Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Gifts Galore

I have been inundated in buying August gifts!  Here are some of the ones I have wrapped. 

Ms. Becky - a goodbye gift...I can't even discuss this without getting teary.  We got her this lantern.  This is a classic and we love the ones we have!  On sale right now too!  

End of Year Teacher gifts - gift cards to their favorite restaurants and we also gave these cute Yeti cups to the two main teachers. 

New School Year Survival Kits that I talked about yesterday. 

Two year old boy gift - this fire truck.  My friend Brittany told me about this brand and it's so well made, I'm impressed!

Four year old boy gifts - this lego set and this book times two in this case!

I still have two more gifts to get for August.  See what I mean?  Busy month!  

I use these stickers on all of the gifts that Molly Anne and Grady give their friends.  They are EASY and I just write the child's name and slap it on the gift.  Occasionally Molly Anne will make her friends a card but that's assuming we have time to do that ha.  The girl that owns the shop is so accommodating and can make you anything!

Hope this makes your gift giving easier!

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