Monday, October 7, 2019

Pool, Oktoberfest and Panthers Game

Grady and Molly Anne lived their best life next door with the pool, playground and pizza!  It was one final summer night before the weather really turns cooler!


We didn't do much that morning.  Hung around the house in pajamas and in the playroom until we all took over 2 hour naps!  It was nice!  After naps, we played outside until one of Kevin's buddies came over to hang for a few. 

I love this picture.  A glimpse into 12 years from now!

Kevin and I then headed over to Oktoberfest at the Waldhorn Restaurant to meet up with some friends.  

And we ended up seeing Christine and Brent there which was super fun.  We ended the night at Middle James Brewery which is a new spot that opened up.  

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast then the kids and I went to pick up our Wal-Mart order.  Molly Anne and I left around 11 to go uptown for the Panthers game!  It was an absolute blast.  She is so easy to take places!  In case you're wondering, she dressed herself and had to wear her cardigan in 80 degree heat!  I only fight so many battles a day..!

First stop in the stadium - a big ole pretzel!

We had club seats so we walked around up there and they had a band with a great view of the city.  It was super cool so we hung out for awhile.  My friend Kim and her daughter happened to be there too and that was such a treat!

The girls ate Reese's Pieces and we caught up!  So much fun.

Our seats were amazing!  Molly Anne loves the Panthers and cheering for them!

She picked out a silver sparkly purse and a pair of fuzzy cat ears.  Of course!  And she wore those cat ears to school today to show her teachers then I took them with me ha!

Such a nice weekend.  Chat soon friends. 


  1. Grady in the pink flamingo is the best! I'm hoping Libby is like MA...easy to take anywhere. So far, so good!

  2. Don’t blink because they grow up and drive. Yikes. My son is just about to drive and it is crazy how fast it happened!!!