Friday, August 9, 2019

Five on Friday

Becky gave me an idea this week that Molly Anne loved - give her spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows and let her build things.  In the picture she has bigger marshmallows but the small ones work better.  She loved it!

Some of you may have seen my Instagram this week but there was a female police officer at her school for a couple of days this week and Molly Anne thought that was super cool that the police officer was "a girl police officer!"  (Usually it's always guys so that's why this was odd for her to see!) The officer was so sweet to Molly Anne and told her if she works hard she can be anything she wants to be and gave her a sticker.  It was adorable. 

The next day Molly Anne made a card and took her a chocolate bar.  She loved doing this!

We hung out outside for a bit on Wednesday night.  We went to the pool after school/work but I had to bring Grady home early because he had a little rash on his forehead I think due to the sunscreen (that I've used on him all summer - Neutrogena!) and got worked up and rubbed it in his eyes.  A little benadryl and bath cured that right away.  It was weird but he was fine.  

I ended up jetting out after bedtimes and met up with some friends at Foxcroft for wine and snacks.  I think we covered about every topic possible on this night!

Checking on this little bubba when I got home. 

Molly Anne matched Natalie yesterday on purpose and it was so cute!  Us mamas have the same taste in clothes so they probably have more matching outfits than we even know what to do with!  These are the cutest and most comfy, well-made dresses. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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