Monday, August 5, 2019

Fun Weekend, Carowinds

We have been living it up this summer.  Every weekend we hit it hard during the days with the kids and have fun at night too.  It's just been so much fun and I can only imagine them getting better as Molly Anne and Grady get older and can do more.  

Friday after work we headed over to my friend Kelly's for a happy hour she hosted.  It was so fun and let the kids run wild for an hour or so!

Saturday morning Mills snuck into Grady's room.  Bringing me back to dejavu when he did that to Molly Anne!  Grady has really taken an interest in Mills lately and it's so cute!

We met some friends from her school at our neighborhood pool on Saturday after soccer and had the best time.  We ended up staying until about 3:30 except Kevin took Grady home about 1 for his nap.  We all had the best time and maybe too much fun.  The kids were all wiped from 4 hours on the waterslide, splash pad, diving for fish etc.  Crazy! 

Emme was there too!  

Kevin's parents were extra kind to come over about 4:15 and we headed to Porter's House for appetizers and drinks with friends!  They have the best cocktails and apps.  Such a treat.  

We zipped home a little after 7 so they could get home and we ended up hanging out in the driveway and with our neighbors when they got home.  I literally have not laughed that hard in the longest time.  And it's on video so every time I watch it, I crack up.  Good times.  

Sunday morning bright and early we were up and I took Molly Anne to Carowinds to get some use out of our season passes!  Grady took his nap and Kevin worked.  

We had the best time together!  We were there for 3 hours and it was HOT when we left.  And crowded ha!

We ended the weekend with afternoon naps for everyone, chinese food for dinner and I watched CMA Fest for a little bit.  A weekend well spent!  Grady is likely going to move to one nap a day pretty soon and that's going to be amazingggggg so we can do things in the morning and he can be included! 

This morning we all got dressed and happened to be wearing navy and white.  I promise it was totally random.  Molly Anne picked her own outfit out and I just wore my old trusty ha!  Kevin was wearing teal so he took the pic! ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!  Also, thank you for your questions the other day...I should have the answers up this week!

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