Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Decorations

Welcome to our home!  

I found this wreath at a nursery in Charlotte called Pikes!

This garland is from a website called Christmas Central.  

Entry table. Lil pumpkins from Pier 1 last year. 

Dining room

Breakfast area

I got these signs from Target this year for $3 each.  

See spooky (in black) and boo?

Kitchen sink. The soap is from Williams-Sonoma and is their fall scent. It's amazinggggg!  Highly recommend you buy this immediately. I may have to go back for the lotion!

Bar area in our den. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a lil decor.  I try not to do too much Halloween and instead more fall.  That way I can keep it out til Thanksgiving.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Landscape Lighting and Can Lights

Reporting back in on landscape lighting.  Since these pictures were taken, the large hollys have been trimmed substantially so you can see the middle light on both sides of the house a bit better. We had three installed on each side. I really love how it turned out!  We sit on a large hill and pretty far from the road so we always need bigger wreaths, bigger lights and bigger landscaping.  It's really coming together!

While our electrician was here, he hid cords behind the TV in our room so none show. I'll have to take a picture of that. It looks clean now.  We also had them add four dimable can lights in our room.  This made quite a difference in the appearance with having light finally!  Next up, painting our room...on Thursday.  Can't wait!

Spotted: a pooch on his bed and a pumpkin pooch toy on our bed.  ;)

Tomorrow I plan to show you all my fall decor!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Here's a glimpse of our weekend!

Girls lunch at Village Tavern!  

Friday night pizza night at home.  

Saturday night we had plans with Brad and Shauna for Scarowinds!  Carowinds amusement park turned scary!

I rode my second roller coaster ever and it was just as awful as when I was 10.  Thankfully Kevin put his arm around me and I just closed my eyes and huddled for that 2 minutes of my life.  Glad I went out of my comfort zone but I think I'm good for a long time now.  It was Thunder Road.  The boys rode The Intimidator and that bad boy is crazy freaky it's so tall!  


Sunday consisted of this and getting my act together for the week.  Homeboy is one spoiled rotten golden retriever!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lazy Blogger

I've been an extremely lazy blogger the last few weeks but I'm busy dernit!

Here's what I've been up to:

1.  Work!  Traveling multiple places in a week and getting it done.

2.  Sold my car and trying to buy a new one.  Let's stop right here for a shout out to the best father in law in the world.  He has negotiated and negotiated for us and got us a steal!  But then they called us back and told us it was priced wrong on their website.  NIGHTMARE.  So today is my fifth day without a car.  This story isn't over.  He is on a rampage with these cats!

3.  Back to the in-laws - we went to dinner with them the other night.  We actually go to dinner with them about once a week and it's really nice that we can do that.  They truly treat me like I'm their daughter.  Nice to have parentals-in-law in town since my parentals are in Maryland.  

4.  House stuff...
Electrician - we had an electrician over yesterday hiding wires behind the TV in our room.  He also installed landscape lighting on the front of our house.  I'll have to figure out a way to take a picture of that.  
Painting - we have the painting scheduled for the master bedroom next week.  
Irrigation -  we are close to having irrigation installed in our yard as well.  I'm working on coordinating that now.
Landscaping - we had the bottom two beds at our driveway ripped out last week (I told you all about this) so now we're working on what to plant back in there.  

Nothing like a big family shin-dig at your house in early November to motivate us to get things rolling at la casa! 

5.  Still attempting to exercise a few times a week.  Tough to fit it in sometimes but must do it for my mental sanity.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paint Choices

Paint colors from a swatch they give you at the store are hard to tell what they'll look like in your room.  I've spent my fair share on the $7 samples from Sherwin Williams.  So much that Kevin said do not buy another single one of those, haha!  And our bedroom wall looks like patchwork at the moment with all the different colors.  

Anyway, thanks to all of your help and my neighbor Lisa, I think we've decided on SW Passive.  This below is not our bedroom but the color on the walls is what we are going with.  This actually makes it even look a little purple, it isn't.  It has green undertones and is a firm gray.  

Kevin really liked the Passive versus the color of the room below - Nebulous White.  They're on the same color swatch or whatever you call those things.  He just thought we may as well paint the walls white because it was so light.  

And dear friends, if Kevin has an opinion about something then by golly I better take advantage of it and use it!  It's not often he has a real opinion especially about fashion or decorating so I'll take it and run.  Quite frankly, I like the Passive as well.  Still neutral enough but is more than white.  

I'll be sure to post after pictures of our room when it's done in a couple weeks.  Need to get cords hidden behind the TV before painting!

Now we are working on irrigation, landscaping, landscape lighting and a new patio.  Lots of projects happening this fall after a summer of fun and being lazy house-wise!

Monday, September 22, 2014


We went out this weekend to celebrate one of my neighborhood girls!  She's in the front in the black shirt and jeans, blonde girl.  Anyone want to take a guess of how old she turned?  Go ahead, guess!  I bet you'll be shocked!

And she has had TEN children!  All with the same hubby!  ;)

We had two weddings this weekend but ended up not going to either.  We had declined the Greenville, SC wedding because we had received the invite for the Charlotte wedding before.  Well, the Charlotte wedding didn't happen because he called it off the morning of.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  I feel absolutely terrible for the girl because she got her heart completely broken on her wedding day.  So sad.  

Kevin and I ended up just going to dinner down the road and took it pretty easy.  

We played with little Mills and hung out.   

Oh and I made a chicken pot pie from scratch on Saturday.  When Kevin walked in from work he said it was the worst smell he's ever smelled.  Haha, so clearly he won't be eating any of that.  It's the Pioneer Woman recipe and it tastes so good.  His loss!  

Sunday I made some pumpkin bread.  I was so busy last year that I didn't make it once.  I'm glad to have found the time this Fall.  I also decorated the house in all of our Halloween and Fall decorations.

This pooch is our fav!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bottom Landscape Beds

This is what the bottom two beds at the base of our driveway have looked like. 15 years of overgrown crazy high maintenance bushes. 

This is what it looks like this week!

And soon we will have beautiful new bushes and plants in the next few weeks!