Monday, September 23, 2019

Crazy Weekend!

Happy First Day of Fall!  We celebrated by taking Molly Anne and Grady's teachers some pumpkin smelling soaps for their homes!  Molly Anne wrote the tags to her new (and old!) teachers and loved putting them on the tops of the soaps.  Then she delivered each one of course! ;)  

Weekend rewind...

Brad, Shauna and Sarah came to our club to have dinner Friday night after work!  It was fun.  They had live music and the girls had a blast playing on the lawn. 

SATURDAY - busy day!

I took them to the neighborhood playground that morning.  We ran there and took the long way.  Molly Anne did well running.  Usually we run to a mailbox, then walk to the next one.  That way I don't hear too much complaining about her legs hurting!  Haha.  

Emme's party was at 11am at her Minnie's Clubhouse!  It was ADORABLE.  Margot always goes beyond!

Birthday girl is 4!!!

We missed Sarah but glad her girls are in the picture!  

Grady only slept for about an hour and a half with Kevin while we were at the party.  We ended up going next door to play in the driveway with Maggie and Greer for a bit.  Grady's life with pink and purple knee pads on.  They did help when he was crawling on the concrete ha!

Then our babysitter came and we headed to a neighbor's Oktoberfest!  Check out their outdoor area.  Amazing right?!  Whitney had the best decorations.  It was awesome!

Fresh pretzels from VGBG uptown. 

Thennnnnn....we went to dinner at Yama with two couples from our old neighborhood that we just love!  I'm telling you, it was a busy Saturday!!  Sushi was amazing.  We always like going out with them because it's just easy and always fun.  


Sunday morning we played in the playroom for a few hours.  Literally.  They love it in there!

I got Grady's picture hung...aka I only had to change the wiring on the back to make it work with the hooks that were already there from Molly Anne's 2.5 year old picture.  Molly Anne is 10 months in hers, Grady is 11 months.  I LOVE them. 

Once we get Grady's done at 2.5 years old, I'll hang all four pictures on this wall.  Not sure what I'm going to with Molly Anne's 2.5 year old one for now.  Maybe put it in my getting ready area.  I LOVE seeing these every day in our main living room.  

After we all took naps (Molly Anne slept for 3 hours!), she and I headed over to the pool for one last pool day!  Grady was still sleeping when we left. 

The girls got to play one last time for the summer!

#funmom = Ms. Margot

We ended the weekend by grilling burgers, Kevin made some guac and we watched the Panthers.  Grady loved on his Mills.  

This morning I had gotten ready and went downstairs to feed Mills and take him out before the children got up.  Afterward Mills was serviced, I was unloading the dishwasher and I hear Mills upstairs crying.  Loudly!  I go up there and he's just standing outside of Grady's door wanting to go in!  He could have pushed it open but he knows he's not supposed to.  He knew Grady was up and wanted to see him.  These boys are best buds.  That Golden love is something fierce yall!

Happy Monday!


  1. If you don't know Sam's Club has Natives in stock. I have bought several at my local Sam's Club. thought I would give you a heads up.

  2. Amazing backyard / party area. #housegoals

    As always, very impressed with your energy & ability for everyone to look amazingly put together all the time.

  3. I am so jealous of Molly Anne's bathing suit for her last pool visit of the season. If only they made that swimsuit in adult size!

    Hope you guys get a chance to still swim throughout the winter so that Molly Anne can continue to become a stronger swimmer! Maybe she'll join swim team in a few years! :)