Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend in Maryland

Yes. We are still here visiting my parents and having so much fun!  The laundry, cooking and cleaning services are an A+ here and it’s been so nice not to worry about everything!  My parents got Molly Anne a ton of things to play with and do.  They always go wild but I guess spoiling their grandchildren is perfectly acceptable!  Mermaid outfit 

On Friday we blew up this huge pool and flamingo they had gotten!  Molly Anne was in heaven!  

Nannie read to her!  

Dad made us delicious gin and tonics Friday night!  He makes the BEST G&Ts!

Saturday morning an engineer and future engineer used “lil engineer blocks” and built a few things!

They named this guy Bill!

The sweetest!

Some of my parent’s friends came over on Saturday afternoon and early evening to meet Grady and see Molly Anne and then we ordered Chinese for dinner. 

Sunday morning!  Grady in an outfit my friend Lisa gave Molly Anne. He’s 9.5 weeks. 

Molly Anne in the same outfit at 12 weeks!  Look how young mills looks!  She gave him a white face over the years...he’s so golden when she was first born!

We took her to the church playground then walked to get ice cream at a new local place.  

We had more visitors yesterday after naps and Molly Anne had so much fun with them.  

Finished the weekend with a little braid! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Week

Who is shopping the Nordstrom sale this morning?  I was up feeding a certain someone at 3am when it wen live so I poked around and found a few things I may have to get.  One gift, maybe a pair of booties and probably some new athletic wear.  I’d like to find a new pair of shoes for a big trip Kevin and I have coming up.  Anyway, let me know what you find!

Here are some other random pictures of our time in Maryland with my parents so far!  We’ve had a pretty eventful week. Monday I wrote 16 thank you notes, Tuesday I took Grady to the pediatrician here for some concerns (he’s ok but we have some things to work on) and yesterday I got our Sequoia serviced and we went to the zoo.  Today we plan to go to the bike store so Molly Anne can pick out a couple extras for her bike!  That’s the brief synopsis haha but as you know with two littles, it’s been much more exciting than that! ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ocean City

On Sunday the weather was amazing so we decided to take advantage of a 70 degree day and head to the beach.  It's about 40 minutes from my parent's house. 

First stop was at Baja in West Ocean City!

Molly Anne loved this Frog Hopper.  I did not.  She has zero fear, it's unreal!  

Then we headed to the boardwalk and waited for the Trimpers Rides to open!

Grady's first time to the boardwalk!

She carried those Thrashers french fries like she owned the whole boardwalk!  

She and Poppa got into some trouble when I fed Grady and Mom hung with me.  First - Dumser's Ice Cream at 11am.  And it was her first cone ever.  

Then they went and played in the sand.  Molly Anne had sand all over her after this little escapade.  It was funny.  I'm not sure who had more fun doing this - Molly Anne or my Dad. 

She wanted to ride the big Ferris Wheel so we did much to my Mother's dismay haha!  I held onto her with a death grip!  We were the only ones on there!  

That's the one we rode!

The views were incredible on such a beautiful day!

Then we headed to ride some more rides!  She LOVES the Merry Mixer, we rode it twice!  Her giggles were adorable!  

Tilt-A-Whirl is the one Dad and I always have done together so this was extra fun to introduce it to Molly Anne!  She thought it was a blast!

This picture is the best!

One day Grady!

Second ice cream of the day just a couple hours later.  And why not just drink the end of it?! 

A big day for the little queenie!  She was asleep the second she got in the bed!  

It was a blast! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trip to Maryland

I had high intentions of flying to Maryland but the ticket prices were crazy high and since we have to buy two, it was hard to justify.  Yes I would have welcomed 2 hours of chaos versus the 11 I endured haha.  The drive takes 8 hours with no children. It took me 11 on Friday - just the three of us.  

I must say though, both children were soooo good.  Molly Anne was an angel due to getting to watch DVDs in the car the whole way (I’m not above it y’all!).  Grady slept the entire time minus one little crying episode in a work zone in NC and I couldn’t get off the interstate for 20 miles.  I made a bottle and turned half around and stuck it in his mouth and that worked.  It was thrilling.  

The bottles are what take the longest.  When we stopped it was a minimum of 30 minutes and that’s if Grady just drank his milk.  I still had to do the bathroom for Molly Anne, me and change Grady.  Oh and get food and gas.  

So we made three big stops - one in Durham at a Hilton.  This was our longest one but it was easy too.  Hotels are the place to stop on road trips with children.  Clean and no one around usually.  The other just east of Emporia, VA at a shop that has children’s toys and really sweet ladies that entertain your three year old while you give your 8 week old a bottle.  And our last was on the eastern shore of VA and that time we just sat in the car while I gave Grady milk.  

We went through a terrible storm in the VA Beach area.  I just pushed through and tried to get ahead of it.  Driving across the bridge tunnel complex in the middle of this was thrilling ha.  

I packed a ton of snacks and drinks for Molly Anne and I.  I put everything in the front seat so I could reach it while driving and hand it back to Molly Anne. I also put her in a pull up or we would have stopped every 5 minutes.  She got a couple new toys at the shop where we stopped including a new Water Wow.  The binoculars she picked out entertained her much more than I though they would.  

Moral of the story - I won’t be doing this drive again until after bottles are not in our world.   Well, after I get back home I won’t be doing it anymore.  

We got home (my parent’s house) around 6:45pm on Friday night. Of course my parents had gone overboard on everything. Dinner was ready, balloons on the mailbox for Molly Anne, a happy birthday sign out front, lots of new arts and crafts and all of her birthday gifts from them to play with.  

Her new bike was a huge highlight!

Even a cake with Mingo the flamingo on it!  Her favorite! 

Saturday morning bike riding!  She loved it!

That afternoon some neighbors came over to see her and brought a cupcake with candles so we could sing to her again!

She’s loves playing with my dollhouse!

More to come!