Friday, September 22, 2017

Five on Friday - Gymnastics, LRC and Tile

The great legging debate!  They're all different sizes.  Both Lilly prints are XS which is size 2-3.  The three printed ones on the right are 3T.  Then you can see the different in 2T and 3T on the two sets of solid pink!  These are all Luigi Kids except the two Lilly ones.  

Molly Anne LOVES some gymnastics!  Yesterday's class was the best one yet and she did so many fun things!

She got her flu shot yesterday and we talked all about how she was going to be getting it, starting the night before.  Molly Anne does better when I prepare her for things - babysitter, shots, going certain places etc.  She's probably like me and doesn't like surprises.  Anyway, she rolled into the doctor's office yesterday and told everyone in there that she was there to get her flu shot and she wanted it in her left leg!  And she also told them that it wouldn't take long and it would just hurt a little bit.  She's a trip!  Through a few tears, she thanked the nurse "for her flu shot!"  Too funny.

We had neighborhood bunco last night where we don't play bunco, we play Left Right Center!  I made this appetizer.  Thick sliced cucumbers, whipped cream cheese mixed with fresh dill and a piece of smoked salmon on top.  Sprinkle salt and pepper and stick a toothpick in it and done!

Everyone brings an appetizer which is super fun because it makes it easy to host and you can get new appetizer ideas!  

Late night chats with my buddy!

I about lost my mind with the tile people yesterday.  Out of four bathrooms, three of them have issues with the tile.  This is our master shower.  I just saw dollar signs of ugliness when I walked in yesterday.  Thankfully it will dry and become lighter but who puts a piece of marble in like that middle one?  It doesn't go.  He had taken it out by the time I left the house yesterday.  I have to watch these boys like a hawk!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

House Update - Tile, Doors, Brick

A lot has happened this week at our house and it's so exciting to see things that I spent a lot of time on, come to fruition!  I need to take some better pictures and I will when it's more complete. 

Guest bath - this is a navy 12x24 tile on the floor and a linen texture 12x24 tile on the wall.  None of this has grout yet. 

Molly Anne's tub - no grout in this yet but it will be white so we can bleach it to get it clean! 

Well first, I didn't want any niches because I don't think they're the most practical because they barely hold anything.  But it was pretty much going to be the only place a shampoo bottle would sit unless we did those old ceramic corner shelves.  

Once I came to terms that we had to have them, I really wanted the niche on the right wall so it wasn't obvious when you walked into the bathroom (our tile girl insisted on this too!) but it wouldn't work because there is a pocket door on that wall.  I decided it would be fun to do it purposely off centered since it had to be on the wall we didn't want it on.  Plus we were very limited due to how many studs are in these walls and how close they are together.  The niche will be tiled eventually so it won't stick out as much (this is prob done by now).  

Laundry room tile.  I didn't care much about this because I'll be the only one that sees it so we didn't spend much on this.  

Our master shower...splurge for sure.  I can't wait for this to happen.  

Guest bath... grout is coming.  We chose this tile because it wasn't too light and would hide dirt coming in off the back patio.  This was planned as a pool bath when we had a pool.  But it'll just be a guest bath for now. 

This shower tile is going to be gorgeous.  I can't wait for this.  

Interior doors were hung on Monday.  They'll be painted of course.

The queenie project manager LOVES going to look at the house after I pick her up in the afternoons.  She especially loves the masonry guys and Mr. Ronnie always talks to her about her boots.  She says, "let's go see Mr. Ronnie and I can show him my boots!"  

The brick is looking really good.  They should be wrapping up the exterior of the house today.  Next up is the fireplace and grilling station on the porch.  Hoping the masons are out of here in another week or so.  They've been here at least a month already! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Most Fun Pool Day

Friday late afternoon we headed to our new neighborhood pool with my friend Margot and her little girl Emmerson!  These girls have lived at the pool this summer and we are so glad the pool is still open on weekends for September!  This happened to be a special day because no one else was there and the lifeguards let us go down the big waterslide!

This sweet lifeguard was so fun!  Molly Anne stood over there with her (talking about everything I'm sure) while she cleaned the pool!

They played and we had some beverages!  Never thought that day would arrive when we could sit on the side and watch them play but thanks to a shallow pool and puddle jumpers, it happened!

Waterslide!!!  I took her up for our first run but after that, she wanted to do it again and again and again and again all by herself!


It was such a blast!  We still have another weekend of it being open and then we will have to wait until May!  What on earth will we do without the pool?!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fresh Market Shopping

Like I said yesterday, I'm not sure if you all will find this helpful or interesting or anything but I love when others do these type of posts.  It just gives me some new ideas sometimes!  And this post is not sponsored, Fresh Market doesn't know about me ha!  

Usually I do our grocery shopping at Harris Teeter via the express lane so I just drive through and get it.  I never go in.  But sometimes it's fun to go to Fresh Market and get some pre-made meals so we will have an easier week and I basically don't have to make meals throughout the week, it's already done.  I do realize this is a more expensive way to go but these days, we are willing to spend a little bit more money for convenience.  

This trip I didn't get many basics because we already have eggs, our milk, condiments, breakfast stuff etc.  This was mainly to get actual meals.  I spent $138 on all of this.  Okay here is what I got and I'll break it down into meals for you. 

1.  First I got the $20 little big meal that Fresh Market has every week.  This week it was tacos and I chose chicken.  We had these Sunday night and they were good.  And we have leftovers so that's helpful.  We try to do a leftover night each week.  

2.  I got meatballs, slaw and twice baked potatoes for a meal. 

3.  Meat lasagna ($20) which is big enough for two nights plus a Caesar salad to go with it.  

4.  We got wings and dips for watching the Panther's game on Sunday but this could easily be a meal.  

5.  Basil, tomato, mozzarella sandwiches - we already had the basil, mozz and bread.  Plus an Asian chopped salad.   

Other things:
Milk for Molly Anne
Juices for Kevin (he chooses to drink his veggies!)
Avocados for breakfasts
Fruit - strawberries and raspberries (they were two for $7)
Chicken salad for two days of lunch

Have you all tried the little big meals?!  We've done a couple others and really liked them.  The only thing is that we wouldn't buy the dessert usually so it only ends up being a kinda okay deal.  You can see on the receipt that after everything rang in, the discount ended up being $8.44.  So take out the dessert and we only saved a few dollars.  But, I didn't have to figure out a meal, they did it for me so there's that.  And it gets us out of our normal meal routine.  

I won't go to Fresh Market every week and do this, most times I'll still meal plan and get stuff at Teeter but this was something different and will give me an easier few days.  I was supposed to travel today and tomorrow but it got canceled.  This would have been super easy for Kevin.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend - Soccer, Charity Event and Pool

Friday night Molly Anne and I went to the pool with my friend Margot and her little girl Emmerson.  It basically ended up being the best pool day ever and I want to do a separate post about it which will go live on Wednesday morning.  Here is a preview!

Saturday morning was soccer and Molly Anne was too busy hugging boys to play soccer.  Later in the session, they were all cheering each other on to score a goal and Molly Anne looks over at me and yells, "Mama CLAP!"  

She had a little more focus this week.  She even got pushed from behind by one little boy (twice!) and she didn't retaliate, she just ripped her bow out and threw it on the ground and said, "I don't like that."  It was pretty funny.  

After soccer we headed up to the Girls Tribe pop up at Sugar Creek Brewing which was a bunch of local women owned shops.  It was honestly a disaster with the stroller but whatever.  We stayed for about 15 minutes then I let her get a King of Pops popsicle and she was happy!

After nap, we went back to the pool and were the only ones there until right before we left.  It was fun!

Saturday night Kevin and I went to the Pierce's Project charity event at Heist Brewery and invited another couple to come with us.  Jim and Kim lived at our old condo building and we used to have so much fun back in the day.  Since we've all had children, we don't get to see them as often but we love when we do!  Plus, this was for a good cause and we were thankful to help sponsor the event.  It's to raise money for premature babies and the money goes straight to both hospitals in town that have NICU.  

I'm wearing this dress and similar shoes!  This was the first time I've worn this style dress and I loved it.  So comfy and easy to dress up or down!  They even have it in solid colors which I may have to get one of those! 

Sunday morning Molly Anne and I checked out a new bagel shop that opened near our house.  Of course she wanted the large chocolate chip cookie that she saw in the 7am.  But she liked her blueberry muffin instead! ;)

We hung out the rest of Sunday and of course went back to the pool after nap!

I went to Fresh Market and I have a post ready for tomorrow that shows what I got for the week.  No clue if any of you all will find that interesting but thought it would be fun for something different.  Wednesday I'll post about our pool day.  Thursday will be house updates - tile has been laid!  Friday will be a regroup of the week for Five on Friday!  

Enjoy your week!