Friday, September 6, 2019

Five on Friday - Grady, Easy Dinner, Treat

Grady is into EVERYTHING right now. (Hello almost 16 months.) As in someone has to watch him at all times. Unless he’s in his crib. Otherwise, the boy is wide open.  While I was cooking dinner, he was entertained by getting Molly Anne’s goggles out of the pool bag that was on the floor drying from being at the pool earlier that day.  And yes I know he shouldn’t be sitting like that. I move his legs forward 1,000 times a day. 

Playing with the busy board my parents made for Molly Anne. He was playing peekaboo with the picture of my parents all by himself. Pretty cute!  The playroom is Grady’s happy place. He lovessss being in there so we are a lot!  

A future woodworker like Poppa?  I think Molly Anne will be the engineer like Poppa. 

Tired little girl.  She’s been a busy little bee lately. Pool all weekend long. Lego and magnatile building before and after school. Every day.  

Hope everyone has stayed safe from Hurricane Dorien. I thought we may have some visitors from Pawleys at any point this week but they decided to stay put and ride it out.  They made it through high tide yesterday afternoon so that was good news. 

He looked so handsome the other day ready for school and eating his breakfast.  Anyone have any good fast breakfast ideas?  One or two days before school I’ll do eggs and sausage but the other few mornings we go the fast route - frozen pancake, frozen waffle, smoothie, yogurt pouch, fruit, English muffin, cereal, egg/sausage/cheese premade muffins I sometimes make - some variation of these things. Any other ideas? 

The sweetest treats!!  Such a fun surprise from friends!  And it made Molly Anne eat all of her green beans and most chicken from the dinner below!!  Thank you Emme!

A fast dinner that my friend Ashley from home told me about!  Chicken tenderloins, fresh green beans and red potatoes.  Get the green beans and potatoes that are in microwaveable steam bags in the fresh foods area (they’re separate bags).  Marinate the chicken in this (except don’t use the vinegar). 

Grill the chicken and steam the potatoes then green beans.  Mix cooked green beans and potatoes with butter and sprinkle some leftover seasoning from above packet on them.  Also, add Parmesan cheese. I forgot this step!  Serve. Easy, healthy, delicious. Well, three of us liked it. I won’t mention the person who didn’t eat it. ;). 

My children don’t eat a lot of carbs (it’s baffling) so they didn’t eat the potatoes. I have Becky to thank on the not many carbs thing. Molly Anne always chooses applesauce over French fries if we are out at a restaurant. Always!  Of course they eat sandwiches, ice cream and that sort of thing but nothing starchy. 

She loved the cupcake after all of those delicious green beans!  

This was Grady’s first cupcake I think!  

Also, may I mention that first we had to move him from eating at the island in his booster (that was on the barstool) because he kept pushing himself away from the island?  We were afraid he was going to fall backwards (he did at a neighbors but we caught him).  

Then he was just using the booster chair tray to eat off of in the middle of the room on the barstool.  Well now we had to move him to a shorter, more squaty chair because he was acting so wild and he’s umm a bit top heavy.  So yep, in the middle of the kitchen, in a booster, on a breakfast table chair with a tray.  And the second he starts acting wild and throwing food and his cup, he gets taken down — no more food or drink. It’s unreal! #boys. Sweet little bubba boy but whoa!

And I’m trying to use a bib more. I really don’t like them but I’m tired of lots of stain treating so this helps!  

The Lilly sale is on Monday morning 8am-ish!  Who is excited?!  I’m going to be on the hunt for workout tanks (I live in them) and some size 5 shifts for Molly Anne next summer! 


  1. For breakfast, try a bento can make these the night before so it’s easy to grab. I eat them in my classroom before school starts. I put in yogurt, granola on top, hard boiled egg sliced up, berries or other fruit, almonds, a BabyBel, and a granola bar. Sometimes an apple or banana with peanut butter. Not always all of those things, but a variety of them. I’d put the almonds in a small container or they like absorb moisture from what’s around them.

    Also, the chipotle pepper marinade by the same brand is really good. I just had a baby, so I may try that dinner idea since it’s fast!

  2. During this stage with winn he started to rip the bibs off... so until he was about 3 he just ate dinner in the nude.