Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Egg Hunts & Allergic

Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday.  I'm trying to stay positive and I'm looking forward to a little Easter break.  

Let's talk about something fun....

Saturday morning with my girl.  She loves scrapple as much as I do!  Maryland girl at heart!  

She loves the Easter bunny when she can look at him but not have to touch him.  She yells HOP!  HOP!

Saturday morning we went to our neighborhood egg hunt!  

She loved hunting those eggs and running around everywhere!  She even had a donut as a special treat!

Molly Anne and Addison.  They are almost a year apart.  

My friend's high school son Logan was the EB!  Molly Anne wasn't too pleased but how great is this picture?!!  I'm awful, I know.

2016 versus 2017!

After nap, we all went outside and hung out for almost 4 hours!  It was SO good to be outside as I feel like we've all been cooped up for so long.  Molly Anne downed the cheese and meat tray!  She loved that!

Our next door neighbor came over to play with Molly Anne.  He always asks if he can come over and it's so cute.  Molly Anne kept saying, "heeeeeey luka!"  Kevin did not like the she was talking to him all sweet.  Oh my...!!!

Sunday morning after I gave her her amoxicillin for her ear infection, I noticed about an hour later that she had red bumps all over her.  I gave her benadryl immediately and we zipped to the urgent care to wait for them to open at 10.  We had plans to go to church...as in Kevin and I were both dressed, I was literally taking her pajamas off and putting her dress on when I noticed them.  Poor baby.  They went down immediately with the benadryl so that was good.  Doc said it was in fact an allergic reaction and that she is now allergic to amoxicillin.  

But the worst part is - she had been on it for 7.5 days and it hadn't touched her poor ears.  They still looked awful so we had to start a new medicine.  So frustrating.  Now she is on omnicef and I just really hope this helps because we are flying soon and I just hate that she is having to deal with this.  

Anyway, yesterday morning when she woke up, she was covered again so I took her to her regular doctor.  I know the rash will last for several days and even up to 4 weeks but I wanted to be sure that was exactly what it was.  The urgent care was fabulous but I didn't think they took a good look at her.  Basically, she is living on benadryl for the time being.  Bless her little heart.  

After the urgent care escapade, we went home, took it easy then got ready for another egg hunt!  Molly Anne was not affected by the rash at all and I knew it wasn't contagious so we went.  I don't know if that was the right decision but she barely had any bumps at this point and I knew she would have a good time.  So, we did it and I'm so glad because we had a blast!

How about this adorable magic show?!

Hey sweet Gigi!!!!!

See Molly Anne there in the middle, pulling her dress up?!!  She's very shy, can't you tell?!

With my Mary Scott and Molly Anne.  Or Mary Anne or Molly Scott or whoever! ;)  We call them the wrong names all of the time!

Hunting time!

Three little girls!

Molly Anne wore Gigi's dress that Gigi wore last Easter!  I love that they are exactly one year and one day apart in age!  

The rest of Sunday was spent like this.  Molly Anne has become obsessed with this Wheels on the Bus video on YouTube.  Sadly she can take my phone or "Mommy's iPad" and get it on without any help.  Yikes!

We had an easy dinner last night of pre-made burgers from teeter that Kevin grilled and some broccoli.  Hope everyone is having a good week!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

So sorry about MA rash. I hope it goes away quickly! Glad y'all could still enjoy some egg hunts. The pictures with her toungue out are the cutest!!

ACL said...

Oh my gosh medication allergies are so scary! We were at Davids parents this weekend is his nephew is obsessed with that wheels on the bus video too and he totally zones out once it goes on!

Kathleen said...

She looks adorable in that light pink dress. It is such a pretty color on her.
Hope you can get the allergies and the ears worked out and ASAP!!

ABS said...

Both of my kids had the same reaction to amoxicillin - they were on it for a week or more and then got a full body rash. My doctor said they call this a reaction that could become a full on allergy so refrain from giving it to her. My daughter had horrible ear infections (I'm also a working mom so she gets those daycare germs!) until she got tubes and we had to treat 100% without amoxicillin. Let me know if you want to chat or need more info! arielesullivan@gmail.com.

Leslie said...

Allergic reactions are so scary! We dealt with it last year for food allergies, and it was such a traumatic experience for all of us. I hope her ears get cleared up soon and she's feeling all better. It looks like you all did a lot of fun things despite the allergic reaction!

MCW said...

It was good for you all to get out and take your mind off her allergies. I'm not a mom, but is she seems ok...then go for it!