Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Molly Anne at the house!

Any time we drive past a construction site or see anything related to construction, Molly Anne shouts, "HOUUUUSE!"  I guess when she sees dirt she thinks of the house!  

This whole thing has been an interesting thing for a little girl.  We started planning this when she was 6 months old so she's mostly always heard about it.  I wanted her to still feel like the home where we live now was home.  So we call where we live now, "home" and the house we are building is called, "house."

Part of getting her used to the house has been taking her over there during all aspects of it.  It isn't the easiest thing to do because we have to watch her like a hawk and she rarely gets to walk around due to holes in the ground, splinters from wood, stairs, nails etc.  

Last Thursday I picked her up from Becky's and took her right over there because I knew none of the guys would be there and it is pretty cleaned up on the inside.  AKA nails aren't everywhere now.  Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to go and she said, "YES!!!"  She has loved going to check on it when I pick her up.  

Girlfriend loved it.  We went upstairs and I made a huge deal out of her room, her closet and her bathroom.  She checked it all out.  It was adorable.  I made the mistake of showing her her vanity and told her she'd likely be getting ready for prom there.  AH!  Here are some pictures...

I'm probably going to frame this picture for our house!  I love it!  She's like, "here it is!"

Checking out her room.

How many clothes can I get to fill up my closet?!

A peak into her bathroom!

Walking from her room into her jack/jill bath.

She kept saying, "bath tub!"

Plumbing.  We talked all about the pipes and wires! 

It was only a 20 minute thing but I think it was special for her.  I know it was special for me to have some time over there letting her look around without being there having to decide on something!  It's the little things like this that matter!

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Typical Friday Night!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Today I decided it would be fun to record our typical Friday nights in the summer!  We almost always are out back playing!  I usually drag all of her toys out from the porch and let her go to town!

Water table...

She loves using her beach toys with her water table!

We take walks down the street in her little car.  We get the mail.  We water the flowers.  We race around the yard and talk to neighbors!

You know who has to be part of the party!

Loves swinging in the hammock!  One of her favorite things!  Here she is showing me her "helping hands!"

Evidently our Molly Anne loves the water A LOT!

The best dog/human ever.

After a good couple hours playing out back, we have two tired children!  Mills crashes and Molly Anne was asleep within 10 minutes!  

Tomorrow I have a fun little post of Molly Anne and on Wednesday I'll share about the rest of our weekend!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Five on Friday - Treats, Pool and Splash Pad

Hope yall have had a good week!  SO glad it's Friday!

First, Happy Anniversary to my parents!!!  44 years today!  A true example of how it should be.  Thankful for the very best!

Molly Anne received her first birthday present this week from her friend Gigi and it is basically the most adorable thing ever.  This little purse straight from Palm Beach!  Of course it is monogrammed!  You'll be seeing it a lot because Molly Anne is obsessed.

I ended up spending too much at Lilly on Wednesday but I got two dresses and two shirts.  The shirts I'm super excited about and already wore it in the below pictures.  I got this super cute Emmeline dress for July 4th!

On Wednesday afternoon Kevin texted and said, "let's go out for dinner!"  I said DONE!  We headed to Dean and Deluca.  I don't know why we don't go there more often for dinner because it is so easy and so good!  Molly Anne loved checking out the fountain too!

This is one of the shirts - the white Essie!  It is loose fitting and not very see through.  Obviously white is going to be a tiny bit see through but I don't feel the need to wear another tank under it...that would defeat the purpose anyway right?!

This one wanted to be in the fountain of course!

We've been pool planning this week.  Love this one from Houzz.  What would we ever do without Houzz or Pinterest when building a house?!

Thankful for a company that lets me be flexible on Thursdays and spend time with my girl.  Yesterday we got to join some friends at the splash park in Stallings.  It is so nice.  Any locals, make sure you visit it this summer!

She wasn't impressed with the splash pad until it went off.  Ha!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

House Update - Interior Doors

 File this under two things:

1. I had no idea we would be picking out interior doors.  Don't know why, but I didn't know we would have to select what the doors would look like.  Nor have I ever noticed what design is on the doors in our current house.

2.  My fastest decision yet. 

I ran it by my Mom and my friend Fran and they both agreed with what I was thinking.  Also, I know the trend right now is to paint the doors inside a different color than your trim but I think we are doing white doors and hoping that the trend doesn't stay around long!  Y'all know I'm not the trendiest person anyway.  ANYWAY....here they are - Continental Smooth.

We have a few areas where we will have bi-fold doors. So these will match the ones above.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MA Moment and A Lilly State of Mind

It's 6:50am and I had to open my computer and share this little moment that just happened. I heard Molly Anne on the monitor, "Mommy, where are youuuuuu?"  I said back using the microphone thing through the monitor, "right hereeeeee!  Where are youuuuu?!"  She said, "I'm sleepin'!"  I said, "night night Molly Anne!"  And she said, "Night night Mommmmyyyyy!"

AHHHH this girl gets me every time.  I love being able to have little conversations with her now.  I keep saying it but this is my favorite age so far!  She has the best little spirit.  Cannot believe she is almost 2.  I'm working on a post for that!


Kevin and I have a beach trip coming up and I'm getting really excited!  We originally were going to take Molly Anne with us but she is going to be getting spoiled by her Nana and PapaG instead.  This will be our only "Kevin and I" trip this year given we have quite a few house expenses these days! ;)  So we're looking extra forward to it!

The Gala we are going to while we are there has a suggested dress of "elegantly casual!"  They call it this whenever we go to a beach location and it kind of cracks me up.  Elegantly casual + beach location = Lilly Pulitzer to me!

I want to go try these three on and I'll report back in if any of them worked!

Valli Shift Dress - this one will probably be too dressy but I love it for a wedding!

You can't go wrong with a good ole shift dress!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gigi's 3rd Birthday Party

Molly Anne got to attend the sweetest birthday party for our Gigi on Saturday afternoon!  It was at SAS Cupcakes!  They each decorated three small cupcakes and also got a big one for when they sung happy birthday!  It was a lot of SUGAR but such a special treat!

These girls have known each other since about day 3 of Molly Anne's life.  They are back door neighbors and the sweetest of friends!  Another fun fact - they're 364 days apart in age!  Gigi's birthday is July 5th!

Mama to three girlies!  3.0 is due to arrive in the next few weeks and we can't wait for her to join our crowd!

Elsa and Anna arrived and they played games and read a book together.  It was precious.  Molly Anne LOVED them!  

The dancing game.  I love Emmy's face looking at crazy Molly Anne!

Molly Anne basically talked about Elsa and Anna the rest of the weekend!  So adorable!  

Happy 3rd to Gigi!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Weekend - Countertops too!

We had a busy but fun weekend!  Friday night we had happy hour over at my friend Regina's house and we got to swim!  Molly Anne lovesssss swimming and Regina's daughter Ava is so good with her.  Molly Anne couldn't stop talking Ava on Saturday too!

On our walk home, this police officer was just driving through the hood and he saw us and stopped suddenly.  I was like ummmmmm what did I do?!  We are just walking through the hood.  Well he got out and had a long thing of stickers.  It was super cute but Molly Anne was less than impressed with him!  Kevin and I had a field day with this picture though.  Definitely a moment for the baby book!  Her first run in with the law.  Thankfully it was just a Miller Lite in a koozie!

Friday night Kevin and I ordered Hawthorne's wings via Door Dash and hung out by the fire out back!  

Saturday morning we were up early so decided to head to a new to us breakfast at the Light Rail Restaurant.  Molly Anne loves to eat off my plate and this time was obsessed with the grits!

After breakfast we headed to two places to look at granite etc. for our countertops.  

This is a top contender for our kitchen.  

Below is what we are thinking for our master bath.  It's marble.  

Blogger isn't letting me put it above the picture but the above is a second option for our kitchen.

Saturday afternoon we had a 3rd birthday party for Gigi which I'll post about tomorrow then we zipped home to get Kevin and met Brad, Shauna and Sarah out for pizza at Inizio.  After Molly Anne was in bed, we did more house stuff.  Then I went to Target for a few things and then over to the new house to take tile samples.  

Sunday morning we just hung out, made breakfast for Kevin, he opened his cards and found a beverage cooler for the new house.  We attempted to put that together but my in laws ended up having to help us that night ha!  A favorite memory was Molly Anne giving Kevin his card.  She said, "Happy Fatter's Day, Daddy!"  It was PRECIOUS!

After nap, we played outside while waiting for our guests to arrive!

I love this picture that Kevin captured.  

Actually this one may be even better!  Sharing 101!

We grilled brats, dogs, burgers and veggies.  Served it with pasta and potato salad from Zoe's.  Easy!  We also steamed some shrimp that we brought back from McClellanville. Dessert was cupcakes from SAS Cupcakes in Blakeney.  We celebrated three fathers and two birthdays with our big family dinner!

Kevin and I ended up staying out back for awhile talking about everything we are going to miss about our current house and yard when we move.  He built a fire and then we stayed out there until after 10pm on a school night.  Yikes!  But it was fun to just hang out!

Back to reality today!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Dad

I know everyone thinks they have the best Dad but I really do!!!!  

He is the one who does EVERYTHING for everyone!  

He does so much for the community.  

He is the one who would sacrifice everything to give us kids something we needed or wanted.  

He is the one that doesn't want any recognition for anything.  

He is the one that makes the best gin and tonic in all the land.  

He is the one who opens your car door every time.  

He is the one who loves your child probably more than he loves his own children...furry and not furry.  

He is the one that ALWAYS agrees with anything I tell him.  

He is the one that never challenges any of my thoughts.  

He is the one that takes care of my dearest mother and has since they were in high school.

He is the calmest and most reasonable person I know.

He is the one that thinks the most logically.  

He is the one who solves a problem the same way I would...I learned the ways from him ha!

He is a cool engineer.

He knows how to fix anything around the house and he doesn't take shortcuts.

He has worked for everything he has and never complained once.

He is the glue that holds our family together.  Well, ole Mama helps too! ;)

He is a man of his word.  

He is the very BEST!  

Thanks Dad for everything you've done for us!!!!