Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sippy Cup Labeling

Anyone else have to take a zillion sippy cups or bottles to daycare every day?  Grady has to take 4 sippy cups daily.  I ordered all new ones and this allows us to have enough for me to label them ALL on Sunday which saves a lot of hassle during the week. 

I got our on local mom's group to figure out the best way to label them with name and date.  Since last week was the first week, I did a little test to see which was the best way.  

Name Label - Monday I used painters tape for his name.  The rest of the week, I used a sharpie and wrote directly on the cups for his name.  Verdict is in - both work.  And both mostly stay through the dishwasher..I did have to touch up the sharpie on one cup out of 16 that I did like that last week.  I ordered some labels from Mabel's Label's and I'm looking forward to seeing how these work.  Supposedly these stay on for a year...dishwasher and all.  They'll look a little neater than my handwriting ha...not that it really matters!  Of course I did navy with a white crab and Grady's name in white. PS - yes I have inchbug orbit labels and they’re wonderful but I’m not buying 20 of those things...aka spending $65 on LABELS!!! 

Date Label - I used an extra long piece of washi tape for the date.  That way, I could easily scratch out the old date and put the new one right next to it and it saves me from putting tape on every cup every Sunday.  This worked perfectly and was super easy to do.  I'll probably replace the washi tape every few weeks or every month. 


  1. I ordered labels from Etsy three years ago and they are STILL going strong!

  2. Wouldn't it be easier, not to mention less expressive to just wash them every day? I remember with bottles I had like 5 of them? Maybe 6 and I'd just wash them every night and send them back to school so they could fill them with formula.