Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wal-Mart Haul

I have to remind myself now that we have 4 eaters in our house.  And really Grady probably requires the most food of any of us.  Every now and then I'll do a Wal-Mart haul because their grocery pick up which is completely free is wonderful.  Their app is fantastic and their substitutions are always spot on.  Highly recommend.  I also like that you can pick up your order starting at 7am or 8am versus Teeter's 10am.  And when you pick it up, they always come out within a couple of minutes.  So fast!

Anyway, here is the stuff I got the other day.  I always like seeing other people's so maybe this gives you an idea for something you've never bought?  Again, most of this stuff is pantry or other staples.  Not a ton of meal ideas.  


I always have a bunch of pouches - apple sauce and yogurt.  They're fast for on the go in the morning and easy to take to the pool. 

Never tried the frittatas before but thought they're a fast, low carb option for Kevin.

Grady still loves the gerber yogurt melts and they are good to stick in my purse for when we go out and are waiting on our food. 

Hadn't tried the low carb tortillas but the kids liked them for their quesadilla for mexican night on Tuesday.  Kevin and I just had salads. 

Olive Garden Italian dressing is delish and I hadn't bought that in awhile.  Those Brown N Serve sausages are so easy for a weekday morning if I have a little extra time to make them a hot breakfast.  Honey nut cheerios for Grady to let him chomp on those while I get breakfast ready.  Wal-Mart has the best chopped Caesar salad kit..that's behind the sausage.  The Ritz crackers were a substitute but I think Molly Anne and Grady will like those for snack on the weekends.  Same with the Pringles. 

Iced coffee....never been a coffee drinker because I think it's a terrible habit but I do like this iced coffee a few days a week now.  

Molly Anne loves the danimals smoothies.  I get those and also sometime organic ones from Trader Joes.  Wholly Guacamole salsa for mexican night.   The greek gods yogurt is really good if you haven't tried it.  I don't usually like Greek yogurt but this is is the Honey one.  Molly Anne also loves a charcuterie dinner sometimes with these pepperoni minis and the sliced cheddar cracker cuts.  The shout color catcher sheets for the laundry - amazing.  Thank you to Emily and Brittany for recommending these!  The rest of this stuff are staples I always try to have on hand.  

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into my little grocery haul ha!  

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