Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back in Action

Whew, I'm back in action.  A little late today but I'm here.  Molly Anne and I made it back to Charlotte safe and sound!  Traveling with her isn't the easiest (anyone who has traveled with a mobile child understands) but it's always worth it.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents.  I really hate that they're over 8 hours away but it's important to me to get home to see them a few times a year.  It isn't the easiest for them to travel right now and I have a gazillion miles so it's somewhat easy to hop on a flight and go (well assuming you actually get on the flight you booked!!).  

And may I tell you, she was AN ANGEL on the flight back to Charlotte.  I have this blanket that my friend Ashley gave me as a shower gift and Molly Anne just cuddles right up to it.  I thanked Ashley for 40 minutes of sleep on the way back.  Woohoo!  

See that blanket in the below pic?!  She loves it.  

We got to baggage claim and I got Kevin's bag that I didn't trust American to ship back to Charlotte and deliver for me and my suitcase.  Some how, some way, I pulled both suitcases with one hand, had two bags on my shoulder and pushed her in the stroller from the baggage claim downstairs to the bus pickup upstairs.  Then they helped me onto the bus.  Mama's always gotta figure a way out!  I survived.  Ha!  

Thankful for the memories we made with my parentals and I'm glad they get to feel like a big part of Molly Anne's life too.  Time with them isn't often so we make it count!  

Back in Charlotte last night I regrouped at the house and went to work super early to get things done today.  At lunch I got to go listen to one of my best friends speak at a luncheon and she did a wonderful job!  Fortunate to have such amazing, well-accomplished friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Maryland Part Two with Walking!

Sunday we hung in the morning.

Then mom, Molly Anne and I went to one of our favorite shops!  Of course Molly Anne got this little bunny!

Came home and played the piano which she loved!

Snack time!

Sunday night we got take out from our favorite Italian place.  

Monday we had some visitors...
While we waited...

Our old family friends came over. 

And one of my bestests got to meet Molly Anne. She was in town from New York so this worked out perfectly!  Her mama (above) had met her last year but we loved seeing her again!

We stopped by my cousins work to see Aunt Jenni! 

Then went to a huge playground called bens swings.  It was really cool but I think Molly Anne will like it better this time next year when she can do more. 

She loved the swings though!

Last night we went to Evo for dinner and Molly Anne was so good!

She sees the flash on my phone now and grins so big!  

When we got home, our neighbors came over to see her. 

And she walked to Mrs. C!!!  She took a couple steps after she had been standing at the coffee table.  Couldn't believe it. She took another step to my mom right after that. Crazy!!

Yes she lovessss the paper plates from Walmart...they were the highlight of the little Halloween bag mom had put together for her. Ha!!  She didn't end up walking for the paper plates haha!!

Well, we are on our way back today.  I'm hoping for no flight drama ha!  It is pouring down rain so walking out to the plane with Molly Anne, the stroller and bags should be thrilling. 

Chat this week!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Maryland Trip

Friday morning at 7am, all four of us left and took Mills to camp.  Then the three of us went to the airport to go to Maryland to see my parents.  

Well things didn't go as planned.  We were trying to board near the end for two reasons - to not coop Molly Anne up any longer than necessary and to spare the other passengers from hearing her for an extra 15 minutes.  (It isn't wonderful to travel with a 14 month old).  Well they weight restricted the plane so they didn't allow the last 15 passengers to get on.  We were row 3 and I'm preferred and they still said no.  Typing this, it makes me mad.  Y'all I was SO irate. They should have known they needed a bigger plane with the number of booked passengers.  It was totally avoidable on American's part.  Next flight out was at 7:40pm.  Joyous.  I'll spare you all the other details but Kevin ended up not coming because he would have only been here a day (I was coming back Monday, he was coming back Sunday).  

They also refused to take our checked luggage off so thankfully my parents went to get it when it got to Maryland. Now I have to figure out how to get two roller board suitcases, a stroller and two smaller bags plus Molly Anne by myself to the bus then to our car.  I think I found help so I'll be fine. But it made me SO mad that they just didn't care how much they inconvenienced us. At all. 

Got our car, then went back to camp to get Mills. Then got home. Kevin fed Molly Anne lunch (yes this was a 5 hour rendezvous at this point) and I had to bathe Mills because he was already gross from Camp.  This was how we all felt. 

Molly Anne took her afternoon nap at home, I worked, Kevin worked.  Then around 5:15pm, Molly Anne and I drove in rush hour Friday PM traffic to go back to the airport by ourselves.  Whew.  Back on the bus to the terminal. 

We hung in the club where I consumed wine. Haha.  

We were first to board this time ;).  Molly Anne had her own seat for about two minutes before the nicest guy sat with us. 

Honestly, she was perfect for how late it was and how past her bedtime it was.  But we made it home home!!  This was the next morning playing with Poppa!

Then acting crazy and checking everything out in their house. 

We headed to the local zoo and she loved that!  Birds and flamingos were her favorite!  She also liked the alpacas. They probably reminded her of Mills ha!

Not sure who loved this more....she kept resting her chin on his head.  

That night we picked crabs for one last hurrah this summer!  

Tried a booster seat which did not work with miss wiggle worm.  

The good stuff. 

We have to be super careful everytime we take her because of the old bay.  Right after this picture I used a wet wipe on her hands.  Don't want her to get it in her eyes.  

As usual she ate everything - crab, shrimp, clams, corn.  Eastern shore girl!

I'll recap Sunday and today later this week.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Five on Friday - Charlotte, Artwork, Golf, 15 month

1.  Charlotte - what's going on in Charlotte right now is incredibly embarrassing and has got to stop.  I don't care if you're green, black, white, purple or orange, it is completely unacceptable to throw tables through glass windows of businesses, break into businesses to steal and act like complete fools.  Unbelievable.  Huge shout out to CMPD.  Thank you. 

2.  In lighter news, some of Molly Anne's pieces of artwork!  A couple weeks ago, Ms. Becky did a week of learning about apples!  They made apple sauce, read books about apples, made an apple tree and I'm sure did other fun things I don't know about.  Molly Anne is so cute when she tries to say, "apple!"

3.  I was in Pittsburgh this week for a charity golf tournament that one of our clients put on.  It was too much fun!

4.  Sleeping beauty.  

5. Yesterday we had Molly Anne's 15 month check up!  She's 50th percentile across the board except for height which is 75th percentile. When you put it all together her BMI is 50%!  22 pounds, 8 ounces, 31"!

 Looking forward to a good weekend. Sorry that's all I've got today!  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Being A Mama

Once upon a time I had (and still do!) a friend named April. Most of you know her from her blog, A.Liz Adventures. She and I were friends before blogging but we've become much better friends over the last few years.  

This time last year, she had recently stopped working in the corporate world and started staying home with Camille (and now Charlotte).   I was wrapping up my 12 weeks of maternity leave.  She, Sarah and I hung out often with the three girls and it was so much fun.  One of the times we were together, we talked about working versus not, etc.  She had worked during Camille's first year of life so she knew what both working and not working was like.  

She told me to work the first year while they aren't as interactive and then if you're going to start staying at home, do it after they turn one.  I had no clue what she was talking about at the time because I wasn't in that stage then, but now - I totally get it.  She's so right.  

Don't get too crazy, I'm not going to quit working.  It's just that the last few weeks, every day I'm itching to go pick her up!  Well I always have been excited to go get her, but lately I cannot get enough of my Molly Anne.  She's my best sidekick and she is doing so many new fun things that I love to be there for!  

I'm sure this is another phase of this thing called "being a mama" but I am really loving this age.  She's crazy and all over the place but it's so much fun.   And I hear it keeps getting better! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Zac Brown Band

Last Thursday night we went to the Zac Brown Band concert!  We did a little tailgating in the parking lot....

Then walked into where our seats were. Amazing tickets, thanks Zac.

And I kept saying this that night but if you know me, you know I love Luke Bryan.  He is cute, fun and all over the stage.  Zac Brown Band is different. They are musicians.  I'm talking amazing musicians.  Every person in is band is incredibly talented.  They stand up there and care more about playing music than running all over the stage.  I like both types of concerts but this was just really good.  

Then we saw Hoda at the beer stand and my friend Nina's life was made.  Haha!

Such a fun night!  Thanks girls!