Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Labor Day Weekend

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin’s parents at a local Mexican place called Margaritas. It was so good. And we stopped by Menchies frozen yogurt on the way home. Grady actually ate it. Last time we went for ice cream back in early July, he wouldn’t!

After the children were in bed I took Mills on his nightly golf cart ride and ended up at a friends house!  I brought him home and went back over and we sat on her front porch for hours talking! Nothing like good girl chats! 

Saturday we got up and headed to Matthews Alive parade and festival!  Saw my buddy from college Benny and his family so we sat with them. It was good to catch up!  

Molly Anne loves the carousel and so did Grady!  I’m holding him ha!

Molly Anne also bounced through all of the bounce houses. Grady could only bounce on the stairs but he loved it!

We headed home just before Grady’s nap. He’s transitioning from 2 to 1 right now so he fell asleep in the car!  His new nap time is 12-3 and I’m really trying to stick with that on the weekends so he sleeps better at school during the week.  It makes a difference for him.  

After naps we headed to the pool and Emme was there too!  The girls had fun playing and so did the parents!

This boy loves the pool!

Molly Anne stayed up with us for a little bit and we sat out on the front porch and watched neighbors drive by. It’s the little things!

Sunday morning cuddles.  She lovessssssss her some Grady. She told him the other day he was so handsome!

We went to the Airport Overlook because we thought Grady would really like it and we were right. He always watches planes go by above our house and points and tries to say “plane.”  He loved doing this. Local friends - just plug in “Airport Overlook” into their Maps and it’ll come right up. Just be aware of your surroundings there! ;)

Afterwards we stopped at Improper Pig for an early lunch!  My southwestern salad with chicken was so good. 

Grady fell asleep again on the way home and Molly Anne kept knocking on his car seat to wake him up!  I took her to the pool for a few hours while he slept. 

When she and I got home from the pool, Kevin took her to Target and to the Butchers Market to get some beef tips for dinner.  He got her this perfume making kit at Target for ages 8+ at Target hahaha.  

Grady and I went for a golf cart ride and visited with his little buddy Will!  These two will get into some trouble one day!  They were born on the same day. 

Grady woke up at 3am with a 103 fever so we spent Monday nursing him back to health. Kevin took Molly Anne to the pool for a couple of hours.  My friend Caroline dropped dinner off on our front porch. How amazing is she?!! Soooo nice. She has enough on her plate - full time working mom, podcast, three young girlies, and more. My goodness, thank you again Caroline!  

Molly Anne worked on her perfume kit!  It was actually pretty cute and she enjoyed it. I definitely had to help her though!

We had a very chill Monday. Grady slept a lot to recoup although I’m 95% sure it’s just teeth. His bottom left molar popped through and his upper molar is also showing a bit.  He has gotten a high fever before when getting teeth so maybe this is it again? That high of a fever is odd for teeth but who knows.  

So yes, Kevin and I have to split the work day to keep Grady home today.  It will be good for him to hang at home one more day to rest and recover and we have to follow that 24 hour return to daycare rule of course!  

Chat soon. 

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