Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mills is FIVE!

Today is Mills' birthday!  In case you had no idea, I'm basically obsessed with my Mills.  Kevin surprised me with him for my 30th birthday!  He was 12 weeks old.  And he is the best dog/part human!  We will be celebrating tonight the way we always do - a peanut butter and goodie cake!  Enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Mills over the years.  

You can see that his face has gotten very white since Molly Anne was born, ha!  That's a big job he has - caring for her!  ;)  We never followed any of the rules of bringing a baby into the home with a dog.  From day one we let him sleep in her room right by the crib and he babysat for us often when we were doing something else - quickly of course! :)  He still loves her something fierce!  He only rests after we are all out of the house or if Molly Anne is asleep.  Otherwise, he is on guard to her every need.  It's funny!  The love between the two of them is something very special.  

There is not a better dog than Mr. Miller Westben, named after Miller Lite and his breeder.  xo Millsy G!  

July 2017

Christmas 2013

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fun Weekend

Here's a little weekend recap for ya!

Friday night we went over to Sarah and Mike's for a family get together!  The children all ran wild because they have ALL the fun toys!  

Saturday morning the airplanes were going over our house every couple of minutes so Molly Anne had a ball watching each one!  She wanted to watch them again Sunday and they weren't there so we had a little conversation learning about flight paths haha!

Saturday morning we went to Maggie's 2nd birthday party at Charlotte Swim Club!  It was adorable and yall know Molly Anne loved swimming.

Thomas and Molly Anne sucked down those juices!

Molly Anne hugging the birthday girl!

After nap we worked on tracing letters.  You can see how that went but Molly Anne loved it!  She talked about "tracing letters" all weekend!  I got this Wipe Clean book from Usbourne.  

Sunday morning we headed to church.  Molly Anne still isn't a fan of going into her little class but she's getting a little better.  Every time we pick her up she talks about how much fun she has.  I think the lack of consistency is the hard part but she definitely understands where she is and what she is doing there.  Even if we go one time a week (which we aren't great at doing), I just don't think that's often enough for her to get completely used to it.  But she will get it eventually.  Her outfit is from TBBC.  Her color combo isn't in stock any longer but this one is and it's on sale!  

I think this is the cutest picture.  I need to get it printed so we can frame it for his office!

Love this little girl!

I couldn't resist adding this one too because is there any denying that she is my child?!  

After nap we went to the pool because where else would we be?!!

I made these Korean Beef Bowls for dinner which were easy and reasonably healthy.  I think she said there are about 320 calories in each serving.  

Last night Molly Anne was asleep by 7 and was up at 7:45 crying her eyes out.  We got her calmed down and she went back to sleep.  She was back up at 9:30 but not crying as much and eventually fell back asleep.  At 11 I heard her and went in there again.  I finally got her awake enough so I could give her Motrin.  Don't know about your children but Molly Anne will not take any medicine unless she is awake awake!  

I'm about 99% sure it was her molars bothering her.  I thought after the first wake up that maybe she had a bad dream or something.  But three times is so unlike her that I knew something was wrong.  Anyway, I put her back to bed and she went right back to sleep and didn't wake until this morning.  We will be giving her Motrin tonight before bed!  Poor baby!

Everyone ready to see the Eclipse today?  I think we may go on the roof of our office building!  We'll see!  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Seven on Friday - Recipes, Maryland Girl, Brick & Pool

My friend Sarah told me about these no bake energy bites so I made them last weekend and they're amazing.  Kevin likes them too.  I've never used flax and chia seeds so I left those out.  The best part about these is that they took me 5 minutes to make and we had plenty for the week.  I doubled the recipe.

Here's a random one for you.  We threw brats on the grill for dinner on Monday and I knew I wanted to serve them with some grilled veggies.  I plopped four pieces of foil about 12" long each on the island and put corn that I had cut off the cobb, onions, zuchinni and mushrooms in there.  I put a dab of olive oil, freshly cracked salt and pepper and a bunch of old bay.  I bunched them up at the top and put them on the grill.  So easy and it turned out so good.  Sorry the picture isn't great!  

The PGA tournament was in Charlotte last weekend and I think everyone I know went to it except us.  We could have gone but it just didn't happen.  I asked one of my friends to get Molly Anne a t-shirt.  Isn't it the cutest on her?!

This picture is from Wednesday.  I gave her the option of three shirts and she picked the "crabbys!"  Then she asked for "piggies" so of course I did those for her.  She thought it was really funny when I put a crabby bow in her hair for one of the piggies!  And she sat in front of her crib sheet with crabs on it haha!  ;)  It's the little things friends.

Oh one thing I meant to mention on the Molly Anne-isms post the other day - this girl loves some old bay.  I gave her some shrimp the other night and she wouldn't eat them until I sprinkled old bay on them.  She likes pickles and salt & vinegar chips too.  She is my child.

These two!

Brick started yesterday!  I met with the masons yesterday morning and told them I do not want orange clay on the brick so they are being extra cautious!  They haven't smeared the mortar on the brick yet so this is just the beginning!

We are in major debate mode over if we are going to do a pool or not.  Both of us can honestly go either way.  There are pros and cons.  We have a great pool in the hood that we can even walk to.  It'd be nice to have one in our backyard though.  Children with a pool scares the daylights out of me but we would have a second safety fence around just the pool.  I don't know.  We may end up doing it in a few years so even if we said no now, it wouldn't be out of the question down the road.  Help us with this!  Tell me why you would or wouldn't want a pool!  We have to decide this weekend!  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

House Updates - Lights Camera Action and Shutters

Honestly not a ton has happened this week.  The inspector is being pretty tough on our builder on certain things which I don't mind but it's extending things.  I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details but the roofer had to come back to do some permanent stuff before the inspector would inspect the insulation inside.  Kinda annoying but it's to prevent possible water issues in the future.  So the drywall hasn't begun.  Brick may begin today.  

In other news....

I think we need this light in the breakfast area.  It's sorta see-through so it wouldn't block our view of the backyard.  It's by Gabby.  

While I was at this cute home interiors shop called District 5 Interiors, the gal there found this light which I LOVE for somewhere in our house.  But it's too expensive. 

But Pottery Barn has a very similar one and if it goes on sale, then it may have to be a special light for our house.  We'll see!  I love the beachy look and feel of it!

Rode by this house in Charlotte yesterday and I LOVE the shutter color.  It's like a gray blue.  We may have to look at something like this for ours.  I haven't gotten to that yet but this is a start.  I may be the girl with painted posterboard in front of our house trying to figure out what color to do with our brick!  

That's all I've got for you now! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Nice Gift

Whew, I drove 4 hours to Roanoke, Virginia yesterday, took someone to lunch, had a few other meetings then drove 4 hours home.  It was a long and worthwhile day!  I left the house at 6:45am and returned at 6:45pm to no power in the house (due to a storm) and a bathed/fed child!  The second part of that was nice but no power was blah!  Thankfully it came back on 1.5 hours later.


On Monday I was sitting at my desk looking at my calendar and decided I wanted to get one of my friends a gift and her birthday was Tuesday.  Usually we don't do gifts but I wanted to take it to her as a surprise and a little pick me up because she's had a rough couple of months.  I headed to Williams Sonoma because I can always find a pretty generic and nice gift there.  I also know all of the girls in there from when we did our wedding registry 4 years ago ha!

Anyway, I put this together and think it's a nice gift with all three items but you could totally mix them up.  It can be a "happy birthday" or a "happy fall" or "I was thinking about you" or "cheer up" or a "Merry Christmas!"  Best part is that they wrap it so nicely.  I slipped the card on top and done!

This loaf pan which is on sale with an additional 20% off!  I own the red one in this and love using it for pumpkin bread in the Fall.  

This pumpkin chocolate chunk bread mix.  They have a lot of these in the gluten free version too!

This oven mitt - everyone can always use a new, fresh oven mitt!  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Molly Anne-isms

Molly Anne has been on a roll lately saying the funniest stuff and I just want to remember some of them!  

1.  Last weekend I put her in the car and she looked at me and matter of factly said, "Mama your eyes are BLUE!"  

2.  Yesterday morning Kevin went in to get her out of her crib and she told him she didn't want to get out of bed.  Then I went in there to see her and at one point we both left and she yelled, "Mama, Daddy come back!"

3.  She is pretty much obsessed with Big Bunny and Little Bunny.  And Big Bunny is the Mama and she will tell you all about that!  

4.  She will count to 15 by herself.  She can pretty much sing the ABC's but mumbles part of it.  She knows all of her body parts including elbows and a forehead haha.

5.  She likes bossing Mills around, "Mills COME!"

6.  Mills has been going into her room when she is sleeping (which he had quit doing) but we find him in there just laying right by her crib.  He likes to go in in the morning and wake her up.  One morning we heard her say, "Look Millsy, it's a triangle!"  She had formed her hands in a triangle and was showing him.  I'm sure he cared haha!  Still, so cute!

7.  She has become picky about what she wants to wear.  She'll tell me she doesn't want to put her dress on then 2 minutes later she wants to put it on.  Yes I want that and no I don't are common responses within one second of each other.  And yes, she's OBSESSED with her Hunter boots.  I have to hide them.

8.  If she isn't facing me and I tell her to turn around she starts turning in circles!

9.  She likes to say, "Mama hold you" or "Daddy hold you" to us if she wants us to pick her up.

10.  We've been working a lot on manners and she is actually pretty good about saying "yes ma'am" but the funniest is when she says it to Kevin. She hasn't gotten ma'am versus sir ha!

11.  For a little while, she kept saying, "I can't" if she was trying to get her shoe on or off or something like that.  Well we kept telling her that yes she can and she can do anything she sets her little mind to do.  Now if she's struggling doing something she yells out, "I CAN!"  It's so funny!

12.  She remembers everything.  Everything.  

13.  She is big into getting any boo-boo kissed and then she'll say, "it's all better!"  When we had to give her eye drops a couple weeks ago, every time we got them out she said, "might make my eyes feel better."   

14.  When you ask her what her name is, she says her middle and last name.  If you ask her my name, she says my first and last name.  Soon, I'll make her memorize my phone number ha!  Joking. Kinda.  

15.  Any time I change my clothes and come out wearing something different, she says, "bye mama!  Mama's goin to work."  She associates me changing clothes with me going to work.  Creature of habit and routine!  

16.  Kevin sings Frank Sinatra, New York New York with her every night after bath (and has her whole life) and she has the whole thing memorized.  It's hilarious watching the two of them sing it and do the same motions every night.  ;)

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Pool Weekend

We lived at the pool this weekend.  Actually we went to the pool on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Ha!  Here are some pictures!

Friday night we went to our neighbor's house and hung with them!  Their daughter takes care of Molly Anne and it's pretty fabulous ha!   Ava is so good with her!  Oh, Big Bunny came too!

Ava and Molly Anne

The four of us had happy hour while they played.  It was perfect!

Saturday morning we went to the pool in our new neighborhood to meet up with Emme!  It was pouring down rain when we got there but it cleared right off!  The rain didn't bother Molly Anne and she happily played while I sat under the umbrella haha!

Margot and I looked over and saw this!  Soooo sweet!

After nap we met up with Kevin's parents for dinner at a Japanese place then went to the indoor zoo of Petsmart!  Molly Anne had the best time.  Then we ran around Target getting school supplies for a donation drive that Becky is doing!

Sunday we went to church and after nap we met up with Nora Beth at the pool!  It was so fun and the girls had so much fun!

While we were at the pool yesterday afternoon, Kevin cleaned my entire car top to bottom, inside and out.  It is like a brand new car now!  So nice!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!