Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  I get two magazines - Coastal Living and Southern Living.  These pies...!!!  I will be a strawberry eating machine come July when I can eat sugary fruit again!  I'm missing them so much!

2.  My buddy and I still enjoy our after dinner walks.  It's been nice being home all week and cooking dinner then playing outside with him.  I've even cooked dinner 5 nights in a row. Honestly I don't think that's ever happened with me traveling the past 10 years. Crazy!  But I love it!

3.  This is how Fin feels about sharing chuck it balls with his new brother Gill.  Hahaha it cracks me up my brother or SIL captured this!

4.  Hmm. 

5.  Mills was not happy with me the other night when I chased him around our room trying to cut a knot out of his tail.  Thankfully Camp has finally hired a groomer and the crazy man is there today getting his summer 'do!  When I turned on the street this morning, Mills was literally in the front seat.  He's crazy about his Camp!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 34 Pregnancy Journal

How far along?  34 weeks, due July 3rd!

Size of Baby: Cantaloupe - 18" long and 4 3/4 pounds.  Whoa. 

Gender: I have no idea!  Everyone keeps saying boy because I haven't gotten wide but some days I feel like this child is a red headed girl based on how I feel! ;)

Weight Gain: Basically I weigh less now than when I got pregnant.  I won't complain.  The baby is taking all I've got!  The doc isn't worried so I'm not worried!  

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity shorts and white jeans.  Otherwise, regular clothes.

Nursery:  Kevin hung the painting this week.  We set up the monitor as well.  Here are some pictures.  We still have to find one more thing to hang above the chest of drawers, get an ottoman and Dad will be bringing us a bookcase that he is making for the baby (this won't be until July when they come down for the birth)!  I just think it's super cool that he is making it for us!

This ginormous golden retriever stuffed animal cracks me up.  I had to have it.  Obviously it'll be put somewhere else in the room when the baby arrives but it's so cute in the crib for now!   Mills thinks it's his new best friend haha!

We plan to add coral accents to the nursery if it's a girl or kelly green accents if it's a boy.  That will give the room a lil zip to it!

Movement: All the time!

Symptoms:  Ohhh the usual.  Ribs.  And gestational diabetes is basically ruling my life.  I never ate so often in my life before now!  Hey, whatever it takes!

Sleep: Well I quit taking benadryl this past week but then I haven't been sleeping.  I've been worried about work and my fasting number for my blood sugar.  I think tonight I'll try benadryl again.  Doc says I can take it with no worries so I will.  

Cravings:  I have started a list of foods that I will eat in the week after this baby is born!  

What I Miss:  Nothing really.  I kinda feel like I may be in the home stretch!

Best Moment This Week:  Having some time to get back to myself this past weekend and get a routine back together.  And Kevin and I hung in the nursery getting a few things done the other night - that was nice.  

Looking Forward to:  My doctor's appointment tomorrow!  I like the reassurance that all is well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Master Bathroom Renovation

Welcome to what used to be the worst room in our home!  From Day 1 of seeing our home, we knew we were going to redo the master bathroom.  It just took us 2.5 years to finally decide on exactly what we wanted.  Plus we had been doing lots of other projects that were more necessary.  This was a big project!

Here are some before pictures:

The pink tile - ahh!!!  Brass and silver faucets.  Handicap bars everywhere.  Brass and silver lighting.  

This is my little area right outside the bathroom.  We went back and forth about what to do with this space but ultimately decided to make the counter, mirror and lighting match the bath and then we will change the flooring of this to be what we use in the bedroom because there isn't a door between this area and the bedroom.  

A few progress pictures...

AND the grand finale, which may I add looks a lot better in person!

Kevin's area in the bathroom (they've since put the covers on the electrical outlets and speakers back in.  We replaced the lighting, mirror and faucet and installed a new carrara marble countertop.  Left the same cabinets.  Still need to get chrome knobs. 

We painted the it Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  We love that color so much in the baby's room.  The trim is SW Creamy High Gloss.  Ceiling is ceiling white.  

Knobs have been put back on.

My area we decided on the two light fixtures.  Replaced the countertop, new sink and faucet.  We went with the Delta Linden collection for the faucet for my area and the Delta Foundation collection for Kevin's.  Just our individual preference but since they don't sit right next to each other, it was no big deal.  New mirror as well.  

As you can see, we knocked that half wall down between the tub and shower and it really opened it up!  We also moved plumbing from that half wall to the back wall.  

The tile guy was super fancy and he studied in Italy.  Let's just say, he knew exactly what he was doing.  He was excellent.  

The herringbone shower floor is my favorite part and I'm glad we splurged on that.  I like the little corner notch which you can prop your foot on to shave.  When we knocked down the wall,  we had them install the shower wall over a bit so it created a shelf for shampoo etc.  Details!  There is not a window in the's a reflection.

You can see that we removed the tile on the face of the tub and added wood paneling to update it.  We do like the Jacuzzi tub even though only our nieces have taken a bubble bath in there.  The flooring are 18x18 tiles.  Large tiles for a decently large space.  They are so pretty and work perfectly with the 9x14 tiles used in the shower.  The floor tiles are honed so they aren't slippery.

We decided for now to keep the window though we do have plans to remove it and put a regular window with plantation shutters to match the rest of the house.  That'll probably be a project for the fall.  It's a custom size window so it was a long lead item.  We just decided to bag it for now and deal with it later.  The tub faucet was also replaced and all the grab bars were removed.

Ohhhh it's so nice to have a real bathroom again!

It took almost 4 weeks for this project to be done but it was so worth it!  We are thrilled with the final product!  Our next big house projects....redoing hardwoods, adding hardwoods in our room and the hallway, maybe a new stove, maybe a pool, maybe a patio, maybe a two car garage.....!!!  It's fun making this place our own!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New China Cabinet

A month ago we got a new to us china cabinet!  My friend Katie spotted it on one of the Mom's facebook groups in Charlotte and told me about it right away.  She remembered I've been looking for the perfect one for 2.5 years!  I can't thank her enough for finding this gem!

It's perfect for our room.  Mom and I got it all cleaned up and placed everything in there.  I'm so happy with how it turned out and now I don't have china on our upstairs floor covered in beach towels haha!

Things are finally coming together in the dining room!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend - Very Necessary

We had a good weekend and I hope you all did too!  

I'm supposed to be in Vegas for the annual commercial real estate conference.  It was actually really refreshing to not get on a plane yesterday as I usually would.  I'll miss being there with all of my work friends but I honestly think it would have been a lot for me to get on another long flight and be in Vegas for hot, busy and long days. So it was the right decision to not go. 

Friday night I poured about 5 sips of white wine and walked over to my friend Sarah's house while Kevin and Mills played out back.  I drank about 3 sips of the wine while socializing then walked back and poured the rest out ha!  I'm so paranoid but a lil taste really does taste good. 

Later that night we went up to Hawthornes for pizza and wings. Or in my case - salad and meatball sub with no bread.  Ha!

We got this pics of my brother's dogs. Seriously could they be cuter?

Saturday AM I went to flywheel, the farmers market then picked up mills and we visited Kevin's office.  Then I was able to shower in our new shower. I can't wait to post before and after pics of our bathroom!!!  

I picked up some things from trader joes on Friday that I could have as snacks for my new gest diabetes eating routine. 

And my friend Maran told me to get these and they are so good!!!

Later that afternoon I went with Sarah and Gigi to Camille's first birthday party!  It was a gorgeous afternoon for a party!

Of course April had outdone herself!

Camille was adorable!  

It was bubble themed!

Pure love right there!!!

I got to hang with sweet Gigi and also Kristen and her little boy Freddy!  Too cute!

I got home and Kevin and I zipped down to our friends new home they are building!  It's gorgeous!!

After dinner at 521 BBQ, we chilled on the couch that night.  Well, mills did!

Sunday morning = breakfast taco.  Something that works for my blood sugar every time. 

We went to the outlets then came back and went to our neighborhood pool for a bit. Then we played out back while Kevin grilled dinner. Mills became a muddy disaster so I cleaned him up while Kevin cleaned up dinner. 

He ran around like a wild man haha then played possum on the porch!  

We needed this weekend desperately. I finally feel like I'm somewhat back to normal. The past 6 weeks have been way too busy.  Now I need to not feel like I have to see everyone I know before July 3.  Everyone wants to get together before the baby comes and that just ain't gonna happen. The thought of going going going more does not sound appealing.  I have done that for 33 weeks and I'm not anymore.  I know, I'm a terrible person. Ha!  But I'm going to hang with Kevin and Mills and be selfish! ;)

Happy Monday!