Monday, August 19, 2019

Busy Weekend

I've known for weeks that this was going to be a busy weekend with too much going on but it all kinda fell in these couple of days so I planned ahead, got a lot done and we had a nice weekend!  Last week was the last week of school and today is their first day in their new classes.  I'll do posts about that this week.  

On Friday, Kevin and his parents took Molly Anne to the Panthers game!  She LOVED it!  Grady and I had some one on one time which doesn't happen often so I love when it does.  We literally stayed outside from 5:15pm after dinner until 6:45.  The boy was zonked in his bed by 7:05pm.  It is amazing how fast I can bathe and read to him when I only have him! 

He LOVES watching airplanes fly over!  We walked up and down the street many times and he waved at every car!

Molly Anne loved the cheerleaders the most and seeing how dark it was on her way home!  I guess she doesn't remember the dark from last winter and she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7am so she doesn't see dark/nighttime very often ha!  

Saturday morning they had an open house at school for them to see their classrooms and meet their teachers. 

It was a good way to get used to everything and kinda turn over a new school year even though they finished their last on Thursday.  

Saturday after an early nap, Molly Anne and I ran up to Old Mecklenburg Brewery where we did an end of year class party and let the children run wild.  We also celebrated a birthday of a classmate! 

We had a babysitter come at 5:30pm and Kevin and I went to the Plaza Midwood area and hung out at a couple of places - dinner at Roasting Company and a drink at Peculiar Rabbit.  This is the only picture I have from the night.  Then we met up with friends at Seoul Food Meet Company to celebrate Leslie's birthday.  They have a karaoke room and we hung out in there!

Sunday morning we all laid low after a busy Saturday.  Molly Anne played with legos for about 2 hours during Grady's morning nap.  She also packed her and Grady's snacks for the pool that afternoon ha!  After lunch, Molly Anne and I went to another birthday party for one of her friends from school at Club was super cute and she had the best time.  

We hit up the pool when we got home and Kevin brought Grady when he woke up from his nap.  A bunch of our neighbors were there and some school friends came as well...they love our pool haha.  Grady LOVES the pool.  He was so happy to be there!

It was a good way to end the weekend and made me sorta forget what was to come this morning with a new school for Grady and new class for Molly Anne!  No tears from anyone so I'll call that a win!  Chat soon.   

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  1. A busy weekend for sure! Glad MA enjoyed the football game! We took Sydney to her first baseball game this summer and she loved that - so fun to experience these things through their eyes!