Monday, August 12, 2019

End of Soccer and Southend Crawl

This was our last not crazy weekend before school starts the new school year so I wanted to soak it all up.  

Soccer ended on Saturday and Molly Anne had a fun season with Coach Michael.  This season, most mornings, she told me she didn't want to go.  I kind of think it's because she needed to just chill on Saturday mornings because every time we got there, she had a blast and was thrilled to be playing.  We're going to take a break on soccer and move to Gymnastics which she has been sooooo excited about starting. 

After soccer, the children and I headed to the neighborhood pool and had lunch there too.  Kevin got ready and went to a funeral he had to go to.  We played with another neighbor that has three girls and Molly Anne loved that. 

After naps, I took them down to Kevin's parents to spend the night so we could go out and about.  It was so weird not having them at home because usually we have a babysitter instead!  We decided to do a little crawl of the southend area in Charlotte.  We like going to get a drink and an appetizer at a bunch of different places.  First stop was Hawkers....we had lettuce wraps and fun drinks.

Next stop was Superica...we didn't eat here, only had a drink.  Then Barcelona...we had scallops that were unreal. 

Then we stopped over at Manchester which is the old Liberty.  We had a charcuterie board there and I drank water ha!

The bright idea of the scooters popped up so we took those into uptown for our final stop at Farenheit.  I took a pretty awful fall about a block from where we were going...actually we should probably call it a faceplant on the sidewalk.  I only ended up with a bleeding elbow but I have bruises all over the place.  I was trying to go too fast to beat Kevin!!  Haha.  I'm my mother's child, what can I say?!  Honestly I was really lucky though because it could have been a lot worse!

Anyway, we walked the rest of the way to Farenheit ha.  We typically wouldn't have gone here (kinda touristy and takes forever to get a drink) but we had a gift card that we needed to use.  It ended up being a gorgeous night and we had fun!  We had a few appetizers out on the patio and hung out for awhile. 

The next morning I was up at 6:45am even without kids waking us up so I went out and ran a few miles around the neighborhood.  I don't think I've ever done that by myself in this new neighborhood so that was really fun!  Then I picked up Molly Anne and Grady about 8 and we had a nice little day!  Grady was into EVERYTHING....obsessed with Mills....

And the liquor least he reached for the good stuff... ha.  I probably need to secure these doors with something!  

Molly Anne chilled out and practiced learning how to read on my iPad!

During afternoon nap, Kevin stayed with Grady and I took Molly Anne to the neighborhood pool with friends.  We came back and went out for an early dinner at Chuys.  And we let her play in the grassy area at Waverly for a little bit.  

Both of them were asleep before 7pm....a summer day well spent!  Kevin was asleep before 9 and I was right after that.  We all needed a good night of rest.  

Happy Monday!

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