Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First Egg Hunt!

Our new neighborhood had their egg hunt on Saturday and it was also Molly Anne's first time hunting for eggs.  Last year she was a tad too young! ;)

Here she is all ready to go!

See how good her hair looks from her little hair cut that morning?

Not impressed with the Easter Bunny who happened to be one of Kevin's buddies from elementary school.  

The first part we were all in the clubhouse and they had lots of balloons and a little craft station for the children.

Her buddy Emmerson was there!

These were the cutest little bunny hats!

Then everyone went outside for the egg hunt.  Molly Anne wasted no time.  She didn't understand the holding her basket and putting them in at the same time.  But she still collected about a dozen eggs! 

Sweet girl.

They all played on the playground equipment then they had pizza delivered for everyone.  

Smocked dress + pizza = Molly Anne's dream day haha

On Sunday she picked up my camera and said cheese so I whipped it open and snapped this cute picture!  My friend Mallory commented on Instagram that she looked just like my Mom and I couldn't agree more!

That morning we went to a new park and played with Gigi and Mary Scott.  Molly Anne and Gigi played so well and really were super cute together.  

Afternoon nap time run to pick up groceries with my buddy.  Head out the sunroof duh.  

It was a busy but fun weekend!  


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

What a fun neighborhood event! Her haircut is darling. Looks like she and Gigi had fun at the park!!

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte said...

So fun! We missed our neighborhood hunt this past weekend due to another engagement but I believe M is too young. I love Molly Anne's haircut and dress.Looks like she had a great time.

Leslie said...

Aww, that egg hunt looks amazing, and MA is darling! The pizza picture is my favorite!