Monday, March 27, 2017

Sick Weekend

We really didn't do anything this weekend other than take care of Molly Anne.  She was better on Friday but then Saturday became super congested.  Saturday night she was up coughing all night.  Sunday night the same thing.  I took her back to the doctor this morning and her ears were clear which I was concerned about.  It's basically just how croup works - one day you're better and the next day not.  The steriod helps speed the breathing and barking cough along to a more productive cough which is what she has now.  She hasn't had a fever since Thursday so the steriod really did nip it in a bud.  Now we just get to deal with the lingering cough.  Overall you wouldn't really know she is sick except the runny nose and cough at night.

Doctor approved her going to Becky's so I came to work.  I hadn't been to my office in a week.  And we have a rough week in front of us.  Kevin is having sinus surgery tomorrow.  Oh did I mention, I have some sort of junk with a terribly sore throat and my ears are about to pop off?  I'm going to the doc in a little bit.  Ahhhhh!  We will get better.  Until then, trying to rest a lot and drink a lot of water!  Exciting times here.  Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, March 24, 2017


This week I was in Idaho for a few days.  I flew out there early Tuesday morning and landed in Boise around 1pm.  We jumped in the car with our client and drove the market for awhile.  Later that evening I got to go meet up with my cousin at their club to have dinner and catch up!  We went back to their house and chit chatted.  I didn't get back to my hotel room until almost 11:30pm.  We have such a small family that when we are anywhere close to each other, we make the most of it!  

Wednesday morning we got on the road and drove across southern Idaho and looked at markets for almost 11 hours!  So productive and we saw so much!

I loved getting pictures from Ms. Becky this week.  She is always so sweet to send them when I'm out of town.  I figured you all would prefer to see these versus pictures of Idaho from a window haha.

We ended up in Idaho Falls for Wednesday night and had a delicious dinner of Idaho trout and an Idaho baked potato and salad. The Jack Daniels tasted good too! ;)

Yesterday we had a wrap up meeting then flew home.  I stopped in SLC to meet with our brokers then I landed about 11pm last night and got home shortly before midnight.  It was a great trip and I really haven't laughed as hard as I did in a long time.  We had fun.  

On the flight home, I sat with a Panthers coach and we talked for the longest time.  He was sweet enough to let me take a picture of his Superbowl ring from last year.  

Billy Dee Williams was also sitting near by.  He's the star wars guy.  I didn't know who he was until my Panthers friend told me and when I texted Kevin to tell him, he was like please get a picture ha!  

I returned to a little baby who has croup again.  Thankfully Ms. Becky caught it early.  She had been fine all day, no symptoms and when she woke up from her nap yesterday, she had that seal cough and a fever of 102.  That's how quickly croup comes on!  Kevin picked her up and took her to urgent care where she got the steriod medicine again.  That stuff really works and it's pretty much essential with croup.  She had a pretty decent night with no big episodes so today we are low key and just hanging out at home.  I will be taking a nap when she does this afternoon.  I'm toast!  

These two are so sweet together!  Mills knows she doesn't feel good.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

House Update - Another Tile Store

A few weeks ago I visited Daltile and met with a lovely lady named Jeannie!  This is what we picked out:

Master bedroom - this marble.  It's really pretty.  She drew out a neat design with how to use this combo for our bathroom.  It is darker than our current bathroom which drives me nuts with how much dust it shows!

Guest bath upstairs - above the soaking tub - Subway tile with one band of gray subways laid vertically.  And the large tile for the floor.  

Laundry room floor - these are actually a lot like bricks but evidently they clean up really well and are durable.  

Guest bath downstairs.  Honeycomb marble shower floor, oversized marble subway walls and the gray tile floors which are below the honeycomb.  

Molly Anne's bathroom will be the same as what I keep showing you all - all honeycomb all white floor (2"), above the tub will be white squares to halfway up and then white subway above that.  See below is what I'm thinking for behind her faucets....I LOVE these scallops and found the perfect turquoise for hers!  

So we have three different store's options for each bathroom except Molly Anne's is pretty much the same.  In the kitchen we are probably doing a beveled subway and keeping it pretty basic so we don't get tired of it.  It's almost 30 linear feet of tile so it's a lot and we don't want it to overpower the room.  Butler's pantry we will most likely do something pretty fun!  Stay tuned!  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Molly Anne - isms

Molly Anne has been doing so many fun things I thought it'd be fun to jot those down today!

1.  A couple weeks ago when she and I flew to Maryland, we were at the airport on the way back and a guy with a white beard walked into the boarding area and Molly Anne said, "ho ho hooooo!"  He reminded her of Santa evidently!  Well, we were on the plane first and when the guy walked on the plane, she yelled out, "Santa!!!!"  I told him I was sorry haha but he was a good sport and laughed!  

2.  Two weekends ago this little queenie took her diaper off during nap so she slept for over 3 hours with no diaper.

3.  I guess Kevin and I have been saying, "oh Molly Anne that was so nice" and "good girl" too much because now if she does something that she knows was good, she'll say, "so nice" afterwards or "good girl!"

4.  When we were in Maryland, she had a boot camp of manners training.  My Mom was on her about her manners and boy did it pay off.  Girlfriend is into saying Please and Thank You and she says both unprompted now!  She also will say Yes Ma'am or No Sir but you still have to tell her to say those.  And we're working on Yes instead of Yeah!  We'll see...she isn't going to be 100% perfect all of the time but we'll take 75% perfect! ;)  

5.  Last week in the car to Ms. Becky's, Kevin told me that she said, "I wuv you mills."  Mills wasn't with them but I guess she has heard us say it and was being extra sweet.  Speaking of, last week when I was in Utah, Kevin sent me a video of her saying, "I love you Mommy" in the bathtub and basically my heart crumbled into a million pieces.  I'd post it on my blog but I'm not really into sharing half naked pictures of my daughter on social media. ;)

6.  We were talking to my Dad through the Bluetooth in my car and he called and said "hey."  He didn't know Molly Anne was in the car but Molly Anne blurted out, "hi poppa" right after he said hey.  Meaning....she knew his voice and didn't have to see him on facetime to know who it was.  I was like AWESOME!   

7.  When anyone sneezes, she says, "bless you!"  It is so cute.

8.  She folds her hands before dinner when we say a prayer and then says A-men at the end.  Thank you Becky for this!  

9.  She repeats the last word of any sentence you say if she's near you.  Girlfriend likes to talk talk talk talk talk.  She didn't walk for a long time but she has made up for it in the talking department!  She'll say anything you tell her to say and she'll also say things you don't want her to say, ahhhh!

10.  She knows what is going on at all times.  She is very aware of where Mills is.  She knows what food and drink she does and does not like.  She will tell you, "No" if she doesn't want what you are offering her.  Yes, a little bit of sass is in her step!  Kevin is already preparing for the years to come! ;)  We pull into our new neighborhood and she immediately says, "house!"  I could go on and on.  This child does not miss a beat.  It's unreal.  

This stage will definitely keep you on your toes but it is SO FUN!  I keep saying that each phase is my favorite yet but this one really may be.  I love that she can communicate with us!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday Party Uptown

Well, it's Monday!  I love weekends.  Here's a wrap of ours....  

Friday we made these individual pizzas!

On these little crusts!  My friend Ashley used these when I visited her in January and I think they're perfect for easy pizzas on a Friday night.

After I put this one to bed and told her that Mama loved her she responded back with, "I wuv you!"  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh melt my heart.  

Saturday morning Kevin had a meeting with our accountant (ughhhhhh don't even get me started on what we owe this year!) so Molly Anne and I went to the mall to get her some new shoes for this Spring/Summer.  

She was not impressed with getting her foot measured but she got some mini Melissa jelly gold shoes.  They're super cute!  

After the mall I took her to Kevin's parent's house so they could watch her for the afternoon while Kevin and I went to a birthday party uptown.  We had some extra time before the party and there were lots of St. Patrick's Day celebrations going on so we pretended like we lived uptown again and joined the festivities!  First stop, Sip.  Second stop, Dandelion.  

Third stop, visiting our old stomping grounds.  

We LOVED living uptown but also love our little suburban life too! ;)  

We went over to Benjy's for his girl's birthday party.  Benjy's dog Murphy is sooo cute!  You know I love Goldens!  Murphy is just a puppy!

They grilled a bunch of wings and burgers and we all hung out.  It was fun!

We made it home in time to meet Kevin's parents with Molly Anne at our house so I could put her to bed.  I don't ever like missing putting her to bed especially when I have to miss it during the week when I travel.  

Sunday morning we chilled.  After her nap we went for a walk then came back and played with our backdoor neighbor girls.  They love Molly Anne.  They jumped over the fence and entertained her for a good 30 minutes!  So sweet!

Dinner Sunday night was salads from Zaxby's - have yall ever had them?  They're so good!  Kevin went and got them for us so we could eat at home.  

This morning Molly Anne was not thrilled about getting out of bed.  She's still sleeping an hour later because of the time change.  I kept trying to pick her up and she would just say, noooooo!

Back to the grind today!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Six on Friday - Lilly, Utah, Lights, Vertical!

I've been pretty out of commission this week.  So here I am on Friday playing catch up at my office and in our world at home!

Gifts with purchases this weekend for Lilly Pulitzer's birthday!  Be sure to visit my friends at the Charlotte store!  These gifts are great!

I went to Salt Lake on Tuesday for the day.  Well I left on a 6am flight and returned at 6am on Wednesday morning.  It was a LONG 24 hours.  After our meetings were finished and before we caught our midnight flight, we had time to kill.  We headed up the canyon to Park City.  The views are unreal.  Check out this waterfall! 

First stop was at Boneyard which is a cool little spot.  We had the best fontina cheese ever and Meiomi Pinot Noir is always a good idea!

Our brokers came up and met us then we went to Grub Steak Restaurant  for dinner and it was soooo good.  Each entree comes with a trip to the salad bar (always the best places have these!) and check out the steaks behind on the grill!

It was rustic and low key which was cool for a place that had amazing steaks.  We didn't have to be all dressed up or anything to be there.

The filet was huge and basically it was two of them in one!

Awkwardness 101 with our brokers.  We love these guys...they are so fun to hang out with and really make our trips to Utah much more exciting!  

Whenever we land in Charlotte at 5:45am I always tell Laura that we are never doing a red eye again (because at this point I had been up since 3:30am the day before so for 26 hours) but then when I get home and Molly Anne is still asleep it's all worth it.  I get to be there when she gets up!  

I got to sleep for a few hours that morning and I'm starting to get back in business with my regular sleeping habits today.  The time change last weekend plus only a few hours of sleep Monday, no sleep on Tuesday and traveling all of that way....I was a tired puppy!

Got this little family photo from Sarah that Lindsay Hart took at Mary Scott's birthday party!  That's funny because I'm wearing the same Lilly cardigan I was wearing in Utah and I hadn't worn it since this party ha!  The cool thing about this picture is Molly Anne's tongue sticking out but the other cool part is that our backyard is in the background of this picture!

I was really into these lights and we ordered them but I think I'm taking them back.  I was reading on a local Mom's facebook site that they're very difficult to keep clean.  And they're going to be the primary focus of our large room so they need to be clean.  I think I am going to have to break up with them.  Sad.  Now I have to figure out something else.

Our house did start going vertical yesterday and it was amazing how quickly they work!  I went by at 9:45 and then again around 3:45 and it was drastically different.  Then we went by around 6:15 and they were still there last night working.  We got to watch them lift a large section of the front left of the garage up and wow.  Those guys work hard!  I can't wait to go by later today and see how much progress they make today!  (These pictures are from the 3:45pm visit)

My parents bedroom and bath...haha!  AKA the guest bed and bath downstairs.

We are on a two week break from music class so yesterday morning I took her to a place called Impact One.  It's basically a huge gym that has trampolines and bounce houses.  For $5 she got to play for an hour.  It was fun!

We have some fun plans tomorrow that we are looking forward to!  Other than that, we hope to chill because I have another big week next week.  Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

House Update - Construction

Well I haven't posted an update on what's been going on with the house construction since the middle of February so here it is!  

They laid the block foundation and put rebar (reinforcement bar to make it strong!) in it.  They built columns on the inside to hold the house up.  Next, they waterproofed all around the living quarters which is the black stuff on the block 

Then they filled the crawl space with this itty bitty stone.  

You can also see the back part of the house - the covered porch was filled with stone.  And floor framing happened last Wednesday!

Last Friday, lumber was delivered!

Yesterday they finished framing the floor!

Covered porch all filled with stone!  We will be out on this porch all the time!  From being in our current house, we know we live out back so we pushed the house towards the road as much as possible to maximize our back yard!

Today they are supposed to be going vertical finally!  I talked to the guys working yesterday and they said around 3 weeks to finish framing plus the roof.  We'll see!