Friday, August 2, 2019

Trees, #Joy4Charlotte and PT

A baby in a box!

We had four trees cut down on Tuesday this week and before we left for school and they started working, Molly Anne was back there telling the guys that she was going to go to NC State, be an engineer and then after college she was going to be 36 and a Mama.  Hmmmmmmmm!  She wanted to watch them all day but I finally got her to get in the car and go to school.  Meanwhile I watched those trees fall when I was working from home and WHOA!  They were huge.  

Watching the bachelorette with me on Tuesday night for the finale.  I hope Hannah and Tyler get together!!  He seems like such a great guy!

Wednesday we participated in the Kindness Movement in honor of sweet Charlotte.  Check out #joy4charlotte for ways you can pass kindness on daily.  We left a note for a friend, took a chicken biscuit to the police officer at Molly Anne's school, took donuts to Ms. Becky and the ladies at PT, picked up Nothing Bundt cakes for Molly Anne's afternoon teachers, thanked some nice men picking up trash on the side of the road (yelled out our car window while at a stop sign) and tipped the Uber driver extra.  She's working very hard for her family and I thought she was going to cry when I gave her the money.  She got out and hugged me.  This day was so special for Molly Anne and I...we both learned a lot.  One of Molly Anne's teachers left me the NICEST note the day after.  So so so nice.  Every day should be a kindness movement.  Most importantly we all felt JOY for our Char.

------ Wednesday at PT doing the stair master haha!  Ms. Amy is the best.  She did a one year assessment on him this day because we've been doing PT for a year.  They say he is 29% delayed and if you're over 20% then you should be in PT.  So, we're doing the right thing but whew.  He is about to start at Molly Anne's school and honestly I think being in a class with 7 other children born the same month will be SO GOOD for Grady.  But this picture does crack me up and I'm trying to see a little humor in all of this.  

I went to a work dinner at Legion Brewing on Wednesday night for our assistant who is retiring after 16 years.  Then I went to Bible study at my friend Ashley's and it was so great.  This summer we did a marriage one and it has been beneficial.  I don't have pictures from either event but it was a great night.  

That's all I have for now.  Chat soon! 

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