Friday, August 23, 2019

Seven on Friday

Can yall stand this adorable backpack I ordered for Grady?!  Molly Anne has the same one in pink with a navy monogram.  All the heart eyes.  

Molly Anne started gymnastics this week at Southeastern.  My goodness, this program doesn't mess around.  She got a hefty dose of discipline, Russian style!  Go girl!  She loves it so far!  I ordered her a couple of new leotards from Amazon - here and here (both under $13 each).  The one she's wearing in the below picture is a Target specialty!  They have it in toddler and larger sizes.  

The thunderstorms have been freaking Mills out and we've found him in his condo a lot if we aren't home when the storm begins.  It's his safe place.  He's also been sleeping overnight in there more often lately. 

Greenery from Yafo - my go to lunch spot when I'm at my office in Southpark. 

I was over exchanging some shoes for Molly Anne this week at Nordstrom and saw these boots.  They may have to be her new color for this Fall/Winter.  She would love them!

Yesterday was Mills' 7th birthday!  We celebrated the way we do every year.  Goodie cake!  Except Molly Anne made it this year.  It's just little goodies and a bunch of peanut butter layered between them!  His favorite.  We love our buddy boy!  I lay with him every night for a little while, rub his ears and always tell him he's my best friend! :)  

Gone in one big bite. 

He hates when I make him wear the same party hat every year!

Chaos in Mills' condo!  I don't know why they like getting in there but they do!  Whatever ha!

We went out to Cabo Fish Taco for dinner last night and I forgot how good it is!  There is one in Ballantyne near us now so it was fun to go...we usually always went to the NoDa one when we lived uptown.  Grady keeps himself entertained at Mexican restaurants by eating chips as of two weeks ago...things I never let Molly Anne do - eat chips at 15 months old...those sharp edges!  But Grady doesn't care, he eats them one after another!

Amanda - I couldn't reply to your comment on this post, but I made the apple that's on their little board.  Just cut some construction paper, glue it together or tape it and done!  It looks way better in pictures than it does in person! ;)

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