Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Last and First Days

Oh it's been quite the couple of weeks here.  Thursday was Molly Anne's last day in her 2018-2019 class and Friday was Grady's last day at Ms. Becky's.  We will still see Molly Anne's teachers almost daily but we won't get to see Ms. Becky.  I've driven to her house every weekday for 4 years so I definitely had a hard time leaving her on Friday.  She has taken such amazing care of both Molly Anne and Grady and we miss her SO much.  This has also been a little transition for Molly Anne because she still got to see her most days this past year when we picked up Grady.  I made the last pickup quite fast...basically I ran out of there crying!  We will be back to see her soon but we gotta rip the bandaid off for a few weeks first.  

Truth be told, I've been driving almost 1.5 hours every afternoon picking up my two children and I can't withstand that for another year.  AND...since Grady is a little behind on milestones, he needs to be with children his age in a hefty program that will get him going.  And...this will be my only year for the next 4 that they'll be in the same school together.  So it made complete sense to move him to Molly Anne's school.  And she couldn't be more excited to have him there and see him in the halls!

So like last August when we had a big transition of moving Molly Anne from Ms. Becky, this August we are doing it with Grady.  And it hasn't been very fun this week.  But I'm sticking it out, knowing it WILL get better.  I've been taking him into school to pick Molly Anne up since he's been born every now and then but the last couple of weeks I walked him through where his class was going to be etc.   Last Saturday he got to play in his new room during the open house.  Of course Monday happened and zero crying when I dropped him off.  Tuesday and today...CRYING.  I hate leaving him like that but I do know it will work out and I do know he's in a wonderful place where he will learn and grow.  And he'll be there for the next 4 years so he eventually will get used to it!

Molly Anne on the other hand has had zero transition this year.  Her afternoon teacher from last year is her new teacher and the lady that is teaching with her is amazing too.  Molly Anne told me to go ahead and leave yesterday when I dropped her off.  Ha!  She loves being there and is quite the social butterfly! 

That's what has been going on over here.  I know we will get into the swing of things with Grady but it will take time.  Becky always told me to give everything 30 days and she's been right every time.  So here's to the middle of September coming quickly but most importantly, Grady getting more comfortable with his super sweet teachers.  :)

I forgot to take pictures of them with their little boards before school so we did it after.  

Grady looks exhausted right?  He only slept one hour.  And he's used to 4 hours of naps a day!


  1. Where did you find the apple to go on the letter board? so cute!

  2. Oh Mama! I'm sorry, these transitions are never easy, even when you know they are for the best. Hoping that Grady adjusts quickly, it sounds like one drop off and pick up is going to make your afternoons a lot easier!