I can't wait for Grady to grow out of it like I think Molly Anne has.  The way they are made their airway is not fully developed and it makes them really susceptible.  Any little inkling of a cold turns into croup for him.  Poor buddy!

Chat soon friends!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Life Lately

This post is full of what we've been up to lately.  It hasn't been a whole lot but we've been outside a ton thanks to 60+ degree days in North Carolina!  

Molly Anne and I have been doing our loop around the hood every weekend and I'm not sure who enjoys this more!  

If it's nice outside after school, we all go out and get some sunshine in our lives!  

On our runs, we stop at the neighborhood playground because duh!  She taught Grady how to go down the slide this time! ;)

Such a stud in the shirt my friend Regina and her family gave him for Christmas!

Matchy matchy in their adorable pajamas from TBBC!  There are not cuter, softer or sweeter pajamas than these!

Real life right here! 

This past Sunday I took them to our old neighborhood playground with a picnic lunch and we went to town playing!  They have a bucket swing in our old hood so that's why we went there!  (Grady's playsuit is Little English)

Sweet siblings looking at each other.  Molly Anne is SO good with Grady!

I just love this picture of Molly Anne!  Also, she put together this outfit all by herself!  Lilly dress and Luigi Pants via Shutterbugs Boutique

And Sarah's girls came to play too!  Grady is like whattttttt, I'm surrounded by girls!

The babies!  Grady wears larger clothes than Elizabeth who is 18 months and perfect.  

Molly Anne earned a reward for her reward chart and she chose to go get yogurt at TCBY so we did that after school on Monday before I picked Grady up.  It was good mama/daughter time.  And obviously her Nannie taught her to do this.  Something we would NEVER do with good manners! ;)

Last Saturday night we went to a neighbor's house after cocktails and apps at 131 Main.  Justin and Melissa had the most amazing spread! 

It was an Italian feast!  

The 10 of us had a blast at their beautiful home with the nicest friends!

Golf cart ride home with Hilary and Drew!  

My friend's sister wrote this book and we got it this week.  It's adorable, highly recommend!

Both of my nieces and Molly Anne wore these pajamas.  Emily and I were discussing a couple of nights ago what ages they each wore them.  Grady and Sarah win for earliest!  

Wednesday night was bunco and Ashley hosted.  How amazing is this charcuterie board?!

Sweet friends!

That's all I've got for now, haha!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Valentines Teacher Gifts

Get ready for more excitement that is EASY.  Do you all do teacher gifts for Valentine's Day?  I usually do something very little!

I bought these soaps and these kitchen towels a couple of weeks ago.  Since I have 4 teachers to buy for (two main and two afternoon ones), I'll split the four towels up and give each teacher one towel and a soap.  I'll wrap them up in a pretty bag with fun ribbon and it's such a nice gift (and pink and red!).  Happy Love Day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Grady is Eight Months!

Grady is 8 months.  For some reason when January started, I looked ahead and saw May 9th so closely.  

I don't mind him getting older because that's all part of it but I have savored this baby stage with Grady SO much more than I ever did with Molly Anne.  Probably because I know this is our last.  Probably because he's a boy and loves his Mama.  Probably because he's the sweetest thing on earth.  Probably because I know how quickly they get older.  Probably because I know this baby stage is FAST!  I'm soaking up every minute.  

The other night at 2am he was up tossing around and yall, I went against my religion and went in there and just rocked that boy!  You guys know how crazy I am about sleep.  He didn't need me, at all.  But I told myself he did so I could go in there and rock him for 15 minutes.  GASP!  I loved it.  I knew the next night it would bite me but it didn't.  He didn't get up so I felt like it was an overall WIN!  ;)

Okay here is what's up with Grady boy!  I know I should have taken these pictures when it was light outside but I've been busy at work and yeah, I'm just happy to have them done! ;)

1.  Probably over 23 pounds.  Popping out of 18m rompers and playsuits.  Wearing 18m shirts and pants but he only has a couple of each because I want to keep this boy in a romper for his entire life.  Not really but I feel like it's the only baby part of him because he's so big.  Do you all see what having a boy has done to me?  I was never like this with Molly Anne!  She always wanted to be a big girl though.  

2.  A couple of weeks ago I took away an ounce of his bottles in the morning and night so now he has 8 ounce bottles four times a day.  7am, 11am, 3pm and 6:30pm.  And three meals a day.  Yes, I spend my time feeding Grady.  He's eating all of the things now.  He still has a little trouble swallowing and one time Molly Anne choked so I'm somewhat scarred from that.  We are still on the mostly pureed train and in the next month or so may try to do smaller things.  I think the reflux isn't doing him any favors in this department.  Yes, still on prevacid for that too.  

3.  Sleep - three naps still.  Morning around 9:00 - 11:00, afternoon 12:45/1 - 3:00 and cat nap 4/4:15 until 4:45/5pm.  Bath/Bottle/Book 6:15pm and bed no later than 7:00pm.  He should be able to start making it and not having that cat nap.  I'd say about 5 days a week he still takes it though.

4.  He has officially found his voice including that squealing phase!

5.  He's definitely very low key and probably takes after Kevin thankfully.  I think Molly Anne and I are enough for our household on the louder, crazier, busier side!  He basically lives in Molly Anne's world and is along for the ride!  On Monday on our way home, we had just picked up Grady and I asked her if she thinks Grady will talk as much as she and I do.  She said, "hmmmm I don't know!"  It was cute.  No one can possibly talk more than Molly Anne and I do in the car...that's where she has learned SO much!  

6.  He is still going to physical therapy to work on his strength for rolling over, sitting up etc.  This boy still hasn't rolled over!  But ya know 23+ pounds is a lot to move.  And why would he roll over when he knows I'll do it for him?  ;)  But seriously, they do think he still needs a little extra boost of help so we will continue to go until he graduates.  

7.  We did the holiday Music Together class in December and he loved that!  I feel so fortunate to be able to do this with him even being a working mama.  

8.  This month he started sitting up pretty well.  I still put something soft behind him in case he tips but he will sit there and play with a toy now and he loves that.  My neighbor is letting me borrow her bath seat and Grady loves sitting in that.  It's nice because I can give them both a bath at the same time now!  

9.  He giggles and giggles when you tickle him!

10.  He LOVES Mills and Mills loves him.  He laughs at Mills all of the time and Mills likes to go in his room at all hours to see what he's up to.  

I asked Molly Anne to help me with Grady's pictures (which I always do) and her response was, "sure mama and maybe we can take my 3.5 year old pictures afterwards!"  My goodness, she doesn't miss a thing!  Below is her 8 month old picture and her update is here!