Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Tuesday

Today is Molly Anne's month birthday. Holy moley, time please slow down.  I've always heard moms say for time to slow down but now I get it.  Fastest month of my life.  Ever my day flies by, it's insane. I will do some month post this week. 

1.  Please tell me you all use the Blog 2 Print website and keep PDFs of your blog on your computer and also backed up somewhere else?!  My Dad has been very good about doing these for me (he started one year for Christmas).  He PDFs each 6 month period at a time and the cost is minimal (I think under $20). It's priceless to have a back up of your entire diary should something ever happen to Blogger etc. 

2.  I won the mother of the year award this weekend. Ughhhh. I was trying to clip Molly Anne's fingernails and I clipped her actual finger badly. After a call to my mom, she cooled my bones about her needing a major surgery to fix the tiny spot. Ahhh!  Kevin cut a bandaid into a tiny strip to put over it and that made the bleeding stop after I held pressure for 45 minutes.  

3.  Nordstrom's sale is over so we can quit hearing about it ha!!  I can't lie, I went there twice and browsed online many times. I only ended up with a few small things. I took most of the clothes back as I didn't love them like I love JCrew. 

4.  I miss traveling right now but I also can't imagine leaving my favorite girl. The three of us (plus Mills!) have a big trip coming up in September to go see my parents so that'll be fun. I wonder if US Air has forgotten who I am?!!  

5.  Some advice for my pregnant girls - stock up on stationery.  I have already gone through two orders of it. People have been SO kind, we are just so overwhelmed by our friend's generosity.  We were getting multiple gifts a day those first couple of weeks. Talk about an intimidating number of thank you notes to write when you have a newborn!!!  I've written 45 notes since she got here. Actually it may be over 50 now because I did 6 more yesterday.  If there one thing I can't stand...thank you notes hanging over my head.  I usually write them the same day we receive a gift. Obviously this wasn't doable but I did get them all out within two weeks.   Whew!

6.  Football season is SOON!  Woohooooo!

Weekend Recap and Menu Monday

A few scenes from the end of last week and weekend.  Our back door neighbor Anna came to visit. 

This stool is one of the cutest gifts we got.  One of our neighbors gave it to her!

A coworker of mine and his wife gave her this adorable monkey!

Friday night we had a little date night for the three of us.  Molly Anne and I watched Mills play ball out back for a bit. She LOVES being outside. I can't wait for it to cool down. 

Saturday we hung at a neighbors house by their pool and had a couple beverages before heading to dinner at Hawthornes with Kevins parents and niece.  Usually we do Friday night pizza but this weekend we did it Saturday. They have the best wings in town we think.  

Sunday we did a lot of this...

And I got our usual weekend errands done.  I can't stand going to the grocery store before every dinner or even more than once a week.  Meal planning helps cut this to one time a week and I'm always so glad when we plan ahead. Cheaper and time saver.  Coming up on our menu this week:

1.  Burgers (no bun for me!), corn and grilled zucchini and squash (hello farmers market!)
2.  Shrimp cocktail and a side salad for Kevin. Shrimp on a salad for me. Details, details!

3. Chicken parm (I bake it and don't put many breadcrumbs on) and side salad.  Sometimes I'll do a tiny side of pasta but not this week.

4.  Make our own pizza - we will do this on Friday usually but also occasionally during the week.  It's just so easy because we keep the thin wheat crust and ingredients on hand so if we need something fast, this is it. 

5.  Tacos - the trusty staple.  Happens every week in our house.  Sometimes ends up being just a taco salad.  

Lunches this week - 
1.  Basil, fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwiches with balsamic.  Obsessed. I've been getting at least 3 tomatoes from the farmers market every week. 
2.  Tomato sandwich with Dukes mayo and Pawleys Island Pimento cheese.
3.  Kevin likes just having two Greek yogurts after he does his workout (whatever floats his boat)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Girl Clothes

Molly Anne and I had a busy day yesterday. We went to visit our friend Cathy at Teeter, Mary at the cleaners, Ann in the Lilly department at Belk and returned some stuff at Nordstrom and Carters. Then we grocery shopped for her first time. That was funny because I just had to get a few things so I pushed her stroller and carried a basket, while I talked to my friend Cheryl on the phone. Crazy.  Then it was pouring when we went outside. But we got the few things we needed for dinner that night. Ha!  


I really didn't buy a ton of clothes for our baby while I was pregnant because we didn't know if she was a boy or girl!  I constantly told Kevin how much money I was saving by not knowing the gender! ;)

And I also told him he was in trouble if we had a girl.  Well....!!

Here are a few holiday things I've ordered!  I've also gotten some cute things from a couple resale groups on Facebook. 

Where do you get your smocked things for a steal?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Uptown and New Bedtime Routine

Yesterday we went uptown to Tara's condo to have lunch and hang out.  This was Molly Anne's first time uptown so I had to show her where Kevin and I met - blue building in below picture. 

Tara fixed a big lunch and we just chatted and caught up. 

Her mama stopped by too which was a treat!

One tired little baby when we got home.  It's tough being ooohh and ahhh over all day! ;)

A couple pictures from Monday!  We didn't leave the house but I wrote 20 thank you notes.  I've done 45 total since she's been born!  Holy moley is right. We have some very kind friends and family.  And now I'm glad I don't have all of those notes hanging over my head!

Good friends tell you they're coming over to help you with a new bedtime routine.  

We changed up her bath last night and didn't use the Puj tub. Instead we used the regular child tub as suggested by two of my friends.  Molly Anne liked it much better.  She was relaxed!  Thank you Kimmy for suggesting and Sarah for also suggesting and making me do it!

Sarah even dimmed the lights for her to chill out.  We also added an extra feeding between 6-9pm to get her extra full before going to sleep.  It worked because  she slept until 2am and didn't eat until 2:30am. Thank you Smother!!!

Happy Wednesday. We have a little play date at a friends home and a pediatrician appointment today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Clothes

Please forgive these ucky pictures but I am blogging from my iPad and I'm too lazy (or maybe busy doing other things!!) to get my computer out so these screen shots will have to do. 

I have had some Christmas gift cards that I've been really wanting to use but it didn't make sense until everything I wore didn't have to be flowy. 

I got these first two tops from South Moon of my favorite Maryland stores. 

I saw these shorts while I was at Anthopologie last week and I haven't stopped thinking about them.  I may end up getting them.  

And I also placed a J. Crew order because so many things were on sale and I can wear several of the things I got through Fall. I'll try to do a post on what I got from there soon!  

Monday, July 27, 2015

First Weekend by Ourselves

Well, we had a good first weekend by ourselves  and I survived my first full week at home too.  Aka I kept Molly Anne alive by myself plus Kevins help.  I didn't even know how to care for a newborn other than my instinctual ways until the hospital and mom taught me everything.  And I'm still learning every day from friends (I've asked my friends Sarah, Kimmy and Kelly 18,000 questions) and trial by error.  Ain't no shame in admitting this and I hope it helps any pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends feel comfortable that they can do it and will pick it up easily too. 

We had more visitors on Thursday - our next door neighbors.  The boys were SO cute with her. I told them she could be a wife to one of them!

Mills also got groomed last week, finally!

And Rachel and Maggie met Molly Anne on Friday!

Our friends Kimmy and Jeff came over Friday night and brought dinner and hung out.  Good times!  

She gave me lots of pointers and helped me with the bedtime routine.  She convinced me to swaddle both of her arms in for the first time and in a new swaddle pod that Sarah let me borrow. This led to Molly Anne sleeping from 9:30-2:30 instead of the usual 1:30 wake up.  Needless to say I ordered the swaddles on Amazon Prime at 2:30am!

Hanging on our back patio and staring at the monitor!

Saturday we chilled!  All of us!

Same thing Sunday plus we went to Midwood for some BBQ. It was good to get out. We have had more advice that says to go out now while she sleeps so much.  It's worked well because she eats at 6pm then she sleeps for 1.5 hours before bedtime routine begins at 8:30 so we just go to dinner around 6:30/7 and it's easy. 

I also was headstrong in not using a paci but that lasted 2.5 weeks haha.  The pediatrician said to use it in between feedings when she couldn't get soothed. It works!

That's all for now. We have a fun week planned!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Must Haves

These are our must have so far.  We are obviously by no means professional parents but these things have made life easier!

Diaper Genie.  Enough said.  And we have found the refills are cheapest at Sams Club versus Amazon.  They're $20 for a 4 pack at Sams or $18 for a 3 pack on Amazon.  I had heard that the Diaper Genie wasn't really necessary but I cannot imagine the grossness without it. 

Boppy Changing Pad Liners - these are essential because if she has a little accident on the changing pad table, you can just throw this liner in the wash instead of changing the pretty pad cover.  Speaking of changing pad covers - get at least 3, maybe 4.  Sometimes there are multiple accidents on that in a day and you have to do laundry right away because your third one hasn't been received from Amazon yet! ;)

Gowns - I don't care if you get them at Target or if they're Kissy Kissy - have a lot of them.  They make life SO much easier, especially the 4am diaper changes.  They're even easier than zippers.  No snaps on pajamas unless it's for a special occasion ha!  Molly Anne wore one of these home from the hospital.  The Kissy Kissy one was nice for this because it's convertible which means it snaps at the legs so the car seat strap would work.

SwaddleMe - we got all kinds of swaddle things to try but when the pediatrician recommended these because they're so easy with velcro, I ordered them right away.  These work for now, maybe we do something else later.  Molly Anne doesn't like her arms swaddled in so these work for her having them out too.  You can also swaddle arms into these.

Wipe Container - my friend Katie wasn't kidding when she said this thing worked.  It only dispenses one wipe at a time.  We use Pampers wipes.

Avent Bottles - we had tons of Dr. Brown bottles and thankfully I didn't open them all before Molly Anne got here.  They are WAY too many pieces and our pediatrician said there really aren't proven facts that they prevent gas.  So she suggested these Avent bottles that are so easy and only 3 pieces plus a top.  I've been boiling them each morning after they're used but I know most people use their dishwasher.  For me, it's easy to just put them in a big pot of water, boil it and then they're done.  I think I'm working with about 20 bottles right now and that's been fine.