Friday, January 19, 2018


Yesterday we had round two of a snow day although we only played outside in the morning then I took Molly Anne to Ms. Becky's so I could get some things done.  She had so much fun playing with her friends!

Millsy found his perfect spot where he could watch us in our neighbors yard and see what was going on out front.  The windowsill is the right height to rest his hoover and his heavy ole head!

Yesterday afternoon I took the two of them out for a walk by myself.  Not my best idea but they had fun and I wrangled a two year old from sliding on ice and Mills from running everywhere.  

We went to dinner with Kevin's parents last night and then I was busy after bedtime disassembling a car seat and fixing it, doing my hair, unloading a big Target run and organizing things.  We had our hardwoods touched up yesterday afternoon so that was good to get done too.  

That's all I have for today.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our Snow Day

We had the best day yesterday and I’m so glad I was here for it.  I was supposed to go to Texas so I got up at 5am and watched the weather for an hour before deciding what to do.  Ultimately I decided I could get there but wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back and that ended up being a good decision because my flight back last night was canceled.  

The best part was that I got to be here for a special day with my girl!  We went out three times.  She got to have some hot chocolate after round one and that was a mistake because she wouldn’t nap at all but stayed in there for an hour and a half singing.  You’ll see the frown face picture below and that was when I took her crayons away because she was coloring on our counter.  She acts like that when she hasn’t slept.  

She loved the snow.  Mills loved the snow.  They loved playing together once Kevin came home from work and we could take them both out at the same time.  We played with our next door neighbors on their sled and had the best time.  And yes I need to get my child some actual snow gear.  I know.  It just never snows here like this.  We probably got 3-4”.  Anyway, here is picture overload!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Apps for Molly Anne

I had a request to post Molly Anne's favorite apps on my iPad!  These are the icons for each one!

The Frozen app in the top left corner is some puzzles that she loves.  

Her second favorite is probably the Endless 123 and there are lots of different Endless apps you can download but they aren't free.  She has numbers 1-25 and I really think it's helped her for the numbers over 10.  It's kind of expensive though but I justified it because I think they're a good teaching tool and will grow with her!

Then her third favorite are the Video Touch apps.  She has loved these since she was really little so these have really grown with her over time!  She used to like the Peakaboo apps probably when she was closer to age 1.  Thank you to my friend Rachel for suggesting both of these -- saved me on many plane rides!  

Tell me your favorite children's apps in the comments and maybe we can all get more ideas from each other!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Football Appetizers

Pepperoni Rolls

Full disclosure - this is an ex-boyfriend's recipe but it's a good one!

1.  Pepperoni Sticks (each stick makes 6 little sticks)
2.  Pillsbury Grand Biscuits - not the flaky ones - most packs have 4 or 8 biscuits but you need the same number of biscuits as you have little pepperoni sticks
3.  Spray butter

(this is what the pepperoni stick looks like)  

1.  Cut the pepperoni into 6 little sticks by slicing it vertically.  Each piece will be 4" long and about the size of a man's thumb.  Remove the paper off the outside of each stick.  
2.  Spray both sides of the biscuits and flatten out like you're making a mini pizza.
3.  Wrap pepperoni stick with biscuit and place on a pre-greased pan.  Be sure to place on the pan with the seam down.  
4.  Cook in pre-heated oven according to biscuit instructions.
5.  Cut each large piece into thirds.  

You can totally make these ahead and reheat. They are good cold as well! ;)


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Everyone has a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip don't you think?  This is one I got from a girl I played kickball with in 2008 and have used ever since.  It's too good.  

1.  Two blocks of cream cheese (I use low fat)
2.  16 ounce bottle of buffalo sauce 
3.  Chicken shredded from one rotisserie chicken or 1.5 pounds of shredded cooked chicken
4.  Bottle of ranch or blue cheese dressing
5.  Multi-grain scoops

1.  Spread cream cheese on the bottom of a 9x13 pan
2.  Pour the sauce onto the chicken and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.
3.  Put the chicken on top of the cream cheese.
4.  Pour a bottle of ranch or blue cheese dressing on top.
5.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  
6.  I serve with multi-grain scoops.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Visitors

On Thursday, Molly Anne had her 30 month well check and all was well! ;)  PS - she LOVES the app Endless Numbers.  

Friday afternoon, my bestest MOH came over (she lives in Raleigh).  Molly Anne LOVED playing her.  After she went to bed, Kelly and I went to grab Basil take out and we just chilled and caught up.  

She had to leave early the next morning and we already miss her!

Saturday morning Mr. Mills had a vet appointment just to be checked out.  He has some cysts that we wanted to be sure were just fatty and thankfully they are.  

After his appointment, I took Molly Anne to Modern to have her hair cut and she loved that.  Then we went to the car wash and her life was basically made.  Obsessed.

Mama, what's that?  Mama, what are they doing now?  Mama, there's your car?  Mama, what's that?

We got home and she took a nap while Kevin and I got ready for some of his high school friends to come over.  She played with her train for awhile after her nap.  She built this whole train track by herself, including the bridge part, I was so proud!  

I made Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pepperoni Rolls and sliders...boy food!  Maybe I'll post the dip and rolls recipe later this week.  Good football appetizers!

The guys made a fire and watched the game out on the porch and inside.  

We are going to live outside this Spring and Summer, I just know it.  I'm so glad we have this space!

On Sunday, Molly Anne and I went to get donuts for one of Kevin's friends who spent the night and for us.  And that was about the extent of what we did on Sunday.  

Well, we did get out the snap beads that we got for Molly Anne for Christmas.  She loved them and I'm sure Mills did too! ;)  The cookie sheet idea I saw on someone's blog (can't remember who) was the best idea!

This part human is a saint!

I couldn't find Mills to come to bed with me last night and of course he was in here.  Little rascal.  

Again this morning, he went right in her room and woke her up.  He's a mess!  

Hope everyone has a good week!