Friday, August 16, 2019

Five on Friday - Haircut and Chair

My little loves doing some reading before bed one night this week!

Grady got his hair cut for the third time this week. I always take my kids to Modern Salon and Spa, not one of the kids places. To me it’s a lot calmer and easier. Actually I shouldn’t say that since I’ve never been to a kids place but from pictures and videos I’ve seen, it is. Regan had to cut his hair this time while he looked out the window at all of the cars. He wouldn’t sit with me in the chair like he did the other times. Ha!  But he loved watching the people and traffic!

The summer thunderstorms have been scaring my little Mills. He slept two nights this week in his condo. 

I dried her hair the night before her last day of school this week. It is so blonde and so pretty!

Yesterday I took my Peloton shoes to the store and made sure they fit correctly and that i was measured properly for the bike. I’ve been having pinched nerves in my feet so I’m trying to correct that with fit and form. 

This was my great grandmothers chair that my parents gave us in July when we were home.  I finally picked out a fabric.  Thoughts?!  After a little Instagram poll of my friends, I think I made the right choice.  Found it at Front Door Fabrics in Providence Promenade for you local girls!  They had so many cute options!

It’s more blue than navy but it looks darker here. And the background is pretty white. I took these pictures at night. #badblogger #notime

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  Molly Anne is going to her first Panthers football game tonight!


  1. Aww, I love little Grady and MA's haircuts.

    I hear great things about the Peloton! I think it will be a purchase next year when I am officially debt free!

  2. Grady is adorable and MA is such a cutie.
    Will Grady watch a video on a phone? Sometimes that distracts a child & keeps them still long enough for a hair cut.