Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dinner Swap

I barely have my act together today but here it goes.  I ended up getting on an earlier flight back from Nashville so I was able to go to our girl's night!

A few weeks ago, some of my friends decided to start a group text and have a night where we each make one meal but make it times 5!  That way, we all cook once but get to take 5 new meals home.  Well we decided that cooking everything in one night in one kitchen wasn't going to work so we made everything over the weekend and swapped last night!  Here's how it went down:

1.  All 6 of us decided which meal we would each make ahead of time to be sure we didn't have too many duplicates.
2.  On Sunday, we all got to work at our own homes and some of us made our meal times 6 so our own families would have the meal too.  
3.  On Monday for our big swap, we all had to bring five portions with each portion feeding 3-4 people.  
4.  We all showed up to Margot's home with our food in coolers and left with 5 new meals!  The one thing we did say was that they all had to be able to be frozen so that way no one had to eat them right away!

It was AMAZING to get to go home with food for the next couple of weeks.  It's getting us out of our usual meal rut and the best part is that everyone's meal is fast, nothing too time consuming!  

Here is what everyone made!

Kristen - BBQ Chicken Chili
April - Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies
Sarah - Meatballs in sauce with pasta
Lauren - Carolina Charm's Chicken Enchiladas
Margot - Crockpot Creamy Chicken Stew
Me - Shrimp Creole

We decided that we may have to do this every other month or so!  We'll see how it goes!  Now, go do this with your friends!  It was so fun!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Florida and Fall Festival

Last Thursday, Kevin and I flew to Florida still celebrate the life of my uncle on Friday morning. 

Molly Anne stayed in Charlotte with babysitters, Ms. Becky and my friends.  I learned that sometimes you gotta ask for help and lean on your mom village!  Couldn't live without them!  

Pretty sure Molly Anne wants to live with Sarah from now on after their big Friday night out!

Saturday morning Molly Anne had soccer!

Still very into Waldo!

Sunday I made meals for five families plus us.  So I cooked shrimp creole times 6!  Some of my friends are all swapping meals so you take one meal for each family and you receive one from each family!  Unfortunately I have to miss the official swap because I'll be in Nashville today but I already delivered mine and can't wait to hear about it!

Yesterday afternoon was our neighborhood fall festival.  Molly Anne painted a pumpkin, had a big popsicle, danced to the DJ's music and played!  

There were some cute zoo animals there!

They did a costume parade which my child couldn't participate in because she refused to wear her Elsa costume.

She was wild after that huge popsicle. Half of it was on her dress!

It was very fun!  Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Four on Friday

Molly Anne had her first cheeseburger on Wednesday night and she loved it!  It made me feel better that she went back for more hummus and applesauce after having some of the burger haha!

We got boo'd again with lots of adorable Fall goodies!  Thank you Emme!

Do any of you all collect Nora Fleming?  It's the plain white platters with a tiny hole in the side so you can put one of these minis in it and jazz your plate right up!  Mom sent me a new box this week because I had so many minis to store!

Earlier this week I was in Panama City for a quick 24 hours and our broker took us to all of the super cute beach towns on the Gulf - Rosemary, Seaside, Alys, Watercolor.  I came home and told Kevin where I want our family vacations to be once Molly Anne is older!  

You can walk to the end of this pier in Panama City Beach so we got to do that while we waited on our table.  

We had dinner at Hook'd!

Thankfully I got home early on Wednesday so that was a huge treat and gave me 4 extra hours at home which I REALLY needed!

That's it for today.  Talk soon friends.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

House Updates

First, thank you all SO much for the kind texts, emails, comments and calls!  I'm looking at it like part one of my week is over and part two is coming right up (thank you Margot for this way of thinking)!  

A few house updates!

Sink is in...

Crown molding, trim and baseboards is continuing!

Ceiling on the covered porch is in. This will be stained. 

Coffered ceilings in the family room and office happened this week. This will look so pretty when it's painted!

Office ceiling will be finished after the cabinets we are ordering today come in!

That's all I've got today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This Week

...I was up every two hours last night with Molly Anne. I think she has ear infections.  Kevin is taking her to the doc today while I'm gone.  She has never in her life gotten up that often so I know something is wrong. 
...I'm totally ignoring the house building process.  It's last on my list.  This may be the longest I've ever gone without a visit.  
...I want my child to stop getting croup but that likely won't happen until she turns 5.  
...I'm mentally exhausted. 
...I've been into some smoothies. 
...I sat in the airport parking deck this morning for an extended period of time, dreading walking in that place.  
...I am incredibly thankful for a good friend who is really, really helping me this week even though she has way more than enough going on herself.   
...I do not know what I'd do without Becky. 
...I'd like for my parents to live nearby.  
...I love my husband who is playing Daddy and bossman today while not feeling good.  

Trying to keep it together friends!  Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend - Frozen on Ice!

Well Thursday night at 10:15pm Croup happened again.  This is the 5th time!  Thankfully we had the wimpy medicine in our fridge for a "just in case" so we used that immediately to avoid a trip to the ER.  Her pediatrician said that if we ever have to use it, she still needs to come in the following day for a check.  We did that on Friday afternoon and they gave her the extra umph steriod to hopefully knock it.  A little yogurt was on tap that afternoon because she was such a good girl with the Doctor!

We had two objectives for the whole weekend and they were both on Saturday morning.  She didn't sleep well at all on Friday night but she said she still really wanted to go to Frozen on Ice.  Plus, she had been looking forward to it ALL week.  So, we bit the bullet and let her go.  It was the right decision.  And she got her haircut before the big event!  

She sat in the chair like a big girl this time and didn't even require distraction.  It was precious!  Val is the best!  She cuts my hair too!

We went over to my office which is across from the place Molly Anne got her hair cut and I surprised her by bringing out her Elsa costume for Halloween!  She thought Elsa was "sleeping until Halloween" so this was extra special!

We went uptown to the show and saw my friend from high school and her little girl Meridy right away!  

Of course she had to get the wand...the same one she got last year at Disney on Ice! ;)

Then her friend Gigi arrived and they were so excited for the show to begin!  Two little Elsas!

You can tell here that her eyes don't look so good but she was SO into the show and mesmerized!  

Waving to all of the characters!

When we were leaving she said, "thank you for my coming mama!"  It was sooooo sweet!

We got home and she took a 4 hour nap!  While she was napping, a babysitter came over and we went to a gender reveal party for our friends Alisha and Trey!


Saturday night Kevin had a bachelor party and I had an impromptu girls night in, after she was in bed.  She slept like a rock!  Sunday morning, Mills got his make up done and we were in pajamas until 3pm!  We finally took a walk and picked up dinner.  Easy easy Sunday.  

Sunday night she got Boo'd by her friend Gigi! 

She LOVED looking at everything this morning.  She kept saying WOWWWWW, WOOOOWWWWWWW!  It was adorable!

This is going to be one heck of a week.  I'll be in Florida every day but in different places, on different trips and with different people.  I'll also be in North Carolina every day.  Yeah...exciting.  Let it commence and get me to Saturday PLEASE!  

Friday, October 6, 2017

Five on Friday - Waldo, Bunco, DC and Veggies

Molly Anne has been so into Where's Waldo lately and she's really good at it!  It amazes me that she has the concentration to sit and look for him on each page!  I think I've mentioned it on here before but she wants to do the whole book every night.  I have one other book similar to Waldo and she has been loving that one too.  

I hosted my friends bunco on Wednesday night and made a meat/cheese tray, the cucumber salmon bites which no one ate because everyone ate the caramel apple dip!

Mills was on guard waiting for all of his girlfriends to arrive!

Flew to DC yesterday morning (yes I was up at 5am after hosting bunco the night before!) for a quick work trip.  They were having WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans arrive to tour DC!  Everyone was standing around the gate and clapping as each person got off the plane.  It was heartwarming and patriotic.  

One night earlier this week I made pancetta and shaved brussel sprouts.  Literally all you do is saute the diced pancetta then add the brussels.  SO good.  

We had it with butternut squash zig zags from Trader Joes and the cheese enchiladas from there.  I know it sounds like an odd combo but I don't care and let's be honest - Kevin wasn't eating either veggie.  He drinks his veggies these days! ....And, I was just glad to have dinner on the table! 

I know this isn't the best picture but my girl loves to stop and smell the flowers.  Perhaps a good reminder for us all?!

The same night, she closed her finger in the door.  This was the first time she would sit still and put ice on it.  Did you all have a little something that your Mom always gave you to put ice in and hold?  I had a little bear.  Earlier this year, Nannie gave her this bunny ice holder and she LOVED getting to hold that thing.  It was sweet! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I'm trying to stay afloat with lots of work travel coming up.