Friday, September 13, 2019

Hey Hey

Hey Hey, I'm still here, just very busy this week.  

Grady is a sick buddy.  Croup, croup and more croup.  More steriods.  Met with a very technical doctor this morning and came up with a longer term solution to hopefully keep him more healthy.  They still think it is laryngomalacia which is basically narrowing of his airway and a floppy airway.  Any little cold for Grady turns to croup.  And he's getting four molars right now.  I just feel so badly for him!

I had to travel for work this week and probably next week too.  Let the games begin.  Should be interesting.  We hit it hard when we travel and get a lot done in a short time period but it's still not fun being away.  And yes, of course Grady got sick while I was gone.  I went straight from the airport to the doctor's office on Wednesday.  I'll save you most of the details of that drama.

I'm super busy at work right now so that complicates staying home with him.  But I'm so thankful for amazing people at my office.  Plus, I'm getting it done from home pretty much just as well?

Our house looks like a circus ran through it.  We did get our air fixed on Monday so that was huge.  

Molly Anne has been amazing this week as I took her from school then had to take her back on Wednesday after I was able to get an appointment for Grady.  And I had to run her to school extra early this morning so I could get back home to relieve Kevin by 8.  She was just so accommodating and cool about it all.  Big cheers for my big girl! 

Got to see an old work/client friend Jodie on Monday night while she was in town from Denver.  We had a good dinner at Legion Brewing and caught up for hours!  Always good girl talk!

These are the weeks I need my Mom living here so she could help me with Grady!!!  No pressure Mom and Dad!  Ha!  This working Mama thing ain't for the birds.  I know it's all hard (truly) but I personally feel pulled in a lot of directions this week.  This too shall pass. 

I'm sure there are many other things to catch up on but I'm going to get things done and I hope you all have a nice weekend!  xo

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  1. I needed to read this today! We have had a WEEK up here! I was traveling for work, Sydney got sick with strep throat, and it just totally threw a big curve ball in the schedule, not to mention the mom-guilt that comes with not being there when they don't feel well.

    It's a life stage that is what I keep telling myself! So glad to know others are working through it too!