Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Millsy Love

I think I've mentioned it on here but Grady is obsessed with Mills and all puppies at the moment.  They're definitely his favorite and he squeals if we are out and he sees one.  Of course Mills is his best buddy of all though. Molly Anne is very into Mills too, always has been.  Mills requires to be sleeping right outside of her room.  This picture below is so cute...she laid down in front of him and said, "Mills I'm going to tell you a secret in your ear" and lifted his ear up.  Can you see?  Adorable right?!

Grady uses Mills to help him stand up often now!  It's pretty adorable!  I wasn't able to get my phone out in time but Grady was standing beside him, laying his head on his back.  I captured this as he was sitting back down.  Mills LOVES the attention.  Typical golden.  My best buddy. 

Can yall believe it's October 1st already?!  

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