Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Is everyone ready for turkey and celebrating with family?

We are staying in town this year and hanging with my in laws instead of going to Pawleys.  It will be fun.  We may do a turkey trot tomorrow morning or just walk in our own neighborhood.  We'll see. 

On Black Friday this will be the first time in years that I've been in Charlotte so I plan on taking Molly Anne and we are going to go shop!  Gotta get her started early on our family traditions!  Mom and I were laughing the other day reminiscing of when we used to go back to my condo to Dad and Kevin with gobs of bags from shopping on Black Friday!  We love doing that together!  So Molly Anne and I are going to go do a few things that morning before nap time.  I told Mom she should fly down for the day to do it with us haha!

Honestly, my whole Christmas list is finished except for Kevin, Molly Anne and buying two hostess gifts and I know what I'm going to do for those.  I have some ideas for Kevin and Molly Anne but I always end up doing them last for some reason!  

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend being with family or friends!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday List To Do

Do any of you all do A LOT on Sundays?  I have to do things on Sunday so I can survive the work week!  Maybe some of you stay at home Moms do the same thing so you have an easier week too?  I thought it may be fun to share a little list of stuff I do to make my week easier.  Please comment about what you do to make life easier!  

1.  I meal plan on Saturday and order groceries for pick up on Sunday.

2.  Meal prep on Sunday for the week.  I usually do this during nap time.  I rinse and chop everything.  I put things together as best as I can so I can throw stuff together quickly after work.

3.  I take all the trash out and empty Molly Anne's diaper genie.

4.  I give her a manicure and pedicure every Sunday and she knows it's coming every time!  She thinks it's fun.

5.  I do all of our laundry including towels.  I rarely do laundry during the week unless it's a little load.  

6.  I vacuum or run around with my dust buster at least.

7.  I refill toilet paper, tissues, diapers and wipes, dog food.  

8.  I look at my calendar for the week and make sure I know what's going on and fill Kevin in. 

9.  I get everything packed for me for Monday morning - any dry cleaning I need to take, any things I need to return at the mall, any boxes to mail back etc.  I have to have my act together to get out the door early every morning.  

10.  I used to lay out all of Molly Anne's outfits for the week but I've quit doing that unless I won't be there the next morning.  

Okay, please share your ways!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekend - Birthday, Independence Fund, Decorations

Friday morning cuddles.  She loves hanging on his bed doing her numbers games.  I loved that Mills went and laid right by her with his head on his bed.  I mean seriously!!!!  

Friday was my birthday.  We went out to 131 Main for dinner and our little queenie was mostly on her best behavior.  The 5:30pm reservation was for sure necessary and when she wasn't trying to stand in the booth, she was pretty good.  ;)  I told her that we didn't stand in booths so she didn't need to either!  Kevin had the filet which I tasted and it was so good and I had trout.  Miss Molly Anne had a grilled cheese!  Kevin and Molly Anne gave me a car wash...the new car and new house were my gifts this year and the house probably for the next 30!  

Saturday morning soccer.  Every time she went to score a goal she held her right hand behind her back.  It was so cute!  One more soccer session is left for the season!  

And also every time after she scored, she ran over to me and said, "Mamaaaaa, I did it!!!!"  She was so proud of herself!  

After soccer, we headed over to the house so Kevin and I could decide on some things.  This is how we have to do the house stuff when we have her.  It's still really not a safe place to be so I put her in the stroller and gave her my iPad.  Desperate times but it worked and we got stuff done!  

She wanted us all to lay on her floor and cover up with one of her blankets (including baby bunny and big bunny).  Then she wanted a picture of us!

Saturday afternoon we went to the celebration of Independence Fund's 10th anniversary of giving back to veterans, at Hunter Farm in Weddington.  It was a wonderful family event put on my dear friend Sarah.  She does so much for the veteran community and we are thankful for her and what she does! 

Molly Anne standing for the National Anthem with her little hand over her heart.  The way it should be!  Teach them young.  She stood there perfectly the whole song and didn't even try to run around.  I WAS SO PROUD!

Then she danced to Josh Gracin (American Idol) for awhile!  She loved it!  Not shy, haha!

And eat ice cream while watching him!

Molly Anne and I were first in line to meet Josh.  Such a nice guy who has served in the military as well!  

My friend Kate sent me this picture of Kevin and Molly Anne that she took.  She said it was the sweetest moment and I love that she captured it!

That night, Ashlyn came over to watch Molly Anne and we went out with some friends that we met a long time ago where we used to live!  It's like time never has passed when we hang with David and Jenn!  We love them and could have stayed all night talking!  Yes, the baked potatoes at Firebirds are amazing!  

Sunday morning, Molly Anne woke up wanting to do puzzles that second.  She did the one that her feet are on all by herself!  

I went over to the house Sunday morning for a couple hours to organize light fixtures, faucets and other stuff.  My friend Margot stopped over to check it out too which was super sweet!  

After nap, Molly Anne and I put up some Christmas decorations and she LOVED it.  In fact, this morning the first thing she said when I got her out of bed was, "where are my Christmas trees?"  So I was a little hesitant to put many Christmas decorations up because I hope we are taking them down before Christmas so we can move but who knows.  We may go full steam ahead with decorations just so she can enjoy the season?!  I turned the lights on this morning and she said, "It's so magical!"  So yeah, we'll probably get a tree and then move it or something.  Or maybe we'll use our 3' fake Target tree.  I have no idea.  

Last night my buddy jumped right up on the couch and laid with me.  He's soooooo sweet!

Here's to a short week!

Friday, November 17, 2017

House Update - Granite!

I know I usually don't share house updates on a Friday but yesterday was so exciting with all the granite being installed! 

The truck arrived and got stuck in the mud!  

They had to get a tow truck to pull it out!

Everything they installed is gorgeous!!!  We love the quartzite in the kitchen.  It looks pretty gray in these pictures but it's really not.  It's hard to describe.  Pictures just don't do it justice!  

It's not centered on the sink in this picture.  

The bar...

The sink in the bar!  Hammered Nickel.

Guest bath

I'm not sure what marble this was a remnant from the fabricator's shop.  

Shower door also got installed yesterday.  Grout still needs to happen on the floor and most of the shower.

Laundry room - carrara with a gray cabinet.  Yes.  

Molly Anne's jack and jill bathroom. 

Grout actually happened on Molly Anne's bathroom floor yesterday but I took these pictures before that!

Another guest bath.

My getting ready area...the sink is going to be ah-mazing!  It's a green tinted glass sink.  It's possibly one of my favorite parts of the house.  And a girly faucet of course!

Master bath!

That's all I've got today!  3 more loads of dirt were brought in yesterday, gutters were installed yesterday and wrapping up today.  Landscaper moving dirt today.  HVAC guys and plumbers there today.  Masons are building stairs.  Mudroom built in is almost finished.  Mantle and closets are next for the trim guys.  A lot happening! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

House Updates - Landscaping

This week was the big event of designing the landscaping in our yard!  We are keeping it pretty simple and classy.  Met our landscaper on site last Thursday and spent a couple of hours picking things out for each place.  Here are a few things we came up with...

Crepe Myrtle - one out front.

Little Gem - one of these out back. 

Hydrangea on the side of the house. 

Nelly Stevens Holly on the front corners of the house

Boxwoods or actually Compacta Holly's instead because they're more durable. 

This was our starter list of bushes and trees:

Crepe Myrtle
Bradford Pair
Small Magnolia tree (little gem)
Nelly Stevens Holly
Bloodgood maple tree
Rododendums bush 
Boxwood small leaves
Foster Holly - not as tall as Nelly Stevens
Leyland Cypress
Red tiped photinia
Aucuba (spotted laurel)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thoughts for Wednesday

It's been a busy week in the house world.  Every week here on out will be nuts.  Actually I don't know of a week that hasn't been busy with it.  What on earth will I do come January when we are finished and moved in?  I'll have so much time!  Oh wait, Kevin is having to move one of his offices so we will build the new one out.  Yeah that. By March.  

Been thinking about our Christmas card picture and I think we are going to get one done in front of the new house.  I hope this will start our Christmas cards being a reflection of any big events in our life that year.  We always did that growing up. I remember when my brother bought his first car, we stood in front of his red and white blazer.  I think this house has been our whole world in 2017 so it's only appropriate that we are in front of that. They just need to stain the front door, build the steps and hang our lanterns....maybe add landscaping.  And Mills needs to be groomed and Molly Anne will need a haircut. So maybe we will get these done in early December?!  

Molly Anne has been a hoot lately. She is so animated. We are working on manners still of course.  Yes ma'am, no sir, thank you, may I please etc.  Kevin talked to her about Santa a couple weeks ago and she says she doesn't want him to come.  But then she says she wants him to bring her a blue clock. Sooooo, I don't know. I doubt pictures on his lap are going to go well.  According to Becky, she knows how to use scissors well so I need to keep watch on scissors at home. We've had discussions about how scissors only cut paper, nothing else!  She is majorly into some puzzles.  She loves the frozen ones on my iPad which she has mastered but she loves these soft ones that are 24 pieces that my SIL and brother gave her for her birthday.  She can pretty much do one of those by herself now.  It's unreal.  

That's about all I've got today.  Tomorrow is all about landscaping for the house.  Soooo many details.  Sooooooo many. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dubose Pictures

How will we ever choose which ones to get printed?!  The ones we got done in Spring 2016 were beautifully printed and the most wonderful keepsakes that we will keep on passing down through our family.  Extra special!

Scroll all the way down for an extra funny comparison!  These photos are timeless yall!

Nannie and Mini Nannie!