Thursday, August 22, 2019


1.  I took a week off of cycling on my Peloton.  Maybe even over a week.  I am trying to be careful to not get burnt out on it which I have a habit of doing with certain exercising.  I have been doing some of the arm workouts though which I enjoy.  I also did a couple of Erin Oprea's workouts from Instagram.  Yesterday and this morning I cycled again so that was good but no big rides.  15 minute ride yesterday about killed me....I was a sweaty mess.  15 minutes ha!  Also, I always think working out means killing cardio for 45 minutes every time and that's not the case.  

2.  I ate a PB&J for dinner last night.  My children ate well but I was done done and done and that's all that sounded good.

3.  I'm super busy at work and have been at the office 4 times a week.  I like being there.  

4.  The mornings have been tough getting out of the door this week.  You'd think I wouldn't have a problem with it since I do it all of the time but this little switch with Grady this week has thrown me for a bit of a loop.  This too shall pass.

5.  I found out how much the labor was to reupholster the chair from my great-grandmother and I couldn't believe it.  So much more than a few years ago so it may have to wait a little bit.  

6.  I take Mills on a golf cart ride almost every night after the children go to bed.  It's a hoot but he loves it!  He now stands at the door waiting on me.  

7.  I went to bed at 8pm on Wednesday night.  NECESSARY.  We've hit it pretty hard this summer - I've gone out one night during every week plus we've been going out a night on the weekend.  I needed some sleep and vegetables in my world this week and I'm glad I've made that happen. 

8.  Mentally I'm pretty zonked this week from what I talked about yesterday but I do realize it's minor in the grand scheme of what others have going on.  I'm also fighting a battle in my head of whether or not I should have Grady x-rayed like his pediatrician said we could do (and will do if he's not walking at 18 months).  I feel like that's more for me than for him at this point though.  I'm going to give it time and let him get settled at his new school and see what progress happens over the next couple of weeks.  It's always something to worry about with children, right?

9.  I took Grady's Dubose picture to get framed this week.  It's going to take 3.5 weeks to be finished and I CANNOT WAIT!  So excited to get it back.  

10.  I feel like I've been on an Amazon roll this week - leotards, socks for Grady, more Monkey Bar Buddies for Molly Anne, a couple new toys for G, diapers, pullups and wipes.  Never a dull moment and thank goodness for our nice UPS man!

11.  Kevin totally took over groceries and dinners for this week and also went to Sam's for us.  This was SO helpful.  He loves some Sam's Club but I know everyone in Charlotte loves Costco!

Chat soon friends!


  1. I’m sure you’ll get in a routine soon, and definitely make one that includes rest! My brother and his wife love Sam’s. They go on “dates” there with my niece, and I think it’s adorable! Their frozen yogurt is yummy!

  2. your children are so precious! My oldest did not walk until she was almost 17 months old. zero desire. she is just fine and I hope Grady is too. It never concerned me that she wouldn't until other mom's said "she's not walking yet?" and I said, " obviously she isn't." lol

  3. I use my daughter's Peloton on occasion. Have you ever done any workouts with Denis Morton? Lawdy he is so cute! Makes me want to work out everyday ;)