Monday, September 9, 2019

Lilly Sale and Weekend

Today is the first day of the Lilly sale   I’m so excited! Shop early to be sure you get what you want. You all know the drill. 

On Friday I took a jump and had my hair cut by someone else after YEARS AND YEARS.  I just needed a change.  @andreaivey did it and I loved her and what she did to my mop!  It needed big time help and look at it after she was finished!  Whew!

Molly Anne told me she was going to change when she got home from school before we went to dinner. And this is what she chose.  It was actually pretty cute. Peter Pan collar under a shift Lilly dress, because duh. Matching bow of course.  And the size 2T cardigan for good measure in 95 degree heat! 

One of the waitresses told us to try frozen waffles for Grady’s molars and wow she was right!!!  He has been so miserable this past week or so. I hope he gets relief soon. 

We played played played a lot in the playroom all weekend!  Our air conditioning isn’t working on our first floor so I spent a majority of Grady’s nap time on Saturday under the house trying to figure that out. (Kevin and Molly Anne were at the pool.). My Dad and next door neighbor helped me out after the HVAC guy told us it was an electrical issue. Drew figured that issue out but now the condensate pump still isn’t working properly so the HVAC guy will come back tomorrow. It’s 76 downstairs so not terrible but we spent most of our weekend upstairs!

Saturday night we met Kevin’s cousin and his wife out at Top Golf for a fun evening!  We love them. They’re so fun to hang out with. 

We ended up at a bar that’s part of a gas station in Fort Mill, SC.  Seriously those are the best places ever!  They had live music and a ton of people there. Good people watching!

Sunday morning we all laid low and played. Grady reverted back to two naps each day this weekend because his teeth are really bothering him and he was miserable being tired and hurting. After his nap but before his afternoon one, we scooted over to our club for brunch!

Molly Anne didn’t nap on Sunday so I had her help me clean out the bottom right drawer full of crafts in our mudroom. I use this drawer for quick crafts that I can pull out and put in my purse for entertainment if we go out or to keep them occupied while I make dinner.  While we were at it she did some tracing and letters. 

She knows how to do all of her letters but a little practice never hurts. This is the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Workbook. It’s really good!

We picked up carry out for dinner from Viva Chicken (there was no cooking in a hot kitchen!) and then played outside. Grady is into trucks so we took a field trip next door to admire Drew’s.  Grady goes “rooooommmmm rmmmmmm” and “tru!” 

Molly Anne loves some chalk and our friends Regina and Ava recently gave her a ton and she is obsessed!  She stacks them all and loves drawing all of the things! 

Mills and I wrapped up our weekend taking a ride on the golf cart and a quick Peloton ride.  

Busy week this week so I gotta roll. Chat soon. 


  1. your hair cut is INCREDIBLE!!!!! so pretty, friend!!!!

  2. Your hair looks fantastic! Hope Grady gets relief soon! UGH