Monday, July 25, 2016

Bottle to Sippy Cup Transition

Next transition - bottle to sippy cup.  Oh boy. No more bottles. Yikes.  And I must admit, I was kinda sad about it!  I've looked forward to giving Molly Anne her bottles for a year and then bam, no more bottles! 

Her doctor told us at six months to give her a sippy cup of water with every meal starting then.  We have been doing this and Molly Anne loves her sippy cup.  I do think this is because we started so early. Thank you Dr. T!

We used this sippy cup as the first we gave her. It's by Nuby and comes with a nipple top and a spout top.  We've always just used the spout type top so she would get used to it. 

Then someone told me it wasn't a real sippy cup and she needed to drink out of a real one.  Ha!  So enter Tervis Tumblers or the toss and go.  Tervis ones are the fancy ones (that leak a lot if you turn them over - we have experience in this ha!) and toss and go are easy and practical.  

So this is how it went down:
First, we had already transitioned from formula to milk so Molly Anne had had 10 days of regular organic whole milk.  Her stomach was used to it.  

The week of July 5th, Ms. Becky started giving her a Toss and Go Cup full of milk (about 6-8 ounces, her bottles all used to be 7 ounces).  She gave it to her at about 11:30am (same time as her old day time bottle) and she'd drink about half before her lunch.  She was extra thirsty because she hadn't had anything in a couple of hours.  Then Becky gave her lunch and let her eat and she was extra thirsty again and then gave her the rest.  It got her used to drinking milk with her lunch!  Becky did it for that week and by the following week, she was finishing her milk with her lunch every day.

At this same time, she was still getting her morning and evening bottles of organic whole milk.  

I polled the MICIT girls on Facebook and half said take the other two bottles away one by one and half said go cold turkey!  I  waited until Molly Anne's pediatrician appointment on Friday, July 15th because I basically think her Doctor is the Queen and knows ALL.  Because she does.  I asked her opinion - she said it doesn't matter.  Oh did I mention that her Doc just wanted bottles gone by 15 months, unless she's obsessed with bottles then it gets taken away earlier.  Molly Anne is obsessed so guess what - bottles must be gone ASAP or it would just get harder.  I'm so mean.  Tough love y'all!!!

That Friday night after her horrible shots, she had her last bottle.  EVER.  Ahhhhhh.  Kevin and I had a couple drinks with dinner.  The drinks weren't on purpose (it was Friday for heavensake!) but I thankfully wasn't overly emotional about it.  I tried not to think about it all too much.  

Saturday morning - sippy cup of milk!!!  And why not just start the hard way - toss and go cup it was!  No need for the transitional cup she was used to.  I wanted Molly Anne to learn fast!  Plus, she had already proven she could drink a whole cup of milk out of it anyway (THANK YOU MS. BECKY!).  

I set it out a few minutes before I gave it to her to let it get a little more to room temp and let me be honest - it didn't go wonderfully.  She only had about 1/3 of a cup.  But y'all I was doing it wrong - I was still trying to have "this time" with her and give her her milk in the rocker in her room.  I needed to cool it and give her milk while she sat up like a big girl and with her breakfast!  This would be our new routine, whether I like it or not!  (Side note: on weekday mornings when she goes to Ms. Becky's I only give her 1/2 cup milk and a few cheerios.  Becky gives her the rest of the milk and breakfast)

Dinner was going to be tricky because a bottle is part of her bedtime routine and had been for a year!  It was gonna be on if this affected her sleep because Molly Anne needs her sleep (and so does her selfish mother!).  You can't say I'm not honest on here.  Anyway, guess what?  She had milk with her dinner and then I saved the rest for before bed.  And she slept regular!  And has every night since.  Now we just have an extra step of "brushing her teeth" after the milk and before bed.  Don't want her teeth to rot!

Then a few days later (by the middle of last week) we eliminated the couple ounces of milk at bedtime.  It really needs to just be with her dinner.  Our new routine is bath, brush teeth, book, bed.  And if she wants a water then that's fine.  So far, mostly so good.  

Real life - there was a lot of swatting the sippy cup away the first weekend.  A little bit of chaos when she thought she was getting a bottle and didn't.  But it really wasn't terrible and she is getting better every day.  It's only been 10 days but I think she knows that bottles are history.  They're upstairs to be put in the attic so she doesn't see them.  No more bottles!  

My best advice is make the transition, make it fast and hold yourself back from reverting back to bottles.  It'll be better in the long run.  

Random notes:
1.  Our doc suggested 20-24 ounces of milk a day but do what your doc says.
2.  I love Ms. Becky and MA's doc for their wealth of knowledge and for telling me I'm only borderline insane for counting ounces and being crazy about this whole thing.
3.  I'm thankful to have been in town and not traveling for work when all of this went on!

Whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!  Overall she did really well and I'm so thankful!  This was just our experience so you gotta do what works for you.  I'm no doc or professional so ask make your own decision!  

Friday, July 22, 2016

Seven on Friday - House, Fly, MA & Mills, Pillow

Hello friends.  So glad today is Friday!

1.  We are still working on house renderings, brick and stone selections and redesigning.  Always something changing.  Met with the builder and architect on Tuesday night so hopefully next Tuesday we'll have a good idea on what it'll look like.

2.  Got to a Flywheel class this week with one of my co-workers.  

3.  Mills had his annual physical yesterday and checked out mostly okay.  He was the most excited dog ever to be at the Doctor's office.  We are going to do a minor surgery in August to take off a couple cysts and test them for cancer (which isn't expected but better safe than sorry), clean his teeth and biopsy a growth on his gum.  I just get so worried about pure bred golden retrievers so we do get him checked pretty often for lumps etc.  He's our best friend!

4.  Molly Anne is very into books these days and that's a good thing because we are now reading at least three before bed in lieu of drinking milk.  Our new routine!

5.  Where did this blonde hair come from?  Oh, my Mom.  Ha.  Ready for swim class yesterday...

6.  I tried to get a picture of them like I did when she was an infant but she's too busy for that.  So I stuck her between Mills and the back of the couch...check out the comparison...Mills' face is much whiter and obviously she's a year older! 

July 2015 versus July 2016.

Loving books!

7.  I got Molly Anne a pillow for her crib because the Doc said she can have one starting at age one!  I doubt she'll use it, except to throw around but at least she'll have it if she wants it. It's so soft and cool for her! So sweet. 

Happy Weekend to everyone.  We have some big plans which we're really excited about!  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Typical Snacks and Meals for Molly Anne

I had a comment yesterday asking about what I give her for a snack so I thought it may be helpful if I just told you all some foods I give her in general!  But first, here are some typical snacks.  Honestly I get most of my ideas from Ms. Becky but I try to have some intelligence and think of things too, ha!

Snack happens in our house (or Ms. Becky's) after she wakes up from her afternoon nap so around 3:30 or 4pm.  Sometimes I'll cut some fruit or give her 10 raspberries and a cracker.  Or sometimes I'll give her bits of string cheese and a couple of Ritz crackers (they crumble easily) unlike wheat thins.  Tuesday I had a banana that had been frozen and mashed and she loves that as a cold treat (but it's just a banana).  Here are some of her favorites:

I usually would just give her 3 of these and then save the other 3 for another time.

She also likes goldfish, animal crackers and other snacky stuff.  Oh, I always give her a sippy cup of water with her snack.  Becky gives her a splash of Apple Juice in it but I'm not that nice!

Okay so meals...

Breakfast ideas - Mini frozen waffles with an egg.  An egg and a piece of sausage patty.  Eggos make mini pancakes so I keep some of those in our freezer.  Cheerios.  Oikos yogurt with fruit already mixed in.  Molly Anne like vanilla too.  Sometimes I'll just give her yogurt and an egg.  Girlfriend loves some eggs, can you tell?!  Oh and I also give her smashed avocado for breakfast.  She and I like the same breakfast stuff.

Lunch ideas - PB&J, grilled cheese, pimento cheese with a fruit on the side, cottage cheese, turkey lunch meat.  Generally I try to do a fruit, veggie and protein for lunch and dinner.  I try to stay away from a lot of carbs (don't we all?!) but she does have some.  

Dinner ideas - SteamFresh makes single frozen packets of certain veggies so we love those.  They also make a "Pasta and Peas" combo and on a night we have a babysitter, that's something easy for her to eat with a side of applesauce.  I also try to use fresh veggies but occasionally I do just buy frozen and either microwave or steam.  Overall for dinner, she eats what we eat.  The only time she doesn't is if we are having something spicy or salads.  On those nights, I'll do a concoction of something for her to eat with our same ingredients. Tuesday night we had Beanier and Creamier so I just gave her some of the beans and meat, some blackberries and peas.

Hope this helps!  I know I still need to do the bottle to sippy cup transition post!  I'm working on it but it may be next week!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fewer Bottles then Formula to Milk Transition

Not gonna lie, I was not looking forward to these transitions. But I knew I had to do it and the longer I waited, the worse it would be.

Fewer Bottles
I think around 9-10 months we reduced the number of bottles a day from four to three.  Her Doc had told us to keep a total of three a day because eventually those three bottles would transition for her to have milk with all three meals.  And she was right because we are to that point now!  More to come on that.  

The way we reduced from four bottles to three is this:
Molly Anne was getting bottles at wake up, 11:30, 3:30 and bedtime.  All we did was one day we decided to replace that 3:30pm bottle with a snack after she got up from her nap.  The 11:30 bottle we gave to her before we fed her lunch so we were sure she was getting proper nutrition.  Now, she just gets milk with her lunch (and every meal).  I'll explain more on that later.  But Doc was right - I'm glad we did it exactly the way we did.

Formula to Milk:
At 11 months we could move from formula to milk.  I decided to wait until after our Florida trip because I didn't want to chance any extra chaos from already sleeping in a hotel room together for the first time.  I also didn't want to deal with having to bring organic whole milk and taking it out to meals etc.  

So I waited for normal conditions and when we got home, we went cold turkey to organic whole milk.  In her usual bottles (didn't want to change milk and bottles at the same time).  She knew it tasted differently but after a day or two, she drank enough ounces that she was back to her 21 ish ounces per day. Ms. Becky told me to set the milk out for 15-20 minutes before I gave it to her so it'd get closer to room temperature.  That helped a lot because she was used to getting room temperature bottles.  I'm terrible but she has never had a warm bottle in her life.  Again, they only know what they know.  And MA doesn't know what a warm bottle tastes like. Somehow she has survived! ;)

So that transition happened pretty easily.  I took the last box of formula I bought from target back.  I only had bought it in case we had to mix formula and milk to get her used to milk but I didn't. It felt so good taking it back and saying, "we are finished with formula!!!" 

Next up - the bottle to sippy cup transition.  We are pretty much still in the midst of this.  She's finished...she hasn't seen a bottle since last Friday night but we are still working through our new schedule.  And I'm still working on cooling it with making sure she gets the exact number of ounces per day haha!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Special First Birthday Gift

My parents had told us a few weeks ago they had a special gift for Molly Anne's first birthday but that they would have to give it to us in person instead of shipping it.  When I was home last week they gave it to me to bring back to her.  

We got them on FaceTime one afternoon so they could watch Molly Anne open it.  

She knew it was extra special!

It was a white gold necklace!

I love this picture of her looking at it!  

It was hard to take these pictures and it looks tarnished but the lighting was terrible.

How adorable is that?!  The sweetest one year birthday gift for our girl.  She'll have it forever!

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being extra thoughtful.  She loves her PBK Anywhere Chair too!  Yall are too much!  xoxo

Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend - One Year Appt

Hope y'all had a nice weekend.  We kept things pretty low key and I'm so glad.  

Do any of you bloggers sometime question putting things in a blog post for your friends and family to read?!  I don't know....maybe I'm just going through another sinking spell of blogging.  Sometimes I feel like it's too convenient for your fam and friends.  Some days I wish I had a private blog and only my blog friends read it! 

On to the weekend....

Friday afternoon Molly Anne had her one year appointment.  I always schedule them for late in the day if she gets shots.  

The doc had warned me that this appointment was especially not fun (and she was right!).  Mom told me to get her a new little toy so I ordered a small jellycat puppy.  She loves babyduck so I knew she'd love this pup.  I gave it to her right before the nurse came in at the end of the appointment.  

She had three shots and a finger prick. Bless her little heart. Kevin and I had to hold her down and it was just awful seeing her so upset.  But.  The shots are good for her health so that's what I try to tell myself.  I updated her stats on this post!

It was nothing a little TCBY yogurt couldn't solve. ;) Special treat.  See, she wouldn't let go of that puppy's neck!  Good call, Mom!!

We did a simple dinner and hung around the house.  Watched a lil TV and played a bunch.  

We had a bad thunderstorm that night. See Mills' nose between her crib and bookshelf.  He always hides.  This was also during Molly Anne's last bottle ever.  More to come on this...!

Saturday we did nothing but play around the house until she was taking her afternoon nap.  Kevin and I did a bunch of yard work while she slept.  

Mills can't stand not to be close to her!

Got cleaned up and went to dinner with Brad and Shauna!  Brad gave Molly Anne fries and banana pudding. I'm not sure who loved it more haha!!  

Sunday - we went to brunch at Cantina and picked up groceries on our way home. I left during her afternoon nap and met up with Shauna at Buy Buy Baby to tell her what I thought were baby essentials.  It was fun!  Molly Anne didn't exactly nap but that's another story ha!   When I got home she and I went to the pool while Kevin grilled dinner.  

I chopped all the veggies for the week after queenie went to bed.  This helps me so much!  I think I'm ready for a full week ahead!  

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday - Hatley PJs, Frame, Catch Up

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday!  It's been quite a week but we plan to recoup this weekend!  

1.  Hatley Pajamas - I know some of you have asked about Molly Anne's cute pajamas and they are from Hatley!  Are they not adorable or what?  They're super soft and more cuddly than the Carters ones and I think they fit a little looser too.  Her feet get cold so that's why I still have her in these footed PJs.  And a zip up is essential in my opinion.  

Last week one of her new pairs I got in June got a hole in them and I emailed the Hatley customer service asking if that's typical.  They responded the same day and said no and to pick out any pair on the website and they'd send them to me.  No pictures needed.  No need to return the old one (in fact they told me to donate it!).  No questions.  How awesome is that?  I'll definitely be ordering from them again and I hope you all do too.  Good customer service like that is the best.  Thank you Hatley!  Check out how cute their PJs are...

2.  I think you all may remember that I had this watercolor done by a sweet gal in Charlotte.  I gave one to each of our Moms for Mother's Day.  My Mom had it framed at a cute shop in their gorgeous is this?!!  The picture of the picture doesn't do it justice but trust me, it's so well done.

3.  We are still working on brick for our new home.  I'm glad our floor plan is finally done.  We hope to break ground in August or September and it'll take around 10 months to build.  

4.  I'm so over the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I'm sure there are wonderful deals but holy cow, how many bloggers did they pay to talk about it constantly?  Also, I do not like fall clothes and would prefer to live in a Lilly sundress 24/7/365.  Who's with me?

5.  Next week I need to get back on the meal planning train.  I like to meal plan Friday or Saturday nights and pick up the groceries from Harris Teeter express lane the next day.  We eat healthier and cheaper if we do this but most weeks when I'm gone it's hard.  Next week I should be home most of the week so I'm getting motivated to get it done.  

Hope you all have a nice little weekend!