Monday, April 3, 2017

First Official Hair Cut

Monday, Monday here.  Today is the first day in our new office.  It's been a pretty huge move.  We haven't moved in 17 years so this was a big deal.  Our new office building is just as nice, if not nicer.  Still in the same area but closer to Dean and Deluca, yikes!  Ha!  

I took Molly Anne to the urgent care yesterday mainly because I didn't have time today to take her and I just knew she had an ear infection.  And I was right - double ear infection.  This is 10 days after she was diagnosed with croup.  Doctor said they are likely unrelated and two separate things.  Crazy.  She hasn't acted like she felt badly but she was just so congested I knew something was up.  I'm glad to have already gotten two doses of Amoxicillin in her and I hope she feels better soon.  It really hasn't affected her thankfully and she hasn't been contagious according to the doc since she didn't have a fever with it.  

I feel horrible today and evidently my z-pack from last week did nothing.  Ugh.  Of course I have to travel this week.  Going back to doc today because I need something to work and work fast.  Mamas don't have time to be sick.  

The worst part is Kevin now has some sort of crud from one of us on top of his sinus surgery from last week.  Ugh.  Please think happy and healthy thoughts for our crowd!  Thank you!!

Back to the fun stuff!  Molly Anne had her first official hair cut on Saturday morning!  I took her to my girl Val at Modern Salon and Spa.  Only the best for my little queenie!  ;)  

Her before picture on their swanky sofa!

Val doesn't even cut children's hair but she was super sweet to take care of our Molly Anne.  I've gone to Val for probably 10 years so this was special that she cut Molly Anne's hair!  Val even did my wedding hair and every occasion in between.  And she has a 15 month old so she was soooo amazing to Molly Anne.  Molly Anne was an angel!

First she sat on my lap then moved to stand up and Val just adjusted ha!

Molly Anne was a ham to everyone in there.  So cute.  (I'm not biased or anything!)

Thank you to Val for being SO sweet and amazing.  We were out of there within 10 minutes and Molly Anne had about an inch less of hair and most importantly it was all even and the perfect bob!  

Sorry for the terrible shadow!

Before and after!  I know you can't really tell but it looks so much better!

Lounging with her favorite boy on Saturday afternoon.  

There ya have it!  


Ally Harding said...

Her hair is so adorable!! My hair girl cuts Oliver's hair for me too and it's so nice going to someone you've known for awhile and trust will do a good job!

Leslie said...

She is such a cutie! I love her new haircut, and so neat that she was able to go to the same person you have been going to for so long! I hope you all are feeling better soon; hopefully, all the antibiotics are going to kick in soon!