Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Meal Prep and Menu

Molly Anne downed this hummus when she was over at my friend Kelly's house.  It's from Costco and I'm not a member but my friend Margot was going and I asked her to pick it up for me.  Obsessed.  

I even saw Kevin dip a red pepper slice into it the other night before dinner!  So this week I bought a few things for meal prep and to have around for snacking and my lunch salads.  I always do better with my eating when I have healthy things prepped.  Two red peppers, one yellow pepper, mozzarella, carrots and a zucchini.  I got home from the store and chopped chopped!

Heirloom mini tomatoes, fresh corn that I sauteed on the stove with a little butter, salt and pepper and I crisped some pre-cooked boars head bacon and prosciutto in the oven for a few minutes.  

Spending about 35 minutes doing all of this will make my life a lot easier the rest of this week.  

On our menu this week is - 
Tuesday - Arugula Caprese Salad (using above items)
Wednesday - Bacon Cheddar Burgers that Harris Teeter makes with sweet potato fries
Thursday - Mahi Mahi (was on special this week) with caesar salad and roasted okra
Friday - leftovers probably

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