Friday, August 30, 2019

Five on Friday

1.  The Beaufort Bonnet Company has wonderful customer service.  My friend gave this Polly Play Dress to Molly Anne for her birthday and it is like the fabric failed in a few spots from wearing it the past couple of months.  Molly Anne has had other Polly dresses and this has never happened...they're such good quality.  And I had never dried this one.  Anyway, I wrote them an email and sent the picture and they credited me the amount towards getting a new dress.  They were prompt, kind and made it right.  I've always shopped with them but definitely will be continuing.  I love good companies.  PS - they are having their Labor Day sale through Monday so with the code LABORDAY you save an additional 20% off sale items plus free shipping. 

2.   How adorable are these hand painted oyster shells from Amy Moffatt Art?  Christmas gifts!  Can put jewelry and anything else in them. So cute. Find at @amymoffattart on Instagram. She’s local to Charlotte!

3.  My friend Julie and I had this rose at Civetta a few months ago and I’ve been on the hunt for it ever since. Winestore was so helpful. The owner ordered it for me and I picked up a few bottles this week. Did y’all know they can get mostly any wine??!  It was so easy too!  Definitely got Julie a bottle. She’s about to have #3 so she will need it ha!

4.  A few weeks ago I went over to Charlotte Running Company to get fitted for new running shoes.  It had been yearsssss (def since before Molly Anne was born) since I had gotten new shoes.  So bad for your feet and probably part of the reason for my foot issues I’m having - pinched nerves!  Anyway, they videoed me running on the treadmill and analyzed how I run then selected what shoe I should wear. I ended up with these sauconys and I took them out for a spin yesterday morning. They’re a dream!!  So glad I finally got them.  Lesson learned - get fitted for running shoes. Don’t buy online!

5.  Harris Teeter at Rea Farms had cooked crabs so I picked two up just for fun and picked them for lunch.  They were surprisingly so good!  Can’t take the Maryland out of me ha!

6.  We’ve done a lot of playing out in the driveway after school this week. They both love it and our driveway is mostly shaded in the afternoons so it’s perfect.  This summer we’ve also gone on a lot of golf cart rides after dinner and before baths. Molly Anne likes getting to eat a poscicle sometimes and Grady just chills out on there.  

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend! 

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