Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Last Weekend

Besties. He climbs up there and lays with mills now!

He is a good head rest. You can tell mills hates it. 

I took them to our old neighborhood last Saturday morning because they have great trails there. We did a nature walk!  Molly Anne had talked about doing this at school so we went and did pajamas!  We learned about all kinds of things (streams, different leaves, bridges, trees) and I felt like I was back in my Girl Scout camping days.  Camping to me at age 36 is at the Ritz though! ;) But I want my children to be well rounded and get lots of different experiences!  

I forgot to put it on my blog but the weekend before, Drew took Maggie and Molly Anne to play putt putt, eat ice cream and play at his parents house.  Then they came back and played over at their house for another hour or two. It was during Grady’s nap so I felt like I won the lottery! Molly Anne had a blast and got to putt putt for her first time!

The one thing I really wanted to do last weekend was a peloton ride called Sundays with Love. It is live at 11:45am which is kind of an odd time but I put Grady down a little early and Kevin got Molly Anne to bed for nap.  My friend Jodie joined in Denver so we rode together virtually!  So glad we could do this ride together. It was a special one. 

Ally Love high fived me!  Or maybe her people did it for her but that was cool!!

Next post I need to do is for our neighborhood Halloween party!  Then I’ll be caught up!

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