Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What Up Wednesday

I don’t have much this week. Busy work week and I’m hosting a moms night for the moms in Molly Anne’s new class. 

Grady boy looking cute at breakfast the other morning!

Mills is always nearby. Waiting for me to get off my Peloton!

He got groomed this week!  Car seats make him have to ride up front haha!  It’s a very short ride. 

Meeting a new client + site visit equals random outfit. My jeans look tighter than they were, I promise.  This is going to be a cool project out at the airport though so that’s exciting. Something different which is always good!  Plus, it’s my first project I’ve ever done IN Charlotte!  

Little pumpkin flare courtesy of Trader Joe’s. I am going to try to go back tomorrow and get more for the other side. This was all I could fit at the time. Cute though, right?! 

I’ve got some other things that hopefully I will post tomorrow if I get a minute.  Chat soon. 

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