Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Poor Buddy

It was a pretty not fun weekend in Grady’s world. He was not feeling good at all and I felt so badly for him. I kept him home with me Friday and that was the beginning of the really awfulness that actually started last Wednesday.  One of his worst croup episodes + four molars at once = poor buddy. 

It’s like Mills knew. 

Mis matched pjs. We didn’t care. 

My fav. 

He lovessssss this puppy!

I did take Molly Anne to do a couple of errands on Saturday morning and we went to the playground for a little bit. 

Kevin took this picture of us playing with a domino train that my parents sent the kiddos to play with. It’s cute. 

We had a new babysitter come stay but not until after I put Grady to bed.  And this was actually good timing because his breathing was a lot better and he was coughing less. With no fever.   Benjy, Jess, Kevin and I  had late reservations at Peppervine so we stopped at Legion Brewing for a drink then went to dinner. 

This was late night so we were one of three tables left. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

It was quite the culinary experience and I loved it. Everything we got was good.  I actually really enjoy trying new and fancy foods so this was fun. We’ve traveled all over the world with Benjy so trying new things with them is nothing new!

Swimming at the pool on Sunday afternoon during Grady’s nap.  Girlfriend loves the pool. Knows everyone there and talks to every person. 

This week has been nutty but getting it done.