Friday, September 27, 2019

Pumpkins and Party for Molly Anne's Class Mamas

I finally got some more fantasy pumpkins at Trader Joe's for our front steps.  I like it so much better now.  No mums because it's 95 degrees and they die when they come to our house.  Plus, I kinda am digging the all pumpkin look!

I hosted the moms from Molly Anne's new class at our house last night.  It's always great getting to know who is in her class by getting to know the Mamas.  If you're room mom, I highly recommend hosting this.  We swear that the children had an extra great year last year because we all became such great friends. 

I had these 6 items out plus wine, pumpkin beer and liquor.  
 - Plain ole cracker cuts with club crackers - one of my fav basics
 - Parmesan artichoke dip - my friend Ashley's recipe and WHOA it's good.  
 - Pawleys jalapeno pimento cheese in a phyllo cup, baked with a dollop of bourbon jam after it comes out of the oven
 - Asian Appetizer
 - Christina's Pumpkin Dip
 - Chocolate Chip Ball

Late night golf cart rides.  And by late night, I mean 10pm haha.  

It was such a fun night!  

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