Monday, August 26, 2019

Discovery Place and Birthday Party

Friday after work I grabbed Molly Anne and Grady, got them home, changed and ready for the pool.  We met Kevin over there.  I packed PB&J's and other things and they had dinner.  Then a storm came out of nowhere and I was carrying Grady and yelling for Molly Anne to run and follow me to the car.  It was chaos but we were safe in the car in a matter of seconds. 

Saturday morning one of Molly Anne's friends from her old class invited us to Discovery Place Science with them!  Here she is standing with the building where Kevin and I met. 

We had the best morning doing all kinds of STEM related activities.  There was a local architectural firm there that had a lot of booths set up with interactive activities for the children to learn what they do.  It was super cool!

And we also visited the lego exhibit and Molly Anne could have stayed there to build for hours!

That afternoon some of Kevin's family came over!  I had made this little charcuterie board thinking it was only a few people.  Well it ended up being a lot more than that so I wasn't entirely prepared but it worked out.  Thankfully family doesn't mind!  

Loved that Molly Anne and Grady got to visit with everyone!

Then we all (minus Molly Anne and Grady - they stayed with a babysitter) headed over to the club for Kevin's dad's 70th birthday party!  It was so nice!

Sunday morning looked a lot like this...lounging in our pajamas.  Mills loves Grady and Grady loves Mills!

She played with her legos for hours...which is now what our dining room has turned into.  Hey, I'm just glad it's being used for something productive!

Two peas in a pod.

We went out for lunch at 521 BBQ.  After naps we played out in the driveway with our neighbors and called it a night at 5:30pm.  I was asleep by 9:15p and woke up about 5:45a feeling pretty refreshed.  

Back to the grind today....with school traffic included.  Uck!  Good luck to all of the children beginning their new years today!  

Grady nor Molly Anne were happy about going to school this morning....Mondays are always rough drop off days.  

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  1. They are getting so big! I am blogging again